20 Best hotel booking apps for iOS & Android

Today we present you with a huge guide to the booking opportunities. The thing that you need to take care of a hotel is too obvious to even discuss it. However, there are so many hotels, and there are so many… not so good hotels. How to find the best one?

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If you are about to go for a vacation or a business trip, we highly recommend to check these best hotel booking apps:

Booking.com Hotel & Homes Travel Deals

This app has gained huge popularity among experienced travelers and usual tourists. With the help with Booking.com, you can find any hotel for your trip in every place on Earth!

Travelers will find this app really easy to use: it is safe, paperless, and contains offline-maps, so you can make a reservation any time you wish. It provides more than one million hotels and apartments, available for a last-minute reservation. What is more, you can book a hotel without a credit card!

In the menu you can choose features of a hotel you would like to book and the app will make the search according to your preferences and location. Filters include WiFi, price, review score, and other features chosen by you.

You can choose a hotel according to the reviews of other guests. Almost all users of Booking.com are verified. It is possible to check the exact location of your hotel with a map on your phone.

If you liked the place where you stayed you can always save the properties and details you noticed and later share it with your friends and family. Keep in mind that hotels often have special offers that are possible to find on Booking.com.

Signing in has become easier now since the app auto-fills will add all the necessary information for you.

You will not have to print your confirmation, use the data, or use WiFi for the check-in. If you are making a plan for a long trip use calendar and other multifunctional tools. Remember that you have 24/7 access to your reservation to change its details. And of course, you will have the fastest connection with the stuff of a hotel you chose via the app!

After your journey, the app automatically will be picking hotels according to your latest details and preferences. Once you filled the information it is synchronized and you can sign in from any device to the point of your last access.

The app has more than twenty languages that make it easy and convenient to use.











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It is always better to spend less money on the dwelling during our trips, is not it? Now it is time for you to save your assets. Hotellook service will not just find a suitable hotel for you but will compare prices that will allow you to choose the most favorable offers from different reservation systems.

With Hotellook you will always have access to the fast hotel reservation wherever you are.

Hotellook makes the search for various hotels and compares their prices. It contains information about more than 370 000 hotels in 205 countries, working with more than 30 systems of reservation. The filters allow you to choose the most beneficial offers according to the most essential criteria.

With the first launch the app detects your location and shows the hotels nearby on the map. You can choose any city as you wish. Set up the date of check-in you get the most attractive offers for your trip. Moreover, the app shows only those places with the rooms available for reservation.

As you make your decision about the hotel you go to its page where you can see the photos from the inside, the location, prices, and check-in rules. Usually the block with the prices includes several variants relating to different booking systems so prices can be different.

It is obvious that booking a hotel with this app is rather beneficial since popular reservation systems tend to charge more for their service.

What is more, Hotellook can find more offers because it has a lot of hotels which other booking systems do not. This is a real advantage since even using a number of searching systems you still can miss a hotel which would be a real bargain to you only because it is not registered in other apps.

This app is free, there are no extra pays or taxes, you will surely find the best offers and be able to make a reservation at the booking service.

Another advantage is that you have to choose the necessary currency and language only once at the Hotellook. After that the app will be automatically set them for you. Using Hotellook you can choose a number of amenities which you would like to have in your hotel. Breakfast?

Check if it is included in the price. Location? Check all the significant places nearby. Free cancellation? Check if a hotel has this option. You can also look for the information about parking, Internet, pool and whatever you want.












TripAdvisor is the world’s largest website for travel-junkies which helps everyone to plan an ideal trip. Here everyone can read reviews by other people in different cities and countries about hotels and restaurants, resorts and sightseeing (there are over 225 million responses about nearly 5 million tourist objects are presented).

However, to leave a comment, it is necessary to be registered on the website or log in with Facebook (it is free by the way). Besides, the registered users can leave not only comments, but also publish photos, rank restaurants, hotels, and sightseeing which they have visited.

The website TripAdvisor works in 45 countries around the world. Your language will be automatically chosen depending on the country you are from or will be presented in English.

If you already know some facts about the place where you are going then you can use the search to find the answers to some additional questions.

First of all pay attention to the general rating (quantity of circles) and quantity of the comments. Attentively read all the last reviews especially those who have a low mark.

Even the happiest clients can write something important that will influence your decision, for example ” The hotel is excellent, but furniture should be renewed and the refrigerator is broken”. Many people tend not to offend owners or the staff who was nice to them so these ratings will be not objective so pay attention to the text.

The design of the website can be altered from time to time, but the basic style always remains in place. There are the following sections on the menu: hotels, air tickets, restaurants, sights, forum. On the homepage the ideas for travel are offered.

Every year TripAdvisor organizes the competition which is called “Travelers’ Choice” and by the results of which the best direction, a hotel, a sight, the island, etc. are chosen. Only the users of the website vote. It is interesting to look at the results, to dream where you would like to go next time, or to be surprised by the results.

So take the benefit from the experience of other people, write reviews and you will make the trips much more interesting and help other people. It is always useful to share essential information about the places you have visited.












Hotels.com is the app that could probably make happy a lot of tourists. To pick up the ideal hotel and to reserve a room literally in a couple of clicks — isn’t it a dream of modern travelers who have every second on the account?

If you appreciate the reliability and detailed information when booking a hotel then you should check this application. As you launch the app for the first time it detects the location of the user. After that, the program offers the list of hotels which are perfectly suitable for you according to the location and prices.

If you are that someone whom destiny regularly brings to the unfamiliar cities – this function will become a real lifesaver. And if you plan the travel in advance then you can easily use the search for hotels and choose any of them.

You choose the city, the date of arrival, the number of nights and the number of people, you press the button of the search and after a short time (no more than 2 seconds) you get a list of available offers.

Results can be sorted by the prices, the quantity of stars and reviews, special offers and that is extremely important while making independent travel, to the distance from the city center.

The filtration according to the name and category is also available. Add some additional information about the hotels you prefer if you want your search to be more effective.

After the choice of hotel, the page with detailed information opens: there you can find the address, phone, provided services, types and description of hotel rooms (always with photos), availability of rooms and feedbacks of other users.

Pay special attention to the photos since they do not always show you the real picture. With this app it is easy to get access to the necessary information, just click on the button you see in the description.

It is possible to find the road to the hotel with the help of the offline map. Besides, there you will find some additional information about your current location and famous sightseeing in the city you are visiting.

It is also important to mention that despite the detailed description of hotels and the convenient structure of the app, the range of hotels represented by Hotels.com is rather limited.












Hotel Tonight is the app which will help you to find the place for the night in no time. It includes more than 75 cities in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Moreover, the program which might seem simple at first sight will aid you to cut down the expenses significantly and to rent a luxury apartment at a quite reasonable price.

The main difference between Hotel Tonight and other hotel booking apps (Booking.com, Hotels.com) is its ability to rent a hotel immediately. You can easily book a room in a hotel a week before the holidays and be sure that you will not miss out. And for those you want to get their room right away, this app will also be irreplaceable.

First of all, you need to accomplish your registration (using the app or Facebook). Next, Hotel Tonight submits the list of all available cities. We choose the necessary city and we receive the list of hotels.

All hotels are divided into 6 categories: Basic (standard hotels, 3 *), Hippy (hostels, youth hostels) and Elegant (spa & wellness hotels, 4 *), Decent (hotels in the downtown, 3 * and 4 *), Luxe (hotels 4*i 5 *), Charming (hotels of category B&B or private apartments).

As you are determined with your choice, you pass to “a personal page” of the hotel. And here you will definitely check out the convenient and fashionable design of this app. So, in the version for tablets instead of the usual menu, the Metro interface which is quite popular nowadays is used.

The pleasant room can be reserved directly through the app. Thus discounts can extend for several nights (the longest stay is 5 nights).

So, all in all, the app chooses hotels that are known to be trusted. The price range will suit any traveler. For today, for tomorrow and about one week ahead – you can make any reservation. Now you can travel with all your friends. Hotel Tonight will help to find the most favorable offers for hotel booking at the last minute.

Need a place for the weekend, summer holiday, or unexpected business trip? You go to spontaneous travel and you do not know where are you staying tonight? Do not make plans, give it to Hotel Tonight and it will take care of the rest!

It should be taken into consideration that the range of cities is also limited.











Expedia Hotels, Flights & Vacation Package Deals

Expedia Hotels & Flights is known as a useful application for those who are going abroad. Thanks to its service it is possible to find a hotel without an effort, the necessary flight and the car for transportation to the hotel.

The app interface is in English, but it will be simple to understand for any kind of user. You can always enter the hotel that you would like to find in the searching box.

Then you get the calendar to mark the dates of your upcoming travel, all the days can be chosen and highlighted just by a single swipe of the finger. You will also have to choose the number of people traveling in total, in this app this option is obligatory.

The cost of rooms of hotels is demonstrated in pounds and if another currency is needed, it is possible to choose it in the settings. All hotels found can be sorted by stars ranking, the price, and rating among users.

It is obviously better to be guided while making the choice of hotel by responses of other tourists since quite often three-stars hotels with positive ratings appear to be better, than five-stars with negative reviews.

A detailed description of each hotel with appropriate photos guarantees you a fast and comfortable search of a place for spending holidays. The list of the utilities which are included in the price of an apartment is displayed below the photos.

Each hotel is represented on its internal map where you can observe the scheme on the hotel inside, the quantity of free rooms, photos of rooms, the description from owners of the hotel, and reviews of users. For convenience, all responses are divided into three categories: new, positive, and negative.

If you checked out all the necessary information and decided that everything suits you (you have no additional questions), then it is possible to press the “Book now” button and to pass directly to the choice of the room and a type of payment: first of all you enter the information about yourself as a guest and type the data of your credit card.

If you want your data were entered automatically, it is possible to register on the website. Expedia guarantees the correctness and security of payment because in the database the hotels have is totally private and secured.

If you appreciate comfortable rest, then the Expedia Hotels & Flights application will become for you a good satellite in the world of travel.











The popular tourist service called “Kayak” is perfect for those who are planning their first single trip ever. With its help, it is possible to plan completely any trip, whether it is a holiday in tropical countries or a usual business trip. Any travel begins with searching and booking of air tickets. Kayak is known to handle this task perfectly.

At first, the program will find your location and will suggest to pick up flights with a departure from the nearest airport. However, nothing prevents you to refuse this opportunity and to enter the city of a departure independently.

Next, you decide with the date (and here special thanks to its creators for a convenient two-month calendar) and the list of travelers. The received results can be sorted by the price, airline, the number of changes, the airports, departure time (the earliest and late flights), and flight duration.

Simple and comfortable in the user interface will make your planning of a trip is even easier. In other words, this app is created to help you to avoid that stress which a lot of the first-time-travelers experience.

What is more, you will always be able to reserve a hotel at any point in the world. Kayak will take care of it and it works even better than many existing booking applications. The following step is the renting of the car. You can choose the agency, the type of car, and the place where it can be taken at the same time.

However, nowadays it is hard to impress people by presenting to them even this kind of service. But here the app suggests you an opportunity to monitor and check the chosen flight and also to receive notices of his delay – all these options are absolutely free.

Also, the app contains detailed plans of terminals, it has longs lists of stories and things which can go wrong during your journey on various scenarios of travel which is definitely not an extra point here.

As well as the popular TripIT service, the KAYAK application is supported by the automatic formation of routes on the basis of letters with booking confirmations. For this purpose, they need to be sent to the e-mail address trips@kayak.com. But unlike the same TripIT, it is not necessary for users to be registered in the system, authorization through the account of Facebook is available directly in the application.












Priceline is one of the largest booking systems of hotels not only in the USA but also in the world, Priceline.com was founded in 1998 and has a set of options which are extremely essential when it comes to finding and reserving hotels, air tickets and renting cars worldwide.

This company is mainly aimed at the American market so consumers will surely find reasonable prices and special offers available on the territory of the US. Besides a traditional booking, this app has a system of an auction.

You press the button “Name your own price”, then you choose the desirable area of residence and you specify the price for the room in the hotel (the Priceline.com base totals more than 40.000. hotels around the world).

If the website agrees with your price, you become the owner of the number at the best price which you could find and then you pay for the accommodation with the usage of the Visa, Master Card, or American Express cards. Also, you can rent a car, buy the air ticket, or go on a tour.

After the payment the user receives the address and the name of the hotel, you can find them at Passbook. According to the reviews of the customers, all the hotels represented by the Priceline are matching their price, their level of star ranking, and their comfort level.

At the same time, you pay at least twice as less as you would pay (including all of the taxes which is obligatory everywhere in the USA) for the double room in the hotel from 2.5 to 4 stars with WiFi access and free parking.

Even if you are making your reservation in advance, you pay for hotels of a similar type noticeably more (using other sources). In any case, in Europe, even in Germany which is considered to be cheap and in the rural area you would never manage to book in the summer a decent hotel (Etap, Ibis, etc.) cheaper than 70 euros ($90) and in the United States, you always pay more for earlier reservations even in the best case.

By the way, there is also an option “bargain” or “quote” the price which, according to the experts’ opinion, allows not only to give a more profitable discount but use it constantly and even during the travel.

What to do if you want to change or cancel a reservation? In case you reserve a hotel, acquire the plane ticket or rent a car at the auction price, then any changes or cancellation of the order are impossible. In other cases, the change or return of the air ticket is carried out according to the policy of the company in which you buy services.












Airbnb is the application that makes it possible to find, choose, and book housing at any price online from the phone or the computer from any corner of the globe, for every taste and purse. This is the famous service that had already help many travelers around the world to find a perfect apartment and has proved itself as a safe and respectable app.

You just make a choice of a city or the country where are you going for whatever reason. For this purpose just enter the name of the area searching. Using the filter it is possible to choose the following parameters: quantity of bedrooms, bathrooms, and also the number of beds in a bedroom.

Then you have to set the price range, you choose the minimum and maximum prices which are suitable for you. Don’t forget to specify the desired type of housing: a certain room, the room with other guests, or the personal house with the territory adjoining to it or a patio.

Have you found an offer which seems interesting to you? Just press its photo and you will see the name of the owner of housing, rating among residents, and also the description of the place, detail, and additional characteristics. If housing has interested you, you can contact the owner or at once reserve apartments for the necessary dates.

In addition, important features that are present at this place are specified in the appendix: availability of the Internet, television, parking, conditioner, pool, gym, elevator, etc.

The most important advantage of the application is the huge number of useful responses from real people who already used the services of certain owners. An essential advantage of this service is its mobility, thanks to it, it is possible to make all types of operations of booking the housing in just one application.

If you wanted to stop somewhere, except the hotel for a long time now, then Airbnb is the application which will become real luck!

It is crucial to mention that even though this app is not exactly the Hotel Booking app, you still can find some hostel offers here, at a quite reasonable price.












Today there is a lot of services for the fast purchase of air tickets and hotel booking worldwide. Nowadays, mobile apps are making the process of booking much easier than ever before. Of course, it is simple to buy the ticket using the Internet and with the smartphone, it becomes even simpler to make.

In this review, we will observe one more application of a popular online service for purchasing air tickets and booking hotels which are called Anywayanyday.

One of the main functions of service is purchasing and booking of air tickets. The app analyzes offer from more than 800 airlines, Anywayanyday chooses for you the best option.

It is convenient to choose a route that you need via the app on your phone. Most part of the screen is taken by a calendar – with its help, it is easy to choose the date of a departure. Right there it is also possible to choose the number of passengers, their age (adults, children 2−12 and children under 2), and a flight class (economy, business, and the first one).

Nearly a year of functioning the new option was included in this app – booking of hotels. Since then (it was invented in June 2009) it has managed to become as popular as the purchase of air tickets. Therefore it is not surprising that such a considerable part of the application is devoted to this function.

Anywayanyday offers several cities for rest. They are described by the list of sign sights and illustrated by nice photos.

Everything is simple: you choose the necessary city, accommodation time — and the app study tens of options. It is possible to look through hotels as in the form of the list ranging from cheap to expensive, and on the map where their location is marked. Right there it is possible to sort hotels by placement options: one, two, or three and more persons at once.

As well as in the section of the purchase of air tickets, this app also suggests the convenient system of filters. You can sort hotels by their ranking, cost, conditions of accommodation, and the list of the offered services.

Besides everyone will be able to find them a suitable offer. Each hotel can be described in detail: general information, photos, and options of the settlement.

There are also section “My Anyway” which is devoted to the management of your account on Anywayanyday. From here you will be able to find all information about your orders made through service of the payment cards, personal data, and bonus account.

What is more, here you will find the “Notebook” which allows you to store and edit data of passengers and will be able to change the password of the account Anywayanyday directly from the smartphone.












Not all tourists can afford to stay at the 5-star hotel. Especially when it comes to young people who prefer mostly to hang out at beaches and parties, not to stay inside hotels. For that special kind of travelers “on the budget” in 1999 the unique project under the name hostelworld.com has been created. It immediately gained huge popularity around the world.

It is the service of booking hostels at any time. The base of the project includes more than 30000 excellent hostels in 180 countries of the world. All budget hotels have detailed descriptions and photos, so it will be simple for you to decide on the best place to stay.

Thanks to the hostelworld.com service it is possible not only to reserve a room in a hostel but also to choose a tour according to individual requirements. It is easy to make payment by card. Service charges a small payment of 10% of the total amount of booking.

Another part of the money is charged from the card after settling in number. If the client changes his mind and after payment and wants to cancel the booking, the penalty will not be imposed on him.

In 2011 the management of the company has made the decision on starting a mobile application for modern smartphones. Now to find the budget hotel you do not have to spend a lot of time on the computer. The head office of the company is in Dublin. There are also additional offices in European countries.

The HostelWorld gives an absolute guarantee that booking will be confirmed after making advance payment. Usually, the electronic voucher which you demonstrate when checking into a hotel is sent to the e-mail of the client.

If there are any problems, the administration of service will not only return the money, but in addition, it will pay you 50 dollars. Thus, service confirms the guaranteed honesty of the carried-out transactions. Otherwise, all profits would go only to compensations for disappointed clients.

If you are using the app HostelWorld booking of hostels will not take a lot of time. It is possible to use a convenient system of filtration and to pick up a budget hotel in any country of the world. If you want to make a decision on a hostel faster, then go to see TOP-5 hotels on the homepage of the portal.











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Agoda specializes in hotels located in the countries of Southeast and southern Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, etc.)This app makes it possible to reserve hotels at the lowest prices with discounts at 50-70%.

You make your payment and you get your booking confirmation. This app finds the lowest prices, offers discounts and bonuses for its regular customers.

Agoda suggests lower prices than those you pay right on the reception of a hotel, so it is more profitable making your reservations with this app. It can be even cheaper than reserve the same hotels on Booking.

Most frequently the hotel reserved on Agoda will need to be paid right on the place when checking in, however, 30 percent of all the hotels presented on Agoda ask advance payment or payment for two weeks before your arrival. It depends on the country and on a certain hotel which you book.

If you are not sure about your trip then it is better to pay a couple of extra dollars and to reserve a hotel using other services without advance payment if a hotel by Agoda is asking for it.

Agoda suggests a number of filters that allow you to find and choose the housing which fits all your requirements and has all the necessary amenities.

You can just scroll a little bit down and at the left, there will be filters which are supposed to help you to choose hotels with the necessary stars ranking, desirable utilities (for example the Internet, the pool, the parking, etc.), placement type (a cottage, apartments, etc.), and also to choose the district of the city or the island.

Please keep in mind that the prices are presented without charges for services of 10,0% and the Tax of 7,0%. That is another 17% will be added to the price shown on Agoda’s app when it comes to payment. After you have decided on a hotel, choose the necessary number of rooms and press “to Reserve”.

If you would like to get some additional information, like the accommodation of children, you should click on a question mark.

A photo not always can give you precise information about your hotel so it is necessary to read attentively about the conditions of placement and the description of rooms. The description opens when pressing the sign of your reservation.

Next, you choose a method of payment and enter the data of the card. Most hotels presented on Agoda require an advance payment for all terms of staying at once, but some give an opportunity of payment at the hotel itself.












Trivago, perhaps, is one of the best ways to reserve a hotel and to arrange everything according to your expectations as close to them as possible. This app is not something extraordinary, except it has an advanced filter that analyzes more than 700 thousand offers on the Internet (hotels from 175 trusted sources are represented).

You can always find an independent opinion on the prices and the quality of the service. You can be sure that you will find the best variant for accommodation anywhere in the world. Statistics data shows its users save up to 35% of accommodation costs because they book hotels at the most favorable prices and get special offers.

Trivago provides full information about the hotels and hostels the general information about the hotel, photos, the built-in maps, the detailed description of the hotel, and additional services.

In search results the most favorable offers are always displayed, the updating is made according to the new special offers and discounts, even right before the departure or at the day of arrival you can find a hotel, you can find several offers in the same hotel so you can choose the best option.

Trivago has an effective ranking of the information so you can find what is necessary especially for you.

Look for the most convenient route, the budget, location, the closest sightseeing, distance to the downtown, ranking among visitors, reviews, category of hotel (star ranking), existence of additional utilities, like laundry, the pool, the beach inside the territory of a hotel.

Also, Trivago has a convenient interface with quite a beautiful design. If you have any questions, you can contact the manager of your hotel using the app or address to app’s technical service.

Trivago is also recommended by The Guardian magazine.












Hotelscan is a great app for the search of various hotels around the world which is a crucial part for everyone who plans independent travel. This service observes and compares prices of more than 700 000 hostels, hotels, and apartments, showing the most profitable options and favorable offers.

For this Hotelscan scans nearly 100 most popular Internet sources which are the following services for hotel booking: Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, HotelPronto, HotelTravel.com, HotelSite, and many others.

There are not many apps like this that are really useful to travelers. But Hotelscan is useful as to those who constantly make business trips, and to those who go to undiscovered places just for fun. The application interface will seem simple for any type of user.

The application will help you to save time and money while organizing your trip. Define the city of your travel, set the date of arrival/departure, specify the required preferences in filters (a type of hotel, the price, additional services, ranking, etc.), and choose the one which is most likable for you from the offered list.

After that, you will pass to the room reservation page, and you do not have to bear any additional charges for booking at the same time.

In the main menu, you will see the most popular cities with their minimum prices for hotels. It is made especially for you not to waste your time on searching.

Anyway, you will be able to specify the city and date on the starting screen and press the “Find Hotels” button. Next, the most popular options which can be sorted by the cost and a class will be offered to you.

The set of photos is attached to each hotel and there are also reviews of real users which you will be able to see and make a final choice. The program will show not only the most expensive hotels but also cheap ones which will quite fit for the average tourist who does not want to spend money on housing.

Defining of a location is well done. It is defined automatically or is entered via a simple search. When choosing the dates it is even more comfortable. You can quickly choose today’s, tomorrow or to put down numbers in a convenient calendar.

The filtration of selected offers is provided. There is an opportunity to choose the suitable price in a night, star ranking, distance from the downtown or the current coordinates, rating, type, and additional utilities.

The advantage of Hotelscan of service is a discount of up to 35%. Why it is possible? The prices of staying in hotels and all range of applicable services depend on the source which you use to book the room in a hotel.

The prices in the same hotel with an identical package of services can differ several times, depending on a tourist’s choice of online service. Travel agencies frequently use this method.











Do you want to reserve a room in a hotel easily and quickly even on the road? The free application of HRS will be a great choice for you then. Download the app on your device now and you will be always able to pick up a suitable hotel from more than 250 000 offers of hotels with a guarantee of the best price in the whole world!

The international HRS booking system (Hotel Reservation Service) made a research which has shown that more than a half of the bookings are made on the portal with the use of mobile devices in the day of arrival, at the same time about 2/3 of “mobile” guests book single rooms.

Trying to catch up with new coming times, HRS.com started the new free application for HOTELS NOW. In addition to an option to reserve hotels right away, travelers have an opportunity to save at least 30% of the room price.

Special offers are published daily from 6 o’clock in the morning and they stay available until 12 o’clock in the morning. The HOTELS NOW application is available in 7 languages and offers a wide choice of hotels in 46 European cities, including 14 large German cities.

All hotels having an opportunity to place special offers through HOTELS NOW (including, luxury hotels, business, and economy hotels), are located in the central part of the city. The process of booking is simple and does not require registration.

All hotels’ descriptions are detached with large and bright photos that considerably simplify the choice. If you have found available hotels you can choose one of them and the hotel located in close proximity to the location of the former.

What is more, thanks to the offline map containing in the application, which, firstly shows the hotels located nearby sights, cafes, restaurants, and shops?

This app also suggests a standard booking without providing detailed information on payments and the guarantee of fixed prices by the HRS company – in other cases, you will receive your extra spent money back.












As well as many of its competitors, Travelocity guarantees to find this hotel for your traveling dates cheaper than on other sources or to provide the same price.

The most reliable guarantee is applicable to completely prepaid hotels from the GoodBuy: it is possible to use this option at any time before the day of arrival while with other hotels (and “blind” purchases on Top Secret Hotels system) the guarantee works only within 24 hours after the procedure of booking.

Besides the difference in prices (but no more than $500 from one booking) Travelocity also provides a personal code on a discount of $50 for your following purchase made with the use of this app. Each participant can receive no more than five codes in a month.

Lower prices can only be found on the American websites and which are not offered as group discounts at the same time and the use of discount codes or special offers for participants of programs of loyalty are considered. At the same time regarding a difference in the price only the hotel tariff, without taxes and fees is considered.

Travelocity was the largest American portal of online booking of air tickets, hotels, tours, cruises and etc.

It appeared in 1996 and became the first website in the history where consumers could buy directly tickets for traveling using computer booking systems (in case of Travelocity – in the Sabre system, which company manufacturer, Sabre Holdings, has created this online agency).

The hotels marked with the GoodBuy tool require total advance payment (and in the booking documents the price is shown without taxes and the commission of Travelocity – overall cost can be seen only having continued booking).

Cancellation or change of such booking always involves various penalties (and some tariffs irretrievable at all). Bookings of all other hotels assume payment in the hotel.

However, all of it requires a number of your card by which the hotel can freeze the necessary sum in advance.

In search results, each hotel is followed by a convenient calendar of the prices for 90 days around the dates requested by you. This is perhaps the best advantage of the Travelocity portal in comparison with its competitors.

On the page of each hotel you are always able to read Travelocity customers’ reviews, responses with Tripadvisor, to ask a question about a hotel or to read already asked questions and answers received on them.

In many destinations, Travelocity also offers “Top Secret Hotels”. In this mode of search, you see the district of the city in which the hotel, his ranking, and the provided services are located.

The name of the hotel can be learned if only you paid to book (certainly, non-cancellable and unchangeable). Discounts in relation to the usual tariffs Travelocity reach 55%.

With the use of smartphones, the Travelocity app considerably lowered tariffs for some hotels (generally in the USA).












Any trip, whether it is a journey to a neighboring city or another country, begins with a search of cheap transport tickets and hotels.

The modern benefits of our era are ready to offer people many ways to find both a cheaper ticket and a room for a night. Hotelscombined is an app for the search of hotels. HotelsCombined service is the world leader in searching and comparison of the prices of hotels.

The main thing about this service is that it offers the users an opportunity to find and compare the prices of hotels within one search.

That means you do not have to look through options of each separately anymore while using the service for hotel booking, all of them are already included in Hotelscombined (here you can find a huge base from Booking.com, HRS, Hotels.com, etc.). In total, as it is claimed by the creators of the app, it counts more than 800 thousand options of placement worldwide and more than 5 000 000 offers.

You will note for sure that despite the fact that this is the free application, it has the absence even of a hint of the advertising. Together with the convenient interface will allow in a second to fall in love with this app.

First of all, Hotelscombined defines your location in order to be capable to offer hotels with have free rooms in close proximity to you.

This option will be useful more than ever just in case if you have come to an unfamiliar city and had no opportunity to reserve a room in advance. You can always watch photos of a hotel, read the description and reviews by other guests, you will be soon able to make a choice where to reserve a room.

The price will also be a key factor here. It is easy to find the most favorable application in Hotelscombined. Thanks to the competition of apps like these users can get lower prices and the best living conditions.

The Hotelscombined application belongs to a group of really useful apps. If you are that someone who travels frequently and prefers saving up money, then this service can become for you an invaluable assistant.












If you look for a hotel where you could spend one night with comfort, or a hotel suitable for a short business trip, for a family vacation or for unforgettable romantic privacy, you will be able to choose an ideal option for any event in your life from 5 000 hotels located almost in 100 countries of the world in this app.

The English hotel network InterContinental Hotels Group is the world leader in the number of the served rooms (more than 536 000) and has more than 35 000 hotels worldwide. Standards of the InterContinental Hotels Group brand are widely known and are a recognized standard of quality in the hotel service sphere.

The InterContinental Hotels Group group of companies includes such famous hotel networks as Candlewood Suites, Crown Plaza (Kroun Plaza), InterContinental Hotels, Indigo Hotels, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites.

With this app, each user can find for and reserve any of more than 4 700 IHG hotels around the world, change and cancel their bookings, get access to corporate tariffs and special offers, use bonus points of the loyalty program of IHG Rewards Club for payment for the accommodation in hotels and many other things.

Thanks to the new application it became even simpler to become the participant of the IHG Rewards Club, and operating the account became even more conveniently.

You can be registered directly from the smartphone and to see all your last actions online, including transferring and writing-off of your bonus points, the booking confirmation, and the current state of the account.

The innovation of IHG is a creation of an application for mobile devices by means of which users can choose and reserve IHG hotels worldwide and also operate the account in the loyalty program of IHG Rewards Club (to get their bonus points and to use them for payment of accommodation in IHGI hotels more than 1000 other services of the partner companies).

This app presents you with a very convenient interface: the user can fill in a search box the name of a city and the address or the area in which he wants to stay and the system will find and show IHG hotels next to him.

Plus in the setting of search, it is possible to set the estimated price and the dates of staying so that the system will choose the most suitable options.












The British LateRooms.com Internet resource has created a new mobile application for searching and booking hotels – LateRooms.com app. Service provides information about more than 65 000 hotels.

Just like in many other applications of this type, first of all, you need to choose the dates of your travel. Thanks to the numerous filters, the system finds the most optimal variant of a hotel.

Before making a choice, the traveler can look through thousands of photos of hotels, and also read reviews of guests. After the app defines your location you will be able to see the hotels nearby and, if you wish, to choose one of them. But of course, you can always use some extra functions.

What is essential to learn here is that LateRooms.com is owned by the largest tour operator of Europe, TUI Travel. Even though you will get access to 65 000 hotels worldwide, the special emphasis of Laterooms.com is placed on Europe. The app has five languages.

Despite the name, the best discounts (up to 70% of the published tariffs) can be offered when booking not at the last minute and likeably in advance. In European countries (and especially in the United Kingdom) many apartments, small hotels, family houses and rooms over a pub, bookings, inaccessible on other services, are presented on the Internet.

Some of such hotels, in general, are inaccessible for booking online – it is necessary to call on the round-the-clock phone line of Laterooms.com.

The service under the slogan “Reserve Now, Pay after Accommodation”. Really, write-off of money on the majority of tariffs happens after settling in a hotel or after moving out but at a stage of booking the credit card number is already required. Also, some hotels can write off a deposit in advance or even freeze all costs of booking on the account.

It is worth mentioning that this app has the largest database of reviews on hotels (nearly one and a half million) from users of Laterooms which have paid booking via the app that significantly reduces possibilities of manipulations with feedbacks.

Your search can be made not only by the name of the hotel but also according to the card account – the app will analyze it and suggest the ideal option for travel, for example.









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Hotels Scanner

Hotels-scanner is a convenient searching tool for the cheapest prices of hotels around the world. This app looks for the prices on all global booking systems and provides information in a simple and clear way. Hotels-scanner is not a booking system and not a travel agency:

It only compares hundreds of offers of hotels by your request. When you choose a suitable option, reserve it in any convenient way: directly through the hotel or via the app of a booking system. This app does not require to be registered in its system. Just use it and recommend it to friends.

Mobile devices became irreplaceable on the road, and the Hotels Scanner application is created to provide users the best service for the search of housing during the travel. According to the statistics, nearly half of bookings around the world which are made less than in 48 hours until arrival, are made from mobile devices. In some countries, this indicator goes up to 50%.

Each user who for the first time has opened the Hotels Scanner application is offered to specify the preferences. In particular, to determine the desired price range and to note whether the parking, a breakfast, Wi-Fi is required.

The mobile application analyzes the obtained information in seconds and offers the most relevant options of placement taking into account the entered data and the specified search features. In addition, it allows us to choose the location depending on what entertainments and sightseeing are interesting for the traveler most of all.

You can look through the information on the offered hotels easily and quickly and choose the most favorable one, it takes only two clicks on the screen. More often the user makes bookings via Hotels Scanner, the better and more precisely the application defines the placement options which are ideal under his preferences.

Besides, travelers can mark the most interesting options of hotels directly on the map. They will be displayed by the list that can be useful when planning a trip.

The results of the search delivery of Hotels Scanner can be based on the location of the user (up to the street). The built-in GPS technology will offer the traveler a step-by-step route from the current point to the chosen location. It should be noted that all modern competitive apps should have this function.

Hotels Scanner, with the usage of checking the information from already existing apps, will provide offers on the best price without any additional payments and gives an opportunity to pay for accommodation already in the hotel in most cases.

With its help, it is possible now to contact the international support service which works in the mode 24/7 and to get access to the reviews of various subjects of placement written by real travelers.











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