15 Best handyman apps for Android & iOS

Home issues always occur when we least expect it. And when they do, it turns out that very few of us really know how to fix the broken shower or repair the roof. In the past, people had to call their friends and special services in order to find someone who can do carpentry works professionally and that task required a lot of time and energy.

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Nowadays with the development of technologies, we have access to thousands of handyman which surely can save us from all this homework that we have no idea how to do. Or, at least, we can always find an easy and fun tutorial and fix the situation ourselves quickly. Whatever you prefer – act on your own or trust a good specialist – here are the best 15 handyman apps for you.

Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius

The Family Handyman Magazine presents its new app which contains a number of DIY tips. Using it you will find any information on how to save your time, money, and other resources and in addition to that you will find out how to master your project instead of another failure.

The app contains thousands of tips on how to deal with carpentry and cleaning things, painting and pests, woodworking to washing windows. Whatever project you choose, the app will assist you so you can improve your work and make it easier and more effective.

All you have to do is to launch the app, then go to the menu section and choose the option you want. If you are looking for something specific, type it in the search barrel. You can also scroll down to categories and click on each one you need.

Or, if you use this app just for curiosity, you can click on the “tip of the day” section and just read some useful information about different crafts.

You can also mark your favorite tips. Each block of information includes an image and a detailed description of it. In general, the app looks very decent and well-designed.


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The Family Handyman

This is the same brand but represented as a digital magazine for iOS. Basically, this is just a collection of tips on how to improve your house covered in magazine-style. Once again, in this app, you will find a bunch of tips about carpentry, cleaning, painting, etc.

Those who want to have more space in their house, learn about new cool tools, appliance repairs, and plumbing will find everything they are looking for. In your every choice you will get a list with information and also step-by-step instructions with photos.

If you need some help in order sheer to improve your skills you can find some tips about it as well. After everything is done you can be proud of what you have achieved with the aid of Family Handyman.

Please, note, that the monthly subscription is not free. All in all, this app would be more preferable for those who want just to learn more about housecraft in their leisure time.


TaskRabbit – Handyman & cleaning help

TaskRabbit was developed in order to assist you with all your domestic chores and give you free time for all your hobbies and other important activities.

You can organize literally everything with this app – from cleaning and repairing to moving and deliveries. Workers will take care of your staff while you can pay your attention to more essential things.

You can hire anyone you need in 1 minute. All you have to do is to describe the job you need to do, when and where and stuff will come for you. All the workers are verified by the app and all tasks are fully insured up to $1 million.

Via TaskRabbit, you will always stay connected to a worker who you hired. When the task incomplete you pay directly in the app.

Now the service is available in San Francisco (Bay Area), New York City, Los Angeles & Orange County, London, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, San Diego, and Seattle. TaskRabbit is remarkable for its simple but nitty design. As you launch the app you can see all the sections of tasks so you can click on them and find a suitable worker.




If you are planning some projects and you need help this app is for you. Thumbtack connects users who are looking for handymen with professionals in any area they need. Painting for a birthday party, building the new bench, Halloween, roof leaking, broken TV – you can find a specialist for everything.

You must fill the details about your project into the bar and then wait until up to 5 handymen respond to you. Of course, you will not have to make your choice by accident. All workers have profiles with reviews, photos, and information about themselves. The app is available nationwide.

Thumbtack includes almost 1000 project kinds so it is extremely easy to choose one. Type the details, description, time, and location and you will find a worker to help you with that. When choosing a handyman you can see their prices immediately.



BrightNest will help you to do things around your house without breaking a sweat. Just because it contains tons of tips on how to make your homework a little bit easier. In this app you will find a lot of useful information on how to decorate, clean, fix, etc. Everything you need to shape your home in the best way.

You can find tips about how to change air filters, to decorate things with chalkboard paint, unclog a showerhead, to make the homemade disinfectant spray, unicycle wine bottles, inspect your attic, organize your jewelry, clean a microwave with lemon and many others.

Looking through the app you will discover a number of captivating projects which do not require much effort and time to accomplish.

All the posts have images, what is more, you can add them in the list of wishes so you can return to it later, explore the craft in general or search for something specific. The interface is quite simple and convenient which is an additional plus.



This is one of the most popular DIY apps. You can find any tutorials on any topic with instructions, illustrations, tips, and so on. There are more than 150000 articles and guides.

If you want to read an article later when you are going to be offline you can mark it and save it. In order to get any plan from the app into life, follow the step by step instructions. You will also find various videos which will make the process of creation much easier for you.

In addition, there is always an article of the day on wikiHow with some curious projects. In case if you want more entertainment just try an option “random articles”. This app also has a section with information on what to do in emergency situations.

It also contains a very detailed explanation of any kind of an extreme case, for instance, what to do if you are attacked by a bear. A distinct feature of this app is that it is not actually only a DIY guide, but an informative app, where tutorials are represented as articles.



UrbanClap (now Urban Company)

UrbanClap is a general app for the home services, and, as you could already guess, handymen can easily offer their services here as well. The advantage of this app is its large scale and the diversity of the jobs. It also includes thousands of reviews for each craftsman so you could always find the best one.

Each person providing services has their own ranking in the app. The better the ranking, the more popular is the service. It is really easy here to find a book a contractor. You can agree on the details with a handyman on the phone or set the time in the app.




Fieldwire Construction Manager

This is an extremely useful construction app which is also really popular. More than 750000 construction projects are happening here every day and, if you are a handyman, you can join too.

This is the full collaborative managements software for construction – if you work alone you can plan materials, expenses, transportation, schedules and so on, and, if you are working with a team, in addition to all of that, you can invite the whole team tot he app so everyone can see updates on the project and current tasks.

It is possible to attach photos to the projects and many functions work offline. Plus, Fieldwire has cool task manager functions where you can set the prioritized tasks, keep the progress of the overall work, and et up notifications and reminders.




Paint Tester

If you are planning to re-paint your walls but you are not sure how it will look then you will need this app. With its help, you can test any colors on your walls and see the ultimate result. As you launch the app, you need to choose a color from a palette, then take a photo of your room and apply it to the picture.

Using a range of tools you are able to re-decorate your space without actually painting it in real life and wasting time and money.

Remember that in order to apply the paint, the photo must be well lightened, be clear. On those pictures of the best quality, the paint will be layered automatically. You can also paint only one wall of the room and compare it in opposition to others.

Change colors until you are satisfied with the result. In addition, you can use a sample of color and see how the walls are going to look in different types of lighting. There is a chance to select density, shade, intensity and many other features of color.



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Watch DIY

This app will allow you to watch this DIY TV online on your gadget. You will get a chance to watch your favorite TV shows such as Rehab Addict, Texas Flip N Move, Tiny Luxury, and more.

Peruse videos and get inspired to transform your own space. Included in your cable or satellite subscription through participating TV providers. All you have to do is to create an account and get full access to the DIY TV and enjoy new exciting projects.

The app updates regularly – all-new episodes are added permanently and also there is a chart of the most popular DIY shows at the moment. AirPlay is now supported to watch through your Apple TV. If you are running out of time while watching the video you can just stop it and save it to your preferences, then get back to it later.

When you tap a heart on your favorite videos you will see an automatic selection of relative videos in your feed. You will find any kind of information about home carpentry and decoration. Under each episode, there is a short description of it so you can find out in advance the topic.




HomeAdvisor will help you to find a handyman for your house and project. This is the #1 home improvement service connecting homeowners with home improvement contractors. You can view the profiles of workers, read reviews, and rate them.

The app has any kind of worker for any case. Now you have a chance to plan your schedule without worrying about home problems. Here you will find an instant booking option so you do not need to make phone calls to reserve the time. Each profile has a price in which a carpenter asks for their job and you can decide if it is worth it.

What is more, track your projects and contractors so you are in full control of everything. When you need help with roofing, painting, cleaning & maid services, windows, tree services, concrete, handyman services, heating & furnace systems, pest control, decks, etc. you can just open this app, find a person and book a project with them.



Angie’s List

Angie’s list is a classical handymen market app where all the people presented in this profession can market their services and find the customers several times faster. It is actually very convenient that nowadays people can fin good specialists in a few taps without consulting with several friends and searching for the contacts of a relly good handyman.

Now you have everything in the app! Moreover, it has a nice and user-friendly interface. The handymen can post their services and sort them by the type of job they are capable of doing so it is easier for consumers to find the match. The app works locally and shows all the offers in your area.

Each user can leave a review about the handyman the services of which they used. In total, there are more than 10 million verified reviews. It also stimulates the competition on the local markets and makes the workers do their job better and better. Moreover, Angie’s List allows you to find the handyman at the most affordable price for you.



Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer – Premium

The main theme of this app is dealing with wood stuff. You will find a bunch of videos, articles, shop tours, and projects. You will find any type of information about working with wood in this app.

As you launch the app you can switch on the categories of videos and find a type of tutorial you are looking for. There is also access to the history of your views, section for beginners, a section with new techniques, and many others.

Choose a video and you will be guided to its page with a description. The app also contains audios and articles with illustrations. But the most fulfilled and demanded part is obviously videos. So those users who need help with wood materials or just those who are curious about it will find this app quite valuable for them.


Invoice Maker & Simple Contractor Estimating App

If you ever dealt with handymen service or even you are a handyman yourself you know how difficult it may be to calculate all the expenses for the job done. It is often a milestone for arguments and misunderstandings between the service provider and the client.

The developers of this app understood this problem more than others and created this app that helps to solve all the issues that might occur after the handymen services in advance. This is an estimating and invoicing app, that allows to have not even only two sides of the contract – but multiple people can be involved.

And making the overall estimations with this app is genuinely easy, Just a few taps and even the biggest profane will be able to calculate all the costs and prepare documents.



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The first thing that you might think is how does this app has to deal with handymen? Well, there is a certain logic in this – it can be very helpful for handymen contractors because they always travel from one job to another. This is quite a popular app on Google Play and it is even marked as “editor’s choice”.

GasBuddy scans all the prices at the nearby stations so it can help you to find the one which is the best for you. In terms of saving money, it is really profitable. In total, GasBuddy covers around 15000+ stations. Plus, this app is abundant for nice deals with the most popular gas suppliers like Shell, Speedway, Murphy, Chevron, Circle K and many others.



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