7 Best M3U Player Apps for Android & iOS

If you are a true music lover, you might face an M3U format of files. It helps you access your favorite music and do it fast. However, sometimes you might have trouble opening these files.

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The reason is that not all devices have a built-in tool to open M3U. This means you need to have a special app for this purpose. You will find it in this article.

VLC Media Player

VLC-logoThis is a great tool to open files with your favorite songs. This player is an open-source and totally free tool for Android and iOS.

It can play a big number of files, including M3U. You will be able to watch your favorite movies, listen to the best songs, see videos, and look for more content.

Let’s take a closer look at some other functions you will get in VLC:

  • Synchronize the app with cloud services, such as Dropbox, iTunes, iCloud Drive, and many others. This will help you to avoid downloading music and other files on your device.
  • Listen to your favorite songs and albums right from the app. It allows you to save time and energy. What’s more, you can also organize your files logically and simply.

The app is free of charge but you can say thank you to the developers by leaving a tip. For instance, a micro tip is 0.99$.

A new update caused some difficulties, though. For example, there is a bug when you play a short video. If you try to skip some parts, you might be redirected to a completely incorrect timecode of the video.

Please note the app needs a big number of permissions to function well. Thus, you’ll have to give access to your microphone, full network access, vibration control, network connections, and other settings.

The app is quite big, it requires almost 200 MB of memory.

You can get the VLC media player at no cost on the App Store or Google Play.


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IPTV Player: play m3u playlist

IPTV-player-logoThis application is actually an IPTV client for you. It will enable you to do a wide variety of things with the files. The app has a pretty simple interface allowing you to start at once.

Here are the best features provided by IPTV Player: 

  1. You can load m3u, jspf, or xspf playlists from the Internet and listen to them right in the app. 
  2. You can scan and preview the playlist before loading it. This is a new and exclusive feature added recently. 
  3. Stream video on your TV, be it Samsung, LG, or any other model. 
  4. Enjoy full synchronization between all your devices. Once you have done this, you will not have to load playlists on each device separately.
  5. Try parental lock. If you have files your kids shouldn’t see, parental control is what you need. Your kids won’t be able to access the app even if they manage to find the right password to unlock the screen. 

IPTV Player collects some data about you. For instance, it will ask for your contacts. This info will be linked to you.

The app is rated 4.4 out of 5 on the App Store. Users love its fast process of loading and simple functions.

IPTV Player needs at least 105 MB to be installed on your phone. You can download it on the App Store for free.


Mega IPTV – m3u Player

mega-iptv-logoThis is a nice m3u player for iOS users. It is all about simplicity and high speed combined with a friendly UI. As you see from the title, the app can open various files, including m3u.

Unlike many other IPTV players, Mega allows you to download the content to watch offline later.

Let’s focus on the most striking features provided by Mega:

  • This player supports Chromecast allowing you to enjoy Google TV, Xiaomi Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, and others.
  • If you have a big number of channels you want to watch and listen to, you can put them into groups. This will help you to keep your files in order.
  • Try parental control. If your child listens to music all the time but you want to control the process, this option is a must.

The app is free with some in-app purchases. You can hardly face any ads which is also a perfect thing as you won’t get distracted.

Mega IPTV is available on the App Store at no cost. Get it now and start opening m3u files and watching cool videos.


M3U Player

m3u-logoIf you need a good tool to open M3U and M3U8 files or open IPTV links, this app is what you have to try. It is packed with all the necessary features to work with music files simply.

What can you do with the help of the M3u Player?

  1. Open many types of files. You will be able to open and watch videos and play songs. It usually takes about 3 seconds to open an m3u file. 
  2. Load files from the Internet using IPTV links. The loading became much faster after the last update.

Another cool thing is that the app needs less than 8 MB to download M3u Player on your device. The app is free of charge with a small number of ads.

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Get this cool tool on Google Play and start opening your music file!

m3u-player-screen m3u-screenshot

Bel IPTV Player – m3u player

iptv-logoAre you looking for a smart IPTV player? Here is one of them! For sure, you can easily open any m3u or IPTV link with Bel IPTV Player.

However, this isn’t the only feature you will get after the download: 

  1. Enjoy IPTV stream channels. They look just like channels on TV. You can choose whatever you like and watch it. 
  2. Open m3u files. The process will take about 5 seconds but it depends on the size of each file. 
  3. Play music or video in the background. Sometimes you might need to focus on something else but you don’t feel like closing the app. In this case, the background mode will come in handy.

The app is rated 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play. People love it for its free options and a big number of channels.

However, this IPTV player has some downsides. For instance, there are some bugs with the loading music and videos. Sometimes it might stop instantly, and you have to start once again.

At the moment, you can download this nice m3u player for free on Google Play.

iptv-screen iptv-screen

m3u8 loader

m3u8-logoIf you often face m3u format, then you might need an m3u8 loader. This is a small but powerful tool to download and convert files into other formats. 

Why should you try this application? Well, there are many reasons: 

  • Download m3u files from the Internet using a link. To do it, copy and paste this link into the app. The download will begin at once. 
  • Convert m3u files into other formats, such as mp3 or mp4. The process usually takes about 5-10 seconds. 
  • The app can also serve as a place to store your m3u files. You can organize the files, out the into folders, as well as search them. 

The size of the app is 39 MB, which allows you to download it even on an old device with small storage. 

The app is 100% free of charge. However, there is a pretty big number of ads that might appear after every step you take.

Unfortunately, only Android users can download the m3u8 loader. 

m3u8-loader-screen m3u-loader-screen

m3u8 – Play from online URL

m3u8-logoThis is another simple application to play videos and music. It is truly universal – it can work with hls, m3u, mp4, as well as other formats.

The app works just like a player. It contains absolutely no content, you need to download it from the Internet. To download this m3u8 player, you just need to have a link.

This service is absolutely free of charge with a small number of ads. However, many users say that the position of the buttons is quite strange. It makes them hard to find.

At the moment, you can get the app on Google Play only.


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