5 Best Military Dating Apps for Android & iOS

Find yourself attracted to men or women in the uniform? Yeah, we’ve all been there! Luckily for you, it’s not that difficult to meet them anymore!

There’re lots of military dating apps for Android & iOS that will help you meet your military significant other. Along with that, these apps work like any other dating apps and have all the tools for a smooth user experience.

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Here’s the list of the 5 best apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

Military Dating App – MD Date

MD Date

Let’s start with an app called MD Date. This is a dating app that empowers you to meet military singles.

The main goal of this app is quite obvious — it is to help you find the love of your life across the people in uniform. Along with all regular dating apps, you will need to create a profile. There, you’ll need to tell a bit about yourself, point out your interests, hobbies, and preferences in potential partners. Don’t forget to add a couple of cute pics as well — it’s a key to success.

Once it’s done the app will match you with people you might potentially like. The unique thing about this app is that all the military single profiles include the info about the type of troops this person is in. Plus, this app is not only about dating — you can find a loyal friend here a well. Besides, the app is LGBTQ+ friendly which is cool as well.

For now, the app has more than 60 thousand verified profiles and its number is still growing. Plus, the app covers several countries such as the US, UK, and a lot more (you can check the full list on their website).

MD Date 1 MD Date 2


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MilitaryCupid – Military Dating App


The second app on our list is MilitaryCupid and this is another app that brings together military single men and women.

This app is a dating platform that’s the main goal is to help people find true love (but if you just want to find military penpal it will work as well). The only difference between this app and any other dating one is that MilitaryCupid is dedicated to military men, women, and their admirers across the globe.

There are more than a million users in the app for now and new accounts appear every day. Of course, this app requires an account where you’ll need to describe yourself, your interests, and the qualities you’re looking for in a partner. You may also point out what type of relationship you’re looking for. Then, you’ll need to add some pics of yourself and you’re ready to go.

Once it’s done the app will offer you profiles of people you might like. And if you do like them you can let them know by pressing the heart button or you can just text them. It needs to be said, the app has a powerful built-in chat with multiple emojis and the ability to send pics and voice messages.


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Uniform Dating – Chat & Love

Uniform Dating

Uniform Dating is an app that aims to help you find your perfect military match.

This app serves as a love searching platform for all people in uniform. In other words, not only soldiers are covered cause the app also works for policemen, doctors, flight attendants, and more. Of course, even if you’re just and admirer and don’t wear any uniform this app is the right place for you as well.

The registration in this app is quick, simple, and most importantly, absolutely free. Due to this process, you’ll need to make an account with some pics and personal info. You’ll also need to point out if you’re a uniform wearing person (don’t forget to mention the type of forces then) or just the civilian.

Once all that is done, the app will make a list of people you might be interested in. Then, you can like their profiles, text them or keep looking for our members by yourself. The search engine in this app covers several filters you can use to pick the best candidates. Besides, the built-in chat looks quite stylish and it empowers you to send pics and voice messages.

Uniform Dating1 Uniform Dating2


Military Dating

military dating

Military Dating is an app that brings together military singles and their admirers across the world.

Like with any other dating app, this one starts with creating a profile. Therewith, there are lots of info needed to be included in this one. Thus, you’ll need to describe yourself and your hobbies, your age, gender, sexual orientation, political views, and the type of relationship you’re looking for. Yeah, it’s not necessary to look for love here — you may just be looking for a supportive friend.

Don’t forget to add a couple of pics to your account as well. When you’ll be finished with that, you can start searching for potential partners. It can be done via a searching engine. Therewith, the engine has lots of filters that will help you narrow your search and only view the people you might be interested in.

Above all that, the app has several other ways of interaction between users. There’re good-old matches, hot or not games, and the mode that shows you profiles according to their location. As for the built-in chat, it’s quite decent and even supports video calls.

military dating 1 military dating 2


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Military Mix – Uniform Dating

Military Mix

And lastly, Military Mix is a uniform dating app for all the military singles out there.

The app covers uniform soldiers, the army, baby members, and just the military admirers. Plus, the app has the fastest registration that only takes 1 minute to fill in. That’s because you have the ability to only mention the basic info about yourself such as age, gender, sexuality, and all that. The only thing you can’t skip is the need to add a pic of yourself.

You can also add more data to your profile at any time you want. When you’ll go through all these steps you can start looking for military singles via a searching engine. Therewith, you can add multiple filters like sexual orientation, location, type of forces, or the type of relationship the person is looking for.

And when you’ll see the profile you like you can press the heart button t let them know you’re interested o just text something right away. The app has a built-in chat that supports texts, pics, and vids. It needs to be said, the look of the chat is a bit old-school but you can always switch to any other SM for communication.

Military Mix 1 Military Mix 2


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