15 Best movie maker apps for Android & iOS

Creating and editing videos has long ceased to be the occupation of a small group of specialists. Now anyone can shoot a short video and add some effects to it.

Modern mobile devices have learned to shoot quite worthy videos.

Anyone who has experienced video editing knows how difficult this task is. It is necessary to carefully review the material shot, highlight key scenes in it and make a cut from them. Besides, you need to dilute the plot with transitions and effects, add a suitable soundtrack. This process requires a special application.

This list contains the best movie maker apps. With their help, you can combine your videos to create real movies.

ALIVE Movie Maker

ALIVE Movie Maker is a professional program for creating and editing videos. Here you will get a convenient interface and a large number of professional features.

The strength of this video editor can be called a huge set of video filters. They allow you to improve the quality of the picture and apply impressive visual effects.

Of course, any video editing program has various video filters. But, here they are located more successfully. Besides, it filters the ability to find and customize the visual effect for a specific task.

The ALIVE Movie Maker application allows you to set the animation of various effects. Any smallest changes to the object are immediately displayed in the interface panel.

This will allow you to easily repeat all the operations done with any other object. The whole process will be saved and fixed. Using a special panel, you can create unique masks. This feature, combined with blurring, allows you to create impressive and unique effects.

This is a program that has all the features and tools. She has a very important plus – great growth opportunities.

In the process of video editing, you achieve good results. Your videos are getting better and better.

This program is ideal for videos that you shoot on the camera and then process. For example, entertaining, educational video, video recording from the screen or cutting. In it, you can also create video presentations. The main purpose of the ALIVE Movie Maker application is to process the footage.


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FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

The FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor app is a great tool for creating unique movies on your phone.

To get started, upload the source video to the application. then use all the necessary functions. Here you can play video and change the speed.

The application works with all popular video and audio formats. Use the ability to upload videos to any social networks. Save video in high resolution.

The program works with all common audio, video and image formats. Thus, calmly upload your materials and edit them.

The FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor application is understandable enough for beginners. At the same time, it is very multifunctional.

After installation, the program offers various options. For example, create an advanced project, open an existing one. Create a slide show, read a manual or set up a new project.

Screen savers, captions, the background can be pre-viewed in a large window.

If there are any problems, after restarting the program offers to restore the project. Add effects, captions easily. If you need to cut the frame, add a new one or swap, the captions will always remain tied to a specific place.

This is a program with a user-friendly interface. It has everything a beginner needs and a little more. You can create presentations, improve the quality of the video, add subtitles.

Share finished movies with your friends. You can send them using any social network or messenger.

You can also save the finished video to the gallery of your phone. Enjoy watching whenever you want.

This is a free application that will appeal to beginners and professionals. Besides, there is no built-in advertising.


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Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

The Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects app allows you to create unique videos. When launched, the application asks you to select the content in the gallery that will be used in the video. It can be videos, photos or music.

After starting the program, its interface will appear. On the left side of the program, there are options for importing audio, video and image files. A timeline is displayed a little lower. Here the installation of the corresponding objects takes place.

In the center of the main window is the “Collections” tab. This is where you can get all the added files. Also here you can get video transitions and animations. It is enough to transfer them to the storyboard and edit.

Any piece of video can be edited. For example, move, cut, copy, paste to another location. You can apply filters from the program gallery to photos. The sound level in music and parts of the original video can be adjusted manually.

The application Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects provides the function of saving music. It’s useful if you want to use music from a video downloaded from YouTube in your video. You can cut out the soundtrack from it and overlay it on a new video.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the app is slowing down the video with the Slo-Mo effect. The tone of the sound in slow motion does not change.

How the finished video will turn out can be viewed directly in the application. All effects and transitions are shown in real-time. The final clip can be saved in the gallery of the smartphone.


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Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker is an easy-to-use movie maker app.

To get started, add the source file to the program.

It is very easy to add files to this application. Here you can enter materials from the camera and pre-recorded fragments.

Added passages will be collected in separate collections. They are also able to be divided into clips. You can also add audio files.

After import, all files will appear in the “Collection” as separate items or folders. To get to them faster, you can move all the items into one folder.

When all episodes have been added and sorted into collections, you can start editing. You can use the storyboard at the bottom of the window. This zone is like a film cut into pieces.

Thus, it is enough to place the excerpts in the desired sequence. Between them, you can insert extra animations and effects. You can mix the new fragment onto the storyboard by dragging it onto the timeline. A description of the frames can be created using captions.

On the timeline, you can not only set parts in the right order but also cut out unnecessary parts from them. Besides, you can shorten or increase their duration. You can then add animations or headers to them.

There are functions for inserting titles, which can be at the beginning, at the end or throughout the clip. There is a built-in editor for this. With it, you can change the font of the text, its background, the size of letters and characters. You can insert them in a ruler, as well as insert effects for the appearance of titles in the clip.

The features of the Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker application allow you to start sound. Align the audio track and video clips as you like. To diversify the transitions between parts of the clip, you can go to all the effects and select the ones you need.

After the video is fully prepared and edited, it remains only to save it in the gallery of the smartphone. Then you can send it to friends or to social networks.

Save the result can also be sent by e-mail. After clicking “Save Project”, the window of the save wizard opens, in which you need to specify the name of the clip. Select the required quality and location.

After that, the conversion process will begin. The file will be saved.


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The PicPlayPost application is a convenient and multifunctional application for creating videos. It supports many formats.

The main functions of the application PicPlayPost:

  • Text and captions are attached to the video clip and moved with it.
  • Video track. It also has a track of the attached audio. You can change the sound volume of the main video, cut parts.
  • Extra video track. For photos and videos located on the main video.
  • Audio track. The music on it plays in parallel with the background video.

What can be done in the program:

  • record video and audio from a camera or screen
  • crop, glue video, audio frames
  • add music, sounds, images from the gallery of your phone
  • improve the quality of video and images, stabilize, adjust color, increase clarity
  • change the playback speed of audio and video tracks
  • apply any of 36 color filters to the roller
  • use visual effects, animated transitions
  • add captions, flying figures, vignettes
  • create slide shows for working presentations using animated effects

The PicPlayPost has functions for rotating and cropping video, zooming, panorama. Highlight a separate part of the video and impose a censorship area. There are different settings for saving a movie. For example, videos can be saved in good, high and best quality.

A large number of special effects. Over 180 pieces (titles, headings, filters, noise, flare. It is also possible to add figures and explanatory signs for training videos.

The application PicPlayPost has a huge collection of backgrounds, sounds, videos. Add a huge variety of effects to your favorites. Build your collection.


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ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast

ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast is a video and photo editing application. Here you can create unique films.

To get started, you need to download the necessary files. The following file types are available for adding:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images

The first thing to learn is how to isolate and remove extra sections of the video. To do this, use the line located at the bottom of the screen. She shares the neighboring sections of the footage. The excess fragment is simply deleted by clicking.

Sometimes you need to increase the playing time of the segment. To do this, simply pull the edge of the fragment to the side. Here it is worth paying attention to the features of the process. A triangle will appear above the track, which will state the end of the original line.

To change the sound level, use the control panel. It allows you to adjust all the sound parameters.

Add various visual effects. Choose their duration and add animation. You can also delete, zoom in and crop-specific frames of a video. Add text. Change the font, color, and size. So you can create subtitles.

Finished videos are saved in the gallery of your mobile device in high resolution. You can share the result with your friends. This can be done using social networks.

The application ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast has a simple interface and rich functionality. All necessary functions are located on the main screen of the application.

These are the main points that you should know when using the application ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast. But, in each of the menu items, there is a fairly large number of settings. This allows you to create modern video in good quality.

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Video Editor & Free Video Maker – VivaVideo

The Video Editor & Free Video Maker – VivaVideo application is intended for video editing.

It has a fairly simple interface. The main application window has 3 sections. Photos and videos, screensavers and captions. The first section includes a gallery with source materials.

In the “Captions” section, you can add and change the text. Also here you can create subtitles for the video. To create a video postcard, use the third section. There are ready-made templates here.

The algorithm of the program is very simple. The application is easy to understand.

To get started, add the source material. Then you can proceed to process. Now you can apply various effects, change the sound. After receiving the finished result, publish it in any service.

Application Video Editor & Free Video Maker – VivaVideo features:

  • video cropping
  • adding images, text, and music
  • filter application
  • image editing
  • creating captions and subtitles
  • slow down and speed up the video

In this application, you will find a wide variety of special effects and animations. Add your images and create extra text.

Besides, you can cut the video into frames. Each frame can be complemented by visual and audio effects. There are many different templates in the application. You can use ready-made templates for splash screens or transitions between fragments.

The free app Video Editor & Free Video Maker – VivaVideo allows you to create movies from your videos. You can share them with your friends. To do this, log in to the application using your account on any social network.


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Videoshop is an application that is designed to work with video.

By adding a file to the program window, you can cut it into parts, or combine several parts into one. If it’s not enough for you to simply glue several files into one, then you can “play” with superimposed effects. There are quite a lot of them in this application.

After processing, you can save the file in various formats. Using the program Videoshop is comfortable and pleasant. There are no built-in ads.

The application is very functional. It can connect photos in a video sequence. Add smooth transitions between them, work with video and audio. After processing, you can view the result in the built-in player.

First of all, this application is intended for video editing. But, in addition to this function, a number of other equally useful functions are available to you.

Besides, you will have the opportunity to separate the audio track from the video.

This is a free video editor app for home use. It will perform all its functions on any smartphone. The program takes up very little space and does not load RAM. But its compactness does not make it less functional.

Using this software, you can compose videos, combine photos and overlay music. After editing, you can select the quality of the video before saving it. The arrangement of elements in this application is such that it is quite easy to understand.

Share ready-made videos with your friends using instant messengers and social networks.


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GoPro is a good application with a large set of integrated effects. This program allows you to work with multitrack projects. When processing video, a proprietary image stabilization algorithm is used.

Here you can create movies from your pictures and video files. You can also make a greeting card and a high-quality video presentation.

The utility is characterized by the presence of a huge collection of work templates. You will also receive an extensive library of effects. Supports the ability to overlay voice comments in real-time.

Finished projects can be saved in the gallery of your mobile device or sent to friends. To do this, register in the application GoPro using e-mail or an account on any social network.

This utility can work not only with local files. It also works with a picture broadcast from different sources.

The application GoPro contains a pretty good library of effects, which has high-quality transitions. They can be used to smoothly change pictures from one clip to another. The ability to integrate graphics objects is supported.

There are many presets for exporting work in any format. Besides, finished films are stored in the highest quality.

Use tools to handle movie fragments and quality effects. The application GoPro has a beautiful menu design. The application allows you to overlay an audio series and add captions.

The text for the video can be changed. Choose the appropriate font, size, and color for the text. Create captions and subtitles for the video. This free app helps you create a unique movie using your videos and photos. An extra advantage is the lack of advertising.


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Adobe Premiere Clip

The Adobe Premiere Clip application allows you to create a unique video using your mobile device.

The program has a multi-track workspace. It performs basic operations with video and audio tracks.

Learning about the features of a program is easier than it sounds. Most of the functions and commands of the video editor are located exactly where they should be.

This application eliminates the problem of discrepancies in sound and video. The program automatically detects errors in the synchronization of audio and video tracks. It has problem areas on the timeline.

All teams are duplicated with special gestures that can be saved.

The program can work in multi-camera editing mode. At the same time, you can switch to any of the thirty-two source video sources using special gestures. The program also provides an unlimited number of cancellations of erroneously performed actions.

This program contains about two hundred customizable video effects. Most actions can be seen in the editing window. One of the features of the program is that when using filters you can compose whole chains of effects.

Combine different filters. You will always have access to the settings of any filter used in the clip. Besides, you can change the order of their application. Use this program to create animation effects created on the basis of program filters.

The principle is to establish several keyframes throughout the clip. The effect parameter values ​​are calculated automatically. When you add many videos, the program creates a smooth transition from the first clip to the second.

The program Adobe Premiere Clip has a fairly large library of effects. To use them, you need to open the “Special Effects” window. Select the appropriate option and drag it onto the video. To change the effect settings, click on the intersection and configure the animation.


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VideoShow – Video Editor

The VideoShow – Video Editor app is a great helper for creating videos.

This program has a very diverse interface:

  • Main menu. You can find all the available tools.
  • Using the top panel, you can use the functionality of the application.
  • Project files. You can manipulate files at work.
  • Use the tool to make transitions between the individual parts of the video.
  • Special effects for video.
  • Using the “Generator” function, you can generate media elements and effects.
  • View window. With it, you can view files from the gallery of your mobile device.
  • Preview window.

Separately, consider the panel for installation. Here you will find:

  • Position cursor.
  • With it, you can add audio and video tracks, delete them. Combine segments.
  • Extra project management elements.

The process of creating clips is quite simple. Special buttons make it possible to control the work with minimal effort.

After installing and starting the VideoShow – Video Editor application, you can immediately get to work. Here you will get some instructions. This will help you quickly understand the application.

To create a project, just click on the “file” button. Next, in the drop-down menu, select “create”. You will see a window with a new project. Here you can configure the main parameters of the future clip or film. It is worth paying attention to the parameters of video and audio.

As a result, you get a clean project. You can save it to your phone’s gallery or share it with friends.


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PowerDirector is a fairly convenient and popular application for creating and editing videos. This program has gained its popularity due to its versatility and stability.

The application easily allows you to import and edit videos, images, and music. Subsequently, you can combine all this into a unique video of your own.

The interface of this application has a rich set of tools. Here you can edit the video in real-time.

There is a collection of video filters for high image quality and visual effects. Besides, you can create your own filters. Save them to apply to other videos.

The program PowerDirector has the ability to animate many effects. In control mode, you can set the degree and nature of animated objects.

The effects can be applied to various parts of the video. You can also add text. For example, adjust the subtitle settings. They can be edited as you want. You can choose the appropriate font, size, and color of the text.

All actions that you performed are stored in the application history. If you also want to edit another video, then you can simply apply the replay.

Share the result with your friends via email or social networks. You can also save the video to the gallery and watch it whenever you want.

This is a free application with no built-in ads. It will allow you to easily create a real film that will become your pleasant memory.

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KineMaster – Video Editor

The KineMaster – Video Editor application will give you an opportunity to create videos from several parts. So you can turn your videos into an exciting movie that can be shared on social networks.

This is one of the most advanced tools for video and audio editing. It offers a huge number of video and audio tracks. Each has advanced music composing tools. The convenient interface of the program is combined with huge functionality.

The program allows you to edit various parameters of video and audio with very high accuracy.

Application KineMaster – Video Editor features:

  • adding an unlimited number of video and audio fragments
  • convenient interface settings
  • adding a lot of effects
  • color correction
  • support for a huge number of video formats

This editor supports high-quality video. This greatly expands the potential for creating unusual videos.

When working on the next project, you often have to perform the same actions. For example, overlay animated captions at the end of a clip. You can avoid this problem.

To create captions and animated screensavers, the program uses a set of blanks. In it, you can create animated screensavers using various effects. For example, casting shadows, moving along a given path, and much more.

Captions added to the video are presented as a separate clip. Also, each application library object contains its own individual settings. They can be edited and animated.

This free application does not contain useless functions. Here all the necessary tools are collected.


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WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

WeVideo Movie & Video Editor is an application that works with video and audio files. The program opens up great opportunities in editing and editing.

This application offers you work with a large number of audio tracks, as well as video elements.

The application has effective tools for video processing. With this program, you can process many files. For better sound and video processing, you can set the equalizer on the track breaks.

At the moment, the application has the best converter. The duration of the conversion depends on the format you choose.

The program supports many files and formats, and can also change them. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor has great features and modern features.

It allows the program to be one of the most popular among other utilities for installation. The program also supports much processing. This reduces the processing time of audio and video files.

The application WeVideo Movie & Video Editor has a very convenient interface, which is quite simple to master. You can divide the tracks into audio and video. You can also create many tracks for different types of files.

Besides, the application has an improved subtitle system. You can use the video stabilization feature.

WeVideo Movie & Video Editor is a very convenient application for working with video files and editing them. Understanding her work is very simple.


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Quik – GoPro Video Editor

Quik – GoPro Video Editor is an application for creating interesting videos.

The program is designed for the average user. It has all the tools for creating effects, video transitions and audio editing. All videos created in the program can be easily sent by e-mail.

You can select the required resolution for viewing on large screens. Besides, you can upload videos to different sites. Cloud storage, video hosting, and social networks.

Features of the program Quik – GoPro Video Editor:

  • Support for all popular formats for videos and movies: AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, VOB.
  • Convenient video and audio editing.
  • Quickly add any text, music, beautiful effects and transitions.
  • You can import files from the camera directly into the gallery of your smartphone.
  • Easy to learn interface.
  • It is possible to preview any action. It saves you a lot of time.
  • Ability to select video resolution – from 480p to HD.

The application Quik – GoPro Video Editor allows you to enter a title and description for your video. You can optionally put a watermark or add background music.

You can work with several video files, crop, split, organize them as you wish. The program allows you to add subtitles.

With this free application, you can create a video that you want to watch. Share it with your friends or post on social networks.


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