GSA Auto Website Submitter Software Review

Being a promoter is challenging. To promote your brand properly, you need to have an optimized website that is easy to find on the Internet. Currently, submitters have become very popular.

These are programs or online services that serve to replace the web address (URL) of your site on various Internet resources in automatic mode. Thus, the submitter is a program (a set of instructions on how to register a site) and a database of sites on which you need to leave a backlink.


One of the reliable software is the GSA Auto Website Submitter. This is a comprehensive and practical tool that will help you present your web pages in thousands of search engines and directories in a few simple steps.

The main advantage of this program is saving time and money, since it is fully automated, updated several times a month, and extremely easy to use. This program will help you raise search rankings and bring your website to the first pages of search engines.


Now you don’t need to fill out the CAPTCHA yourself, the program will do it for you. In addition, you don’t have to manually fill in the categories, you can use masks or import them from a ready one.

The software also provides an opportunity to get a Link Report, with which you can find your link on the site, and if necessary, you can browse websites and manually fill in the fields. The import is facilitated by the fact that the fields are already pre-filled in.

When you need to submit several sites, you can simply create a list that will load automatically. If you want to use proxy servers to remain anonymous, the program offers about two thousand sources for searching for free proxy servers. Sometimes the sites where you post a link ask you to create a backlink on your site, for this, you just need to add them to a separate list.

The app is available in a free trial version, and you can also download the paid version with a full set of features.

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