How to Reset Android Network Settings in 2022

Have you noticed frequent network problems with your smartphone? We will help you fix them. You need to reset the Android network settings. This will help you get rid of the problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Network settings control how your device connects to networks.

Resetting network settings will not delete your personal data or the app. You will need to reconnect to Wi-Fi after resetting. Therefore, write down all passwords from Wi-Fi so as not to forget them.

There is nothing more annoying than poorly performing Wi-Fi. Check out the steps below for resetting network settings.

Open settings

Open the main menu of your smartphone and find the gear icon. Click on it and you will be taken to the settings of your device. Below you can see how the settings icon looks like.

Картинки по запросу "settings samsung icon"

Find the “reset” function

Find the “General management” tab and click on it. There you can find the “Reset” or “Reset options” tab. That’s what we need.

You can see the approximate location of the tabs in the picture below. The location of the “Reset” may be slightly different in different versions of Android.

Find the

Reset network settings

Click on the Reset network settings button and wait. Your device may require a PIN. Enter PIN to proceed with resetting.

Restart your smartphone after resetting network settings. It’s done! Now all networks will work without errors and braking. Re-enter passwords and connect to Wi-Fi.

Reset network settings on Android 2

What happens after resetting network settings?

Resetting allows your smartphone to fix small bugs and also free up memory. All data will sync. Some data will be cleared. There will be a complete shutdown and disconnection of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, roaming, airplane mode.

Resetting network settings will help you get rid of all internet problems.

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