11 Best Last Minute Hotel Deals Apps for Android & iOS

Are you going on a trip? Do you need to urgently book a hotel? We have prepared a list of apps that will help you book a hotel very quickly.

You will easily find a hotel convenient for you and your trip will be the most unforgettable. You will find the best deals. It is important to know all the information about the booked hotel. These apps will inform you about the price, address, and owners.

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You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for a hotel. Select the desired date and apps will show you the available hotels. Compare them to find the best option. Don’t go to travel agencies.

You can plan your dream trip for yourself. Save money as these apps have special offers and discounts. It is easy to make last-minute hotel deals. There is a loss of the best last-minute hotel deals apps for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

lastminute.com hotel & flights

This app helps you find the best hotel deals. You can also book a plane ticket. The app performs a set of functions. It is looking for you with a great hotel as well as plane tickets.

It’s really quick. You don’t need to spend tons of hours searching. You will find out detailed hotel information. You will see its location on the map. You can plan a trip to any country in the world.

You can book your dream hotel. Add tags or a search filter. The app will quickly find matches. You will see the price. You can read comments and reviews about the hotel. Choose the number of days as well as people.

The app will find the hotel at the best price. You don’t need to overpay. Let the app take care of you. This is an excellent booking app that will always be at your fingertips.

You will quickly and easily get access to information about your reservation. All information is available on the main screen. The app will notify you of interesting offers.

The app will also remind you of your reservation. You can look at the history of your search at any time. So you won’t lose a single hotel. The app has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Try it and you will find the best hotel.

lastminute.com hotel & flights lastminute.com hotel & flights


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HotelTonight: Book amazing deals at great hotels

Do you want to book a hotel in 10 seconds? This app will allow you to do this. Read every detail about the hotel. You can find out detailed information about location, prices, rooms, and meals.

Check if there is Wi-Fi in the booked hotel. You can book a hotel right now. Choose a time that is convenient for you. Book your hotel for a day, a week, or for a whole month. Your journey will be best.

You can write to real people to ask for help. Ask any questions. You will quickly receive an answer. The app will pick you the best hotel deals. You can sort offers by price, number of days, and location.

You can pay with any credit card and apple pay. Are you joining a business trip? This app will help you book a comfortable hotel at a low price! The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

HotelTonight: Book amazing deals at great hotels HotelTonight: Book amazing deals at great hotels


Last Minute Travel: Hotel Tonight & Vacation Deals

Do you like spontaneous decisions? Are you planning a trip or your boss unexpectedly sent you on a business trip? It’s not a problem. This app will help you book your hotel at the very last moment.

It is available for Android and iOS. The app will select for you the best hotel offers. You can choose the filter of prices and the number of days. Only you can decide where you live. The app has a huge database of hotels.

You can also book a plane ticket on this app. It will pick up convenient plane tickets and hotel places for you. You will have no difficulties. Your trip will be unforgettable. You will find many discounts and special offers. Open the map and the app will show you the available hotels.

You will find your ideal hotel and flight with this app. Don’t waste your time surfing the internet. Let this app make all the jobs for you. It has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

Last Minute Travel: Hotel Tonight & Vacation Deals Last Minute Travel: Hotel Tonight & Vacation Deals


Last Minute Hotel Booking App

You will discover that there is a lot of apps with this name, but not all of them truly provide great deals. However, this app is rather an exception. It is not as popular, as, for example, the HotelTonight app, thus, less tourist use, and the higher is your chance to get yourself a very decent room at a super affordable price.

The interface of this app really reminds of the Aviasales app (if you are familiar with that one). Anyway, what you need to do here is just enter a date of your trip, enter the location and how many people are you going to be.

Then the app will find and show you the most profitable offers. All the hotels contain pictures, descriptions, and reviews of other users, so you’re not going to feel like you’re buying without seeing.



Hotels.com: Book hotels, vacation rentals and more

This app will definitely arouse your interest. You will receive a special offer. Book 10 nights and get 1 for free! This is a great opportunity to save money. Get cashback even if you buy last-minute deals.

Search for hotels around the world and compare them. You can find the best hotel. Check the hotel details. The app will show what features the hotel has. See hotels on the map.

You will receive a 5% discount on your first hotel reservation. You can become a silver or gold member. You will get more privileges. Read hotel reviews. You will find out the most honest reviews.

You can add hotels to your favorites list. So they are saved in the app. You can easily access them anytime. Choose when to pay. You can pay for the hotel online or after check-in. The app has a travel guide that will help you in any matter. The app has been used by more than 10 million people. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Hotels.com: Book hotels, vacation rentals and more Hotels.com: Book hotels, vacation rentals and more


Last Minute Hotel Booking App by Global Travel Agency LLC

So as was mentioned before, there are lots of apps with this name in the market. This one is also considered to be a good app for booking a hotel just a couple of days before your trip.

In fact, this app can be considered the direct substitute to the Last Minute Hotel Booking App that you could see before and their interface is so identical, that you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

Therefore, in case you haven’t found anything in the first app, you can try your luck with this one. The database of hotels and hostels presented here is a little bit different, so it makes sense to search for a profitable deal in this app as well.

The search system works completely in the same way – you first mark the location of the trip, then choose the dates, put in the information about how many people are there. Then see which hotel with which offer you like the most.



trivago: Hotels & Travel

This app will become your personal assistant on any unexpected trip. It will help you find the best hotel with last-minute deals. This app is available in over 190 countries.

You will find your ideal hotel. The app has more than a million different hotels around the world. You can compare hotels and choose the best. Find the best prices. You can travel cheap on last-minute deals.

Compare hotels from different sites. Create personalized hotel search filters. Choose the price, a number of places, and a number of nights. You can choose additional services.

The app will pick the best matches. The app will show you detailed information about each hotel. You can read reviews from other people. Search for cheap hotels directly on the map. The app will show the last minute offers.

You can find hotels that are close to points of interest. It will beautify your trip. Add hotels to your wish list so you don’t lose them. You can compare your hotels from the wish list to find a more suitable one.

Trivago has its own rating. It is based on reviews from people from all over the world. The design of the app is nice. It is easy to navigate. The app has been installed more than 50 million times. Try it and you will find a perfect hotel.

trivago: Hotels & Travel trivago: Hotels & Travel


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Booking.com: Hotels, Apartments & Accommodation

More than 1 million hotels and apartments are waiting for you. Book them at an advantageous price as soon as possible. You will receive a paperless confirmation. You don’t need to sign papers.

You will find deals anywhere in the world. If your plans have changed, you can easily change your reservation. The money will be returned to you. This app is reliable and secure. It has a special protection system. Open the map and the app will show you the location of hotels and last minute offers.

Compare hotels around the world. Compare price and location. Read reviews from other people. More than 135 million reviews await you. Use special filters to find last minute deals.

The app will show hotels for any amount. The design of the app is beautiful. The navigation is intuitive. The app is really popular. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Booking.com: Hotels, Apartments & Accommodation Booking.com: Hotels, Apartments & Accommodation


Last Minute Flights and Hotels App

Are you a spontaneous person and you like all those spontaneous trips? There is something irresistibly romantic about them. For making your life more exciting get this app and you will be ready to go on an adventure at any moment. It constantly offers last-minute travel deals at extremely low prices.

The app will be cool both for students and working people to make their life more adventurous. When you just open the app, you can choose whether you want to book a flight or choose a hotel – you’re not obliged to go for both options. The search algorithm is basically the same for hotels and flights.

You enter the information about the dates of your travel, the number of people, and the country and the city where you would like to go. The app will show you the best offers then. You can also choose different dates of flight and hotel reservations. The user interface is pretty standard and shouldn’t cause any difficulties.



Expedia Hotels, Flights & Car Rental Travel Deals

Are you looking for a hotel reservation app? We found it. Try this app. You will also receive thousands of last-minute deals. It is easy to use this app. Select a hotel reservation date and the number of nights.

The app will show you the options available. Check out the details and hotel information. This is important when choosing a hotel. Choose the best hotel.

This app will also allow you to book a car or flight. You need to choose your location to book a car. The app will show you the nearest offices. You can also use car sharing.

You need to select a departure date in order to reserve a plane ticket. You can book a flight and a hotel. You will save a lot of time. The app will pick you the most convenient offers. The app has been installed more than 10 million times.

Save money. You will receive a discount of up to 40 percent. Sort hotels by price, location, convenience, and other features. Read real reviews from real people. You will find the perfect hotel following these simple rules. You can pay for the hotel online. Don’t be afraid for your safety.

You can return the money if your plans have changed. The app will also allow you to book a flight with or without transfers. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Expedia Hotels, Flights & Car Rental Travel Deals Expedia Hotels, Flights & Car Rental Travel Deals


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Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels

Hotwire is currently becoming the most popular app for booking the last minute hotel deals. And here the fact that you need to book these deals like this doesn’t mean you’re going to end up in some crappy creepy motel on the outskirts of the city as it sometimes happens.

Here you can actually choose the very decent deals, by observing the rankings of various hotels and reviews of other guests that stopped there.

The distinctive feature of this app is that you can choose not only the location of the hotel and the dates of your trip but also the amenities that you wouldn’t like to have in your hotel (yes even if you book the last-minute deal).

Moreover, you can even circle a specific location on the map and the app will provide you with a choice of hotels and hostels in that specific area. Apart from that, there is always a rating of “hot” hotels in Hotwire that always offer the best last-minute deals.



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