How to get mouse on Android phone screen

Many video bloggers who review apps need a screen pointer. This is necessary so their subscribers understand what the video blogger is talking about.

The computer mouse on the screen of their smartphones will help them with this. Few apps have been developed for this purpose. We will review the Touch Simulator (Root) app in this article.

What is a cursor? This is a movable indicator on the computer screen that indicates the zone of influence. The cursor can also indicate the impossibility of interaction, which will help in identifying problems.

Touch Simulator (Root)

This app will show you your every click on the screen thanks to the computer mouse cursor. It is great for video bloggers who make video reviews. This app will also be useful for graphic editors for easier work.

You will see exactly where you clicked the last time. The app has a root and requires permission to work. You need Android version 4.0 or higher. The settings of your smartphone change after the installation of this app.

You can find new settings for displaying the mouse cursor on the screen. Open the settings and scroll to the bottom of the list. Click on “About phone” and scroll down the list. At the end of the list, you will see “Phone Number”.

Click on it 7 times and you will get the right developers after that. Then return to the previous menu. You will see new options and settings for developers that were previously not available to you.

Find the “Show Touch” setting in the list and activate it. Choose the size and effect of the movement.

Touch Simulator (Root) Touch Simulator (Root)

You can also click on the “Location Index”. This option will show you the path of movement on the screen. It will help you in detecting problems. When you click on the screen, the response may not happen. This will indicate the problems of the screen sensor.

To disable the cursor on the screen you need to repeat the same steps. You can turn on the cursor during the work and off when you don’t need it.

This app takes up less MB and doesn’t affect the system settings of your smartphone. It has been downloaded by over 100 users worldwide.


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