How To Set Up Dark Mode On Your Favorite Apps

We’re living in a world where we stare at the screen of our phone all day long and sometimes even night can’t stop us from doing it. What is more, some people spend half of the night scrolling Instagram or YouTube. That’s the main reason why the dark mode becoming more and more popular every day.

Nowadays, both Android and iOS systems have a built-in dark theme not to mention individual apps that started to introduce this tool a long time ago. This tool can be named differently (form dark theme to night mode) but it’s still the same useful instrument that all of us need to use.

Let’s consider why every smartphone user should know how to use a dark theme. First of all, this mode does less harm to your eyes if you use your phone in the setting with bad lighting. There are actual researches that prove that night mode does not disturb your eyes that much and doesn’t prevent you from falling asleep. It is also an expression of politeness if you’re in the darkroom and there are other people there with you (imagine a night flight).

Here’s the detailed instruction on how to set up Dark Mode on your favorite apps. Have a look!

Dark mode for Android devices

Since the dark mode has become a popular tool now every Android user now has it in the system if it’s upgraded for the 10th version. In case, not all apps you use daily have a dark theme let’s point out how to activate it on your Android-powered phone.

Apart from the benefits that were already mentioned, you may need the dark theme for Android because:

  • It saves the battery of your phone (but it still depends on the technology of your screen).
  • The dark style will not only work for Android’s system but also for all the apps you use.

Here’s how you can set up Dark mode for Android 10:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings;
  2. Choose the Display button;
  3. Press on the Dark Theme icon.


You can also switch on the Dark theme by doing that:

  1. Open Quick Settings by pulling down the top of your screen;
  2. Press on the pencil image that is located in the left corner;
  3. Pull the Dark Theme icon up from the bottom into the main part of Quick Settings;
  4. Now you have quick and easy access to the Dark Theme button!


Here’s how you can set up dark mode for Android 9:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings;
  2. Choose the Display section;
  3. Press on the Advanced section at the bottom of the page;
  4. Choose the Device theme section;
  5. Choose the Dark option in the pop-up window that will appear.


Once you follow all these steps all the apps you use will have a Dark Theme.

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Dark mode for iOS devices

The Dark mode is one of the newest instruments available for iOS 13. This instrument on the Apple device is classic so it will appear as a black screen with white text.

When it comes to Dark mode for iOS you can actually choose to arrange it up manually or set it up automatically for a certain time of the day. What is more, Dark Mode will not only work on pre-installed apps but with some other supported apps as well. All the folders on your screen will also appear with a grey background.

Here’s how you can switch on Dark style for iOS:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings;
  2. Choose the Display & Brightness icon;
  3. Tap on the Dark mode icon.


Here’s another way of how you can set up Dark mode for iOS:

  1. Go to the Control Center of your phone ( Pull down from the top of your screen for iPhone X and higher and if you have an older device you will need to pull up from the bottom of your screen);
  2. Click on the control for brightness;
  3. Press on the Dark mode button to turn it on.

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Once you follow these steps you can also see if the Dark mode is working on your phone’s settings.

Dark mode for individual apps

Apart from trying to set up the Dark Mode in your phone’s system, you can also turn on a dark theme in every app exclusively. It needs to be said, the Dark mode on iOS doesn’t work with all the apps so you might still need to turn it on in each app separately.

Let’s consider some popular apps that have a Dark mode available and find out how to turn it on:


  1. Go on your account’s personal page;
  2. Press on the Settings;
  3. Go to the Display section;
  4. Switch to the Dark theme.



  1. Go to your profile’s page;
  2. Click on the Settings;
  3. Switch to the Dark Theme.



  1. Click on your profile’s icon;
  2. Press on the Dark theme button.



  1. Click on to the menu image;
  2. Go to the Settings;
  3. Open the Theme section;
  4. Choose to have a Dark one.



  1. Click to your profile’s image;
  2. Select the Settings;
  3. Press on the Edit Settings;
  4. Press on the Set by battery saver icon;
  5. Choose the Dark alternative.


Most other apps like Instagram will have a theme if you turn it on on your phone’s settings. In the nearest future, most popular apps will support the new feature of your phone’s system and there will be no need to force dark themes in all of them individually.

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