13 Best GIF Maker Apps for Android & iOS 2023

A huge amount of content is posted on social networks every day. People do often use other ways to express their emotions and states besides text. One such method is GIF animation.

A GIF is a looped piece of video or animated picture that usually lasts no longer than 10 seconds. Depending on your device type, you can use different ways to create them.

Even though smartphones have a lot of features available for quite a while now, there is still no built-in service for creating a GIF. All videos and photos are saved in certain formats, which you can only later make animated.

In order to prevent you from later searching for suitable animation, we offer you to make them yourself with the help of separate services.
We have found 13 best Android and iOS apps for you that you can use in your daily life.

GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine

giphyGIPHY is a huge directory of GIF files that you can find in just a few clicks. The developers believe that they have built the world’s largest GIF library, growing every day with more interesting things.
You can use them in your social networks and share them on Facebook, Snapchat and other communication services.

Animations are taken from various sources – here you will find the Game of Thrones, various celebrities and their funny moments, as well as highlights from sports competitions.

You can save the animations you like in your smartphone memory, copy them to the clipboard or just add them to your favorites.

If you want to do something yourself, just upload a photo or a piece of video to the app. GIPHY converts your file into real animation and you don’t need to use simple smileys or boring captions.

Now you won’t have to send boring messages to your friends – they’ll be different and interesting.

giphy1 giphy2


GIF Maker by Momento

gif maker by momentoDo you want to turn your photos into something unusual and funny? Then GIF Maker is your tool in this creative endeavor. It uses an intelligent photo and video detection algorithm to create your own new and unusual animations.

GIF Maker will never let you leave a file in its original form, allowing you to add many more details to it. Stickers, text and even music attachments can all be added to the result you get from your app. That way, you can make your file unique and special.

Edit a video or photo before you start creating animations so you can even superimpose effects or change the brightness and contrast. You can add the resulting GIF to iMessage or even LINE.

By the way, GIF Maker also has a premium subscription option. You can pay for it both weekly and every year. This account allows you to remove watermarks, as well as use an unlimited number of music, stickers and other details.

gif maker by momento1 gif maker by momento2


GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF

gif maker gif editorCreating, editing, modifying and so on is just a small part of what you can do in this application. Create animations with no watermarks, no limits and make them beautiful and powerful.

Fast and smooth, GIF Maker gives you new animations with no twitching or delay. All in one is the main motto of the developers of this application and it is perfectly implemented in the functionality.

By the way, you can save the result in any format convenient for you, not only as GIF. Download the video from your gallery, choose a fragment from it or its full duration, and then proceed to the conversion. You can even get the result using a screen recording.

If what you’ve done is too heavy or you don’t want to waste internet traffic, with GIF Maker, you can even compress the file. That way it’s even easier to share your results with friends!

By the way, editing clips or even making the background transparent is no longer a problem – GIF Maker is a great and fast way to modify your animations. Add shortcuts or emoji so your friends can see exactly what you’re trying to say.

gif maker gif editor1 gif maker gif editor2


5SecondsApp – Animated GIFs

5secondappHave you taken a whole series of photos and want to transform them into full animation? Do you know how it would be better to do that? Then we take the responsibility to recommend 5SecondsApp to you.

This application perfectly converts full slideshows into real GIFs. Of course, you can also animate ordinary photos, videos and more.

You can add borders, stickers, as well as text annotations to GIF. All basic parameters such as playback speed and frame rate are adjustable by the user, and individual frames can be saved as images.

You can save the result to your smartphone or send it to your friends right away – both on social networks and via MMS. By the way, with the operating system iOS 11 GIFs are saved in the library and live right in your gallery.

Don’t want to waste your smartphone memory? Then download the animations to your Dropbox and use them only when it’s suitable for you.

5SecondsApp is incredibly easy to use and was made just so that even inexperienced users can install it. Now it’s easier than ever to create GIF files!

5secondapp1 5secondapp2


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gifguruGifGuru is an application created by developers of many video editing applications. These people know exactly what it takes to get the perfect result in animating photos and videos. GifGuru also has integrated functions for creating, editing and searching GIFs.

Combine up to 200 images together, transforming them into a single animation. This can be 2-3 photos or a whole photo session. You can adjust the aspect ratio of your photos or adjust them to fit together into one size.

You can also change the speed with which you change the frames. If your message is not so clear, then you can easily sign the image or add text.

Files are exported in excellent quality, but they do not weigh much. In other words, as a result you can get HD GIF – of course, if the source files are not of poor quality.

Add subtitles or filters to the image – so visual animation will become even more attractive. One of the few disadvantages of GifGuru is that it has a slight delay in the appearance of the text.

gifguru1 gifguru2


GIF Maker – Make Video to GIFs

gif maker make video to gifsA lot of users already know what the Boomerang feature in Instagram is. In fact, it is a real-time animation, the result of which you can see immediately.

Do you want to get the same effect, but without using Instagram? Then we recommend you to try GIF Maker. This application converts your short videos into animated GIFs, and you will get a great result.

However, even if you just want to find a ready-made animation, it is also possible to do it. In the application there is a big collection of thematic GIFs that are distributed on categories.

By the way, it is possible to create animation in real-time – just like on Instagram. You simply start the camera in the application and receive the necessary result already in a few minutes.

In the premium version additional filters, stickers and fonts are available, as well as an unlimited amount of memory. The free version also includes a number of ads, and of course, limits you to editing tools.
Just for less than 10 dollars a month you will get unique opportunities to create new animations.

gif maker make video to gifs1 gif maker make video to gifs2


GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor

gif maker video to gifAnother application with the banal name GIF Maker, but with great functionality. Here you can convert videos to GIF and also convert a screen recording to a loopy short clip.

Create funny memes, animations and funny jokes that your friends will appreciate. Do you have any very personal jokes? Then it’s time to turn them into a separate file.

GIF is very easy to create, especially in this application. You adjust the balance of color and light, change the contrast and other tools to achieve the perfect image.

However, it’s not necessary at all, especially if you only send the animation to a friend or want to make it as fast as possible. If you’re converting video, you can remove a single frame or just crop it to the right size.
You can cut the animation not only in a certain time, but you can also set a certain size of the animation and GIF Maker will cut it by itself.

For more fun, you can reverse the GIF. Tell your friends about the app and you can share funny animations via social networks or email. An easy way to do it, but so much flexibility for your fantasy!

gif maker video to gif1 gif maker video to gif2


LoopVid- pic video gif maker

loopvidDo your friends call you a little crazy? Then LoopVid will help you implement all your ideas in digital format, combining them with fun and entertainment.

All the moments in your life can become a time loop with just the push of a button that repeats a certain moment over and over again. Free and convenient, the LoopVid app will help you remember all the highlights of your life.

The length of the video in LoopVid is between 1 and 9 seconds, which greatly limits the possibilities for creativity. They play over and over again, rewinding forward, backward, accelerating – in general, doing whatever you want.

The main thing is that you have to shoot inside the application. You can shoot absolutely anything – you can mug faces on the camera, you can shoot how the waves move or your friend’s dance at a party.

It will be especially fun if you will periodically rewind the movies, changing what has already happened. Millions of people have already appreciated all the fun that LoopVid gives them – become one of them!

loopvid1 loopvid2


Gif Me! Camera – GIF maker

gif me cameraGif is perfectly created from short videos. Gif Me is a tool that makes a small video into an animated GIF that will be your way of entertaining yourself and your friends.

It’s simple enough to launch an application, shoot a video with it, and start the editing process. Right in Gif Me, you’ve got all the manipulation you need – add filters, effects, and other details you need. Then you can share the result right away!

All in all, Gif Me gives you 14 seconds to shoot, which you then use as your source material. All filters are superimposed in real-time, so you can add something of your own as you shoot.

Once you’ve created a video, you can upload it to any social network such as Facebook, Instagram and more. By the way, you can make the settings so that the watermark disappears from the image. Your friends will just need to see the result of your work and shooting!

gif me camera1 gif me camera2


Dopameme – Meme Maker & Memes

dopamemeA meme lover? Always sitting on Reddit, 9GAG and other services? In that case, Dopameme will be your favorite application.

Here you can make fun of your own photos and videos, as well as a lot of fun GIFs, which can then be posted on the Internet. The lack of watermarks is another plus of Dopameme because this way you won’t leave any markings on the tools you used.

By creating GIFs, you can add signatures to them, as well as combine many images together to form a real comic book. So your animation will be a small cartoon, which will reproduce your thoughts or ideas.

You can add traditional thick-font inscriptions to any part of the GIF, which are traditional for the memes of our time. That’s how you make them fun!

By the way, we can notice that Dopameme will be especially useful in the most unexpected situations. Since the application itself has a collection of memes, you will get a whole collection of content to take your time while you are in the toilet.

Your animations can also become whole news – Dopameme generates news from what you uploaded there.

dopameme1 dopameme2


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Pixel Animator:GIF Maker

pixel animatorPixels are a huge space for creativity that looks unusual and unconventional. What prevents you from creating full animation from them, resulting in a virtually simplified cartoon.
With Pixel Animator you’ll do more than just pixel drawing, and working with colors will seem even easier than drawing with a pencil.

The application has some tools that are only available after payment. Even so, you can use them daily – just limiting your usage time.

So you can try other tools that you don’t always need. Don’t forget that here you make moving pixels, form figures and even characters out of them.

Pixel Animator gives you the freedom to choose the tool you want to use. You choose the shape of the pixel, its color and just start drawing. There’s no limit on the number of frames you can create, so you can put them all into your new animation.

In the free version, the number of frames is limited to 15. In any case, you will create your own content from scratch, inventing something new.

pixel animator1


PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

picsartAll active Internet users know about PicsArt, and we have repeatedly written about it in our articles. This is a great universal application that focuses on working with photos.

There is also PicsArt Animator application from the same developers, which, as you could understand from its name, works with animations. You can act as a cartoonist or even just a creator who makes unusual GIF files using only your smartphone.

You don’t need any professional skills – everyone can work at PicsArt Animator. Just a few basic steps and you’ll get to know the process completely. Surprise your friends with new ideas and creations, create funny doodles and animations.

PicsArt Animator can even be called a professional editor because it provides all the tools you need to work. In addition to basic operations on frames, you can break them down into layers, as well as add stickers, captions, and even draw on top of the image.

Edit your animation as you go through each frame carefully – even if it’s just a video of your friend drinking beer funny. To make it funnier, you can speed up the process! Put the result on Instagram and find out what your friends think about it.

picsart1 picsart2


GIF Maker – ImgPlay

imgplayImgPlay is an application that is designed to create animations, greetings and gifts for your friends and family. You can send them by e-mail or through social networks.

ImgPlay will become your pocket converter, video and picture editor. Here you can also convert even Live photos to GIF. Are you ready to start a small creative process?

Anyone can make an animation out of a video and send it to their friends. ImgPlay has a built-in camera mode so you can get started right away. The camera has 4 states – free hands, boomerang, stop-motion and standard.

So, for example, you can immediately get the result in the form of GIF. It is also worth noting the possibility of a standard size setting – for example, if you need an animation for Instagram history or a photo for Facebook.

You can also combine several animations together and they will become one big GIF file (however, why do you need such a big animation?).
Add stickers for more originality, text, and even overlay photos. ImgPlay has a large catalog of individual details that will make the result different and interesting.

imgplay1 imgplay2


In fact, there are a huge number of such applications and it will be hard to find them all. We have tried to select the best and most convenient for use services. A user-friendly user interface, intuitive design, a variety of functions – all this is presented in this article.

Want an application that just lets you create GIF animations? Or are you looking for something more that will allow you to do other manipulations as well? Then choose the right utility and download it to make your chatting with friends even more fun.

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