7 ways to charge your iPhone faster

FREEAPPSFORME team knows exactly what you do every single night. It has become a daily ritual, that you’ve to do on a regular basis because you won’t be able to wake up without this thing and all day you will be down in the dumps. Yes, man, I’m speaking about the fact that you have to charge your iPhone.

We know everything about your iPhone and a few more. And we know that you have to charge it several times a day and every time at a very inopportune moment. What you should do if you depend on time? We’ve analyzed the problem now taking a look at how to charge your iPhone a bit faster. There are some useful tips :

1. Put your handset in the Airplane Mode While Charging

It is the most popular and efficient way to charge your device faster. At first, if you use the iPhone while charging then it is consuming power and slows down the charging process. But when you turn on the Flying mode, it will stop your phone looking for cellular, you won’t be able to make/get calls, use 3G/4G/LTE  and Wi-Fi signals, but can speed up the process.

Airplane mode

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2. Use an iPad charger

It will be great if you are a lucky owner of two Apple devices. The iPad charger delivers 2.1A (12W), which charges the iPhone a lot faster than its 1A (5W) charger. BUT! It works only for iPhone 6,6s and Plus.

Tests using OS X system information has revealed that the charging profile for the iPhone 6 and higher match that of the iPad. So you can charge the musing the 2.1A charger. While iPhone 5s or lower models are capable of drawing only 5W because of a lot of voltage and disability to work and absorb so much energy.

The iPhone 6 Plus can be charged fully in approximately 2 hours 30 mins using an iPad charger, whereas it can take more than 3,5 hours using the charger that ships with the iPhone.

iPad charger

3. Turn it Off

Yes, we aren’t kidding. You should leave it alone in an empty room and don’t touch and use it for a couple of hours. If you switch off the phone while it is being charged, it charges a lot faster. Your iPhone doesn’t waste energy flow on another process. To conclude, It hugely contributes to expediting the charging of the battery.


4. Keep It Cold

You know that iPhone’s battery is very sensitive to temperature. They can’t stand extreme temperatures. Apple confirm that  “heat will degrade your battery’s performance the most” and advises that you “keep your iPhone out of the sun or a hot car (including the glove box).” Also, certain cases and covers that don’t “breath” are very problematic, so try to take a case off every time you charge your phone and keep it as near room temperature.Keep it cold

5. Charge when connected to a Mac

Without a doubt, Mac computers have strong high-power USB ports. Different Apple computers do have different features for their ports. This may affect charging speed.

A Mac with USB 2.0 ports (typically a MacBook) is rated at 500mA at 5V, in turn, a Mac with USB 3.0 ports offers 900mA at 5V. But apart from this, a Mac with USB 3.0 can provide up to 1100mA at 5V under certain conditions. The difference is obvious.

If you are going to charge an iPhone via a Mac computer you should plug in only the iPhone and keep the computer awake while charging.

Charge via Mac






6. Use a wall charger

Power outlet will charge your iPhone faster, rather than via USB port. Apple’s official advice “for the quickest charge” is to “connect the device to a power outlet using the USB cable that came with the device and an Apple USB power adapter.

wall charger

7. Battery Maintainance.

Finally, you should maintain your device’s battery properly. There are some useful tricks:

Don’t use not original cables and charger adapters, often they just burn your battery and ruin it. And “For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it’s important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down)”- Apple recommends.

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There is no special secret sauce to make your phone immortal. But we shared with you very useful tricks to make your life and your phone’s life better!

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