13 Best Health Coach Apps for Android & iOS

Everyone wants to be healthy. It is fashionable to be healthy. Eat right and run. It is the main factor of soundness. How to be healthy in a big city? There is a bad ecology. Lots of exhaust. Everyone is in a hurry and forget to just drink water. We have little time, so we drink a lot of coffee to make the day longer. How to keep track of everything?

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We have prepared for you a list of apps. They will help you be healthy. They will remind you of routine habits. You will be able to track various health indicators. Good health is a success. You will feel much better! Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other. You will have more energy. You can do everything.

Look at the list of apps and select the best one!

Samsung Health

Samsung Health is one of the best health apps. The app has a pedometer. It works without the Internet. A pedometer independently counts your steps. The more you walk, the healthier you are. Set a goal and execute it. Find out how much you go. If it isn’t enough, walk more. In the app, there are a lot of workouts. Choose any of them.

Do you like to run? Turn on the run mode. The application will calculate the mileage of your run. You will find out how much time you spent running.

You will also find out how many calories you have spent. Keep a record of everything you eat. The app will calculate how many calories you need to eat. If you overeat, adjust your diet. You will lose weight quickly. Record your weight and height.

The app keeps track of your sleep. Find out the correctness of your sleep. If you sleep a little, then increase your sleep. Sleep is an important indicator of health. You can record in the app the amount of water you drank. For coffee lovers, this app is very useful. You will reduce the amount of coffee you drink.

The app has been downloaded more than 500 million times! This is a great health coach. Keep track of all health indicators. Samsung Health will help you. It’s simple. Be happy and healthy.

Samsung Health Samsung Health


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Sanitas HealthCoach

This wonderful app will help you stay healthy. Watch your weight. Every week, write its change. So you will see progress when losing weight. Track blood pressure. The app has a pedometer. You will learn how many steps you take in a day. It is useful for losing weight. The app considers the kilocalories spent per day. It is important to know.

The app tracks your sleep. You will know how many hours and minutes you sleep. Sleep is an important indicator of health. If you sleep a little, then take more time to do it.

When you get enough sleep, you have more energy. The app will calculate the amount of fat and muscle in your body. You can find out how much water you need to drink per day.

Look at the weekly statistics. You will see your progress. You can increase the number of steps per day to lose weight faster. You will become healthier with the app. To get started, set a goal of 10 thousand steps. Try to reach it. If this is easy for you, then increase the steps to 15 thousand. The app has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times.

Sanitas HealthCoach Sanitas HealthCoach

App Store


Lark – 24/7 Health Coach

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be healthy and avoid diabetes? This app is a personal trainer. You can monitor your diet and weight loss. The app will motivate you. It will send you motivating quotes. It also notifies users. You won’t forget to drink a glass of water. It is a perfect health coach.

The design of the app is very nice. There are no ads. Track your sleep. You will find out how much you need to sleep per day. Compare with real sleep time. If it is lower, sleep more. Whoever gets enough sleep becomes healthier. The app will help prevent the development of diabetes. Eat healthy food and everything will be fine!

Keep a record of everything you eat. The app will calculate the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. This will help with diet. If you eat too much fat, stop doing it. You will not notice how quickly you lose weight. The app has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

Lark - 24/7 Health Coach Lark - 24/7 Health Coach

App Store



Another health coach app that is quite popular on Google Play and App Store. In the first place, it was developed for the weight loss and diabetes.

However, it doesn’t mean that GlycoLeap is suitable only for those two kinds of people – it is suitable for everyone who wants to keep track of their health and get the right track to prevent or control diabetes and other chronic diseases. The focus of this app will be obvious, the meal you are consuming.

You will need to enter the basic data about your lifestyle and health in order to get the diet tip, and, the best case if you could upload the data about your blood analysis – in this case, the meal planning would be the most accurate and useful.

A special feature of GlycoLeap is you can upload the photo of your every meal into the app and then the health coach will evaluate how nutritive and healthy it is. After a while, the app will compile the statistics and you will be able to see how healthy your lifestyle is.




Wellness Coach – Health

This app has a modern design. You can track your weight. Set up a goal and aim for it. The app will show your progress in losing weight. Record your blood pressure. This is an important indicator of health. And don’t forget about the heartbeat. The app tracks your sleep. It understands when you go to bed. The smartphone is not active, so you sleep.

The app understands when you go to bed and wake up. It shows a weight loss graph. You will be more motivated. The app has a great pedometer. Walk more to lose weight faster. Walking is the healthiest way to lose weight. Walking in the open air improves your health. Walk in the woods. There is clean air. You will be happier.

The app will give you tips. Skipping breakfast is a bad idea. The app will remind you of your meal. You will receive trophies for performing healthy tasks. There are more than 60 awards. This app contains all the health indicators. Track them with your friends. Together, you will quickly become healthy.

Wellness Coach - Health  Wellness Coach - Health 

App Store


Schaeffler Health Coach

Are you looking for a health coach? Don’t you know who to contact? This app contains coaches from around the world. They will give you the best advice on your health.

If you have questions, ask them. The more you know, the healthier you become. Find out what food is healthy and what is harmful. You will no longer eat fast food. You will learn everything about food and health.

You will learn how to lose weight quickly and effectively. The app has coaches from various specialties. Do you want to know more about sports? Ask a question to the coach. You will quickly get an answer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Coaches are excellent specialists. They motivate you to reach your goal.

This app will reveal all the secrets of health. You will learn all about different diets. If you are not sure what to choose a the Mediterranean or lactose-free diet? Ask the coach. He will give you detailed information about the diet. You will have more energy. You will be happy.

Schaeffler Health Coach Schaeffler Health Coach


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Nowadays MyFitnessPal has become an absolute leader of the market in the field of fitness and healthy nutrition. But in fact, the features of this app go far beyond workouts and diets – it helps you to keep an eye on your overall health, create a specific nutrition plan just for you, and helps to achieve your fitness goals without harming your health.

You are probably familiar with MyFitnessPal because it is recommended by a number of influential media sources. It is, first of all, the calorie counter that helps you keep control of your daily meals and not to overeat. The app includes more than 6 million healthy recipes so now you have no excuses to eat unhealthily.

Moreover, MyFitnessPal educates you about the food you consume. You can just enter the name of the product into the app and it will provide the full information on how this meal influence your body. Besides, you can scan the barcodes of the meals you buy in the grocery store and the app will find all the info about it automatically on the Internet.


App Store


NexJ Health Coach

It is more likely that you have never heard of this app before, it is not very popular, but it is a great health coach app. Basically, it combines all the features of all the health apps which are mentioned on this list: here you have a fitness coach and trainer, statistics collection, diet menu manager, your emotions state tracker, your physical activity tracker, and so on.

Moreover, you can always ask for advice from a qualified specialist right in the app. You can also work with him/her at a deeper level, by compiling your workout plans, meal plans, personalized recommendations, and so on. What is more, this app can even be used as a planner – just enter the important to-do tasks into the special section.

Your personal health plan will be made as a pathway, where you will be getting the health tasks for every day. Those will be including not only meal planning, but also emotional exercises, physical and much more. In order to get a personal plan, you need to upload your test results and medical information into the app.


App Store


Max Bupa Health Coach

If you don’t want to just have an app that works for everyone and gives you general advice about the health that doesn’t really work for you and you want to have the personal health coach then this is an excellent choice for you. Max Bupa is a personal health coach app that provides personalized tips on your health, fitness, and nutrition.

To be completely honest, the interface and the overall health system of this app is more simple than in other apps on this list. However, the fact that you are going to constantly work with a personal trainer/health coach makes all the information here two times more effective.

You will explore all the health risks apply to you, will take HRA, and will be able to measure the overall quality of your life. In the Health Locker section, you will be keeping track on all your activities.

For sticking to the rules and conducting a healthy lifestyle you will be getting the health points which later you will be able to use in order to get a discount on this app.




Health Mate – Total Health Tracking

This app will help you in all aspects of health. Track your weight. The app creates a weight chart. You will see a decrease and an increase in weight. Go on a diet. Adjust the weight. You will succeed! Sleep is your health. Sleep more! The app tracks your sleep. You will have a lot of energy. You can track your heart rate.

There are many fitness programs in the app. Choose one of them. Exercise every day. You will become healthier. Read articles about health. You will learn all about sleep, healthy foods, and running. The app tracks your running through GPS. You will see your route on the map. It is very convenient. Run every day in different places.

You will learn all about your run. Find out how many kilometers you have run. Find out how many calories you have spent. The app will help you choose the right running program. Cardio run or speed? Choose what you like. Be healthy with your personal coach!

Health Mate - Total Health Tracking Health Mate - Total Health Tracking

App Store


Life Log – Tracking your Life

This is a modern app to maintain your health. It has a nice interface. Bright colors will cheer you up. It counts calories burned. You will find out how many calories you have left to burn to your goal. Go in for sports. This will help your health. Watch your weight. Record all its changes. You can have a normal weigh.

The app has a pedometer. It constantly counts your steps. The app shows the walking time. You will be aware of your daytime activities. Walk more to be healthy. Walking outdoors is the best way to become healthy. Record your heartbeat. Take care of your heart! Be happy.

The app calculates driving time by car. Give up the car. Better walk. The app has been installed more than 10 million times. Use public transport. This will save a stunning environment. The app tracks your cycle route. If you like riding a bike, download this app! It is very popular among healthy people.

Life Log - Tracking your Life Life Log - Tracking your Life

App Store


Vida Health

Do you need support? Do you want to become healthier? Download this app. This is a personal health coach. You will receive millions of health tips. Coaches view you as an individual. An individual approach will be applied to you. Only the best health tips. This is your health assistant. You will not be upset. Ask everything you want.

Track your progress. The app is designed for help. You will be given goals. Follow them. You will become the healthiest person in the world. Learn all about nutrition. Learn all about sports. Do you like fitness? There are a lot of exercises. Choose the best for you. You can write to your coach at any time. Coaches are sure to answer in no time.

Learn and grow. Develop new healthy habits. Healthy habits will help you be healthy. This app is very popular. Download it. You will see the result. It is amazing. Everyone wants to have a personal health coach. This free app will help you reach your goal. Don’t give up. Be healthy.

Vida Health  Vida Health 

App Store


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If you want full control over your health and you got a little more money to spare then Fitbit is a fine choice of a health coach app. The hallmark of Fitbit is you can only be invited to the system by your health coach and you are going to stay connected with the specialists 24/7.

Well, it doesn’t mean that you will have to send constant reports or anything every single hour. It just means you will get qualified advice or plan by the people who have education in the human health sphere as soon as you need it. Apart from that, in Fitbit, you will find the dense system of tracking your activities and diets.

All the graph of activities are easy to follow and there are various types of them: some track your heart rate, some track your hourly activity, some track the distance you walked, the calories you consumed, and so on. By analyzing your data, the health coach will tell you which exercises and lifestyle will be optimal for your health goals.


App Store


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