9 Best Girl Escape Games for Android & iOS

Do you enjoy quiz games but want to try something new? This article has you covered!

Luckily for all the jigsaw lovers, there are lots of girl escape games for Android and iOS that have brought the original genre to a whole new level.

By playing these games, you’ll get to help the girls to get out of tricky and dangerous situations by solving good-old brain-teasing tasks. Plus, each game contains various types of quizzes so you’ll never get bored with monotonous puzzles.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best games in that category you should try. Take a look!

Save The Girl

Save The Girl‪

The name of the first game literally speaks for itself. Save The Girl is a puzzle game that has one goal — to save the lady from the villains that chase her.

Frankly speaking, this is a classic puzzle game that will train your brain and uses girl-saving goals as motivation. As it was already mentioned, according to the plot there’s a girl who’s trying to run away from her evil chasers. To do so, she needs to go through various levels and your goal is to get you through them.

Each level comes with a unique scenario with a twist you need to solve. If you solve the puzzle — the girl keeps running and if not — the villains catch her (which is deadly as you might guess). The fun thing is when you fail the girl ends up in various funny situations that are never the same. Kinds fun though but you’d better rescue her anyway.

As always, you start from easier levels, and they get more and more challenging as you move through the game. There are dozens of levels and the new ones are being added regularly so you’ll always have a fresh unique puzzle to solve.

Save The Girl‪ 1 Save The Girl ‪2


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Save The Lady – Save Girl – Rescue Girl

Save The Lady

Save The Lady is the escaping game that will keep your brain busy for a while.

Along with the previous app, the plot of this one also stands on the need of saving the girl from dangerous situations she always ends up in. To cope with that, you will need to solve various brain teasers that claim to be extremely complicated and tricky.

Classically, if you solve the quiz successfully — the girl goes back to her save the house, and if not…well, it is no good for her. This game covers hundreds of levels and has addictive gameplay you can literally spend hours playing. Besides, the developers regularly add new levels so it’s basically impossible to run out of new playing material.

Plus, the quizzes in all the levels are unique and there are no repeats. As always, you start with easier quizzes to adapt to the game but it gets complicated very quickly. Speaking of the design, it’s quite nice and eye-pleasing — the game is drawn in a comic book style. There are no paid levels or treasures in the game so you can skip the donation part.

Save The Lady 1 Save The Lady 2


Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Towe‪r

Next, we have a game with quite an interesting plot. This game aims you to save princess Juliet from the sewer — not the usual plot for this type of game, right?

According to the plot, the princess was kidnapped by evil germs and your aim here is not only to help her to escape but save her from various dangerous situations and troubles she keeps getting into. From level to level, you will move through the sewer corridors looking for the hidden objects that will level you up.

It might seem easy, but some objects might be quite challenging to find. Plus, the levels will get more and more difficult when you’ll move through the game so keep that in mind. Another thing you need to consider while going through levels is the germs your princess will run into while trying to sneak out of the sewer.

However, you can get rid of them with the help of cleaning products you may find while doing through levels. Besides, you might accidentally get into the dirty rooms that are literal traps. Along with hidden objects, the levels will also contain quizzes and puzzles you will need to solve.

Once Upon a Towe‪r 1 Once Upon a Towe‪r 2


Girl escape games – fun girls

girl escape gamesGirls Escape Room is the game that challenges you to solve various quizzes to help the girl to escape the room she is trapped in.

Your goal is this game is to find disappeared items and solve mysteries that will help you to open the door and get out of the room. It might sound easy, but the game challenges your brain and requires logical thinking to pass the levels. That’s because you often need to combine the objects you find and think about how to use them for escape.

At first, the levels may seem too easy to pass but it’s only made for you to adapt to the rules of the game. So when you’ll pass a couple of levels the quizzes will quickly get more complicated. In case you’ll face troubles finding an object or solving the quiz you may use prompts to help you pass it.

You get a couple of prompts at the begging but if you’ll want to get more you’ll have to spend in-game coins. The game contains hundreds of levels that take more than 6 hours to pass. Plus, the new chapters are being added from time to time so you’ll always have fresh material to play with.

girl escape games 1 girl escape games 2


Free New Escape Games 043 – Girls Escape Room 2021

Girls Escape Room 1As you can guess by the title, Once Upon a Tower is the game that aims to help the princess to get out of the tower.

According to the plot, the princess is trapped in the high tower that is being guarded by an evil dragon (classic, isn’t it?). However, it’s not a basic fairytale — no prince is going to save her. Frankly speaking, no one is coming to save the princess and you are her only chance.

Apart from its sister games, this one doesn’t as you to solve quizzes and search for objects. This game is based on the downward platform filled with various barriers and all that. As you might already guess, your aim here is to lead the princess till she’ll reach the bottom of the tower.

Of course, the game is not that simple — there will be evil creatures on your way to freedom that will try to prevent you from escaping. Plus, these enemies will get faster and more deadly as you go down below. And if you’ll crash into the barrier or run into an enemy the game will start over and the princess will get on top of the tower again.

Girls Escape Room 2 Girls Escape Room 3


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Rescue Girl

Rescue Gir‪l‬Rescue Girl is the game that will get you through the exciting adventure of saving the girl by solving mysteries and quizzes.

Speaking of the plot, in the case of this game you get to help the girl to emerge from hell. To do so, you’ll need to go through countless levels and solve brain-teasing quests. Each level is unique and has its own type of mystery that never repeats so you won’t get bored with this game.

Plus, the trick of this game is you think that you’ll have several ways to save the girl when it’s practically only one that will work. As you might guess, if you pass the level successfully the girl takes one step closer to the escape and if you fail she gets hurt or the demons catch her. Plus, you will meet other hell prisoners while going through chapters and you can free them as well.

There will also be gems you may collect and spend on extra prompts or other fun stuff like costumes for the girl and all that. The levels get more complicated as you move on through the game and some might take a good minute for you to pass them. Herewith, the game has no ads and the only thing you may spend real money on is clothes and hairstyles if needed.

Rescue Gir‪l‬ 1 Rescue Gir‪l‬ 2


Who Can Escape – School Girl

who can escape

Who Can Escape is a quiz game that challenges you to help the girl escape her house.

By the plot of this game, a little schoolgirl is currently stuck at her house all by herself. Here parents are at work and it’s time to go to school — the school bus will drive up to her house any minute. At this point, you’re the only one who can help the girl escape her own house and not be late to school.

Along with its sister games, this one is dedicated to various brain-teasing tasks and quizzes that you must solve to help the girl. Therewith, the game covers various types of tasks — from regular puzzles and unlock the door ones to hidden items and all that.

All these kinds of quizzes are randomly spread through the levels so you’ll never know what comes next and won’t lose interest in the game. Besides, you will be given some amount of prompts that will save you in complicated situations. And when you’ll run out of these prompts you may always get some new ones for the coins you’ve earned.

who can escape 1 who can escape 2


Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door is an escape game with a tricky plot that will entertain your brain. In the setting of this game, all your neighbors have gone mad and you find yourself unable to trust anyone.

At this point, your job is to watch over the neighborhood and keep everyone safe. Thus, you will stare in your window or walk around the neighborhood and run into various situations you need to solve. For example, you might get arrested and the goal will be to get out of prison. Or you might need to help some girl to catch her cheating boyfriend.

All those things will need to be solved in some quiz form — the type of quizzes is always different so you won’t get bored. You will also need to solve mysteries such as detecting the robber and all that.

As always, the game start with simple levels you may pass in secs and slowly moves on to the more complicated ones. In case you’ll run into a situation you’ll be unable to solve you can always use hints to cope with that. You will be given three hints as you start the game and the extra ones may be bought for in-game coins.

Girl Next Doo‪r 1 Girl Next Doo‪r 2


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Save Lady Episode: Rescue The Girl

save the lady episode

And lastly, Save Lady Episode is the game that will train you brain and logical thinking. This is a classic girl escape game — there’s a girl who needs help with something and you need to solve quizzes to cope with that.

The game covers multiple brain training tasks that vary from level to level so you won’t get bored. Some tasks may seem funny to you but there are some that will entirely blow your mind. As usual, if you pass the level successfully — the girl escapes the dangerous situations, and if not she won’t end well.

The difficulty of the leaves grown each time so be ready to use all your logic and strategic thinking. Each level gives you several answer options you can choose from — but don’t let the game trick you, all the answers may seem right but is only one that actually is. You may also use a hint in case getting stuck with some task but there’s no option of skipping the level.

save the lady episode 1 save the lady episode 2


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