11 Best news aggregator apps for Android & iOS

No matter what country you live in, you are always interested in what is going on around you. You always want to know what happens in the world during the day, how people live in other countries and cities and what awaits us in the near future.

As televisions are no longer the most important source of information, people increasingly prefer to find out everything on the Internet. News forums, specialized websites, online media and social media subscriptions are all your information resources.

But what if you just want to read the news? You do not always want to specifically look for news sites, go to social networks. In this case, we suggest that you install a special application on your smartphone, which will quickly give you all the information you want.

According to the results of the surveys, about 60% of people every week use special applications that collect news. Why aren’t you still using them? We have gathered 11 of the best news aggregators for you, which are considered the most reliable and convenient to use.

Google News

google newsOf course, we couldn’t avoid Google News. Since Google is the largest search engine in the world, it naturally collects all the information that can only be found. News, events, political elections and much more – all this you can see for sure here.

All the most actual, interesting and reliable news will be collected specially for you by editors and special algorithms. The application is convenient in that it forms for you a summary of news that are most relevant at the moment. All hot news can be tracked in chronological order, as well as considered from different points of view.

You can use the tab “For you” separately. In this category all the news you have chosen will be presented. For example, sports fans can choose the topic “Olympic Games” or just “Sport” and keep track of all the news about it in one place.

Most importantly, Google News uses only trusted sources. This way, they can form a complete picture of what is happening – you can see all the information just by going to the page of the event. Of course, such cooperation requires funds. In the application you can subscribe to popular news publications. It is not so expensive, but you get a reliable source in a convenient format.

google news2 google news1


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Apple News

apple newsAnd, of course, Apple News. After reviewing the largest news application for Android, we couldn’t leave out the specialized application for Apple. While Google specializes in text articles and reports, Apple News pays great attention to the visual component – photos, pictures and videos. It is worth noting that they make them easily downloadable, which saves you time and traffic.

In other applications, if you choose the categories you are interested in, this service creates a catalog of the information you are interested in. Over time, the application learns more about your interests and, accordingly, increases its accuracy.

The developers assure that this category is formed without using your personal data – the features and permissions of Apple News work only in the application itself. Special editors select interesting content for you.

It is worth noting the animated navigation. Apple News has an interesting enough process of watching the news, so you’ll enjoy it. And of course, there’s a paid subscription here. Apple News+ provides you with news publications and also up to 5 other members of your family. You will be able to browse through both the latest issues and, if necessary, search for articles in later editions.

apple news1


Microsoft News

Microsoft newsIt is no less important giant in the field of modern technology. Microsoft also do not lag behind their competitors and promote their own news aggregator. At the very beginning of the application use, you will be offered to choose the most interesting categories for you. Do not worry, in the future you can easily change them. It is on the basis of these answers that your news feed will be formed.

The clear and orderly design of the application allows you to easily navigate through the news. Smooth transitions from one category to another, as well as the ability to read more information about a particular event – this is very convenient.

Since Microsoft News is actively working with the best news publications on the planet, you’ll always be the first to know about everything. For example, the main partners in politics and important world events are Washington Post, BBC, Fox News and other major publications. Other categories, such as gossip, include magazines and websites that are leading in this area.

You can download a huge amount of material without restrictions. You can even set user settings in the interface – for example, put a dark theme or put an application as a widget. Synchronize Microsoft News between all your devices so you know what’s going on 24/7.

Microsoft news1Microsoft news2



flipboardIn case you are interested in various articles published in newspapers, magazines and other similar sources, you will appreciate Flipboard. Probably there is no news application in the Internet that could surpass Flipboard in terms of aesthetics and appearance of articles. All of them are so conveniently and organically placed in your feed that you can even browse through it and enjoy it.

Flipboard contains the latest news, articles and discussions. There are many categories that almost all people will like. You will need to choose up to 9 topics that you are interested in, on the basis of which your feed will be formed.

In addition to interesting news, there is also a tab “The main thing for the day”. It displays all the loud events that have taken place in the world over the past day. You can discuss any of the news with the same users as you – to exchange experiences, opinions, share something important.

If you don’t have time to read something that interests you, just add this article to your own magazine. You’ll have access to it all the time, so you can go back to it and read it at any time.

flipboard12 flipboard1



redditReddit is a great example of a harmonious blend of funny stories, different entertainment content and serious news. All these categories merge so organically in the application that it will be difficult for you to switch to another news aggregator. Bulletin board and news feed are designed to accurately inform readers, and individual entertainment categories will exactly raise your spirits.

The most important thing is that Reddit informs you not only about what is happening in the world, but also on the Internet. Here you can find the latest Internet news, DIY, memes and cute videos with kittens (and we know everyone loves kittens).

The application functions and is replenished at the expense of users themselves. People can upload interesting content themselves – of course, it will go through moderators, but the source will be a real person. Here you can not only read the information, but also discuss it with other people in the comments is absolutely open.

You shouldn’t think of Reddit only as a fun and pampering service – yes, you can discuss PUBG or your favorite series here, but there is also news about the presidential election and military actions. You can then adjust the information that will come to you. Choose interesting categories and only they will be displayed in your feed, no matter what happens on Reddit itself.

reddit2 reddit1


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CNN Breaking US & World News

cnnCNN as a whole has long been known for its news. How many times have we even seen the inscriptions of CNN Breaking News in films? This newsletter is associated with both speed and shock. It is them who are the first to learn about everything that is happening and to cover all the events that are taking place at the moment somewhere in the world. Not a single news source has yet outpaced CNN.

Since CNN has its own sources all over the world, correspondents and journalists always try to get here. If you want to know what is going on in the world, you should download this application and immerse yourself in a world where the flow of news never weakens.

You can choose the topics that you would like to be notified about. So you will not overload yourself with information that is useless for you. By the way, in addition to text articles and photos, you can watch live news channels.

You even have access to a series of articles and stories that CNN has been covering for a long time. The only thing that’s upsetting is that you only have the first 10 minutes of free viewing. In order to watch the news further, you will need to log in to your account.

cnn2 cnn1


The New York Times

new york timesThe New York Times is the world’s most popular news publication, which is available in both electronic and print formats. It is an application that allows you to be in the middle of an event, even if you are far enough away from the scene. As it is a major publication, you can be sure that all the news you read is covered by independent experts.

Right in the app you can view exclusive articles and videos that have not yet been published anywhere. If something happened right in New York, then these stories are available for viewing even in 360 degrees. Efficiency and quality of news is due to the fact that The New York Times has 50 offices around the world. Emergency reports will always be really urgent!

It is worth noting the possibility of listening to podcasts. We can’t always read the news – and someone better perceives the information by ear. Although, if you just can’t read the article now, keep the information you’re interested in separate and it will be available offline.

Of course, for regular readers it is better to buy one of two subscription options. Listen to podcasts with daily news, read only the most interesting articles and reports – all in The New York Times.

new york times2 new york times1


Inshorts – 60 words News summary

inshortsThere’s no time to read a long story? Are you tired of long and tedious articles that could easily be shortened? In that case, Inshorts will be a real rescue for you. Briefly, concisely, without unnecessary words and descriptions, only facts are the principles that guide the application.

Such brevity is achieved by shortening the whole material, which can be found on a certain topic. In the news you get only the title and the facts – in fact, you are very quickly introduced to the case.

Inshorts can also personalize your news feed, leaving only the most interesting news to you. The search function is also built in, so you can easily find the latest news on the topic you’re interested in or by keywords.

The home page in the feed shows you the latest news. Inshorts, by the way, can use artificial intelligence technology to collect the best news according to your preferences. You can even receive separate notifications about the most important news.

The best part is that all the news – movie and music events, politics – are displayed in one place. And it’s so organic and convenient that you don’t even think Inshorts is a combination of things!



BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes

buzzfeedActive Instagram users have accurately seen the various videos that are signed with the BuzzFeed watermark. Usually, this video with the cooking process is in the “Tasty” category. This is an indicator of the versatility of BuzzFeed – you get quizzes, interesting articles, recipes and, of course, news. All this mix is presented to you in a perfect balance, so that you do not want to change anything.

Since the service is mostly entertaining, you will be informed about all the trends that will soon become popular. By the way, you can receive notifications about updates in this category.

Developers appreciate the feedback from readers. For each news you can leave a comment or reaction, as well as share your favorite posts. Send them by e-mail or in social networks – keep your friends informed as well!

In the news tab you can find brief overviews of what is happening around the world. If you don’t want to burden yourself with serious information or something heavy – go to the tabs of entertainment content. It can be concluded that BuzzFeed is a great source of news for those who are not too interested in topics such as politics or the stock market.



Feedly – Smarter News Reader

feedlyFeedly is not limited to news only. This application will be a place where you can fully structure the information you are interested in, as well as organize your subscriptions to YouTube and Facebook, as well as blogs, publications and other feeds, from where you get the information. Now you don’t need to update several applications at once – just go to Feedly and view everything at once!

In addition to your subscriptions, you can choose the topics that interest you most and view them directly in the app. Here you will find more than 70 million channels that differ in content. It can be IT news and articles, business, marketing or any of your hobbies. You can add the channel that you are already reading on another resource and view it further from Feedly.

The main guarantee of success of the application is its simplicity. Feedly is really easy to perceive both visually and in content creation. The articles and news that you will find there are well designed and you get an experience of pleasant reading. Built-in integration with your social networks will make your life much easier.

feedly1 feedly2


Bundle Breaking News

bundleSome people are really worried that they’re trying to tell them something subjective. To prevent this from happening, Bundle Breaking News offers you the choice of sources to provide you with information. Trust in sources is one of the most important criteria that people have in relation to news.

All the loudest events will be sent to you as notifications. This means that any major global event will be on your smartphone right away and you won’t miss it. If you are in a place with poor communication or just without the Internet, you can still view an interesting article.

The fact is that once you open it, it is fully loaded and available to you even without a connection. In addition to global news, Bundle Breaking News also has smaller news stories. They are divided into more than 20 categories. Each section is dynamic and constantly updated – so you won’t be left without news from the business or sports world.

The intuitive interface will tell you what you need to do to get information. Want to read something later? Add an article to your bookmarks. Want to see the latest news? Click on the “Hot” icon and you will be able to see the whole list right away. With this convenience, it’s hard to give up using Bundle Breaking News – and why not?

bundle1 bundle2


Actually, a lot of news on the Internet can be frightening. A huge number of fakes, false news and photos, as well as attempts to confuse others… If you do not want to be deceived, but have a desire to be aware of what is happening, then you should filter the information.

News aggregators will do it for you. Choose the application you like the most, then define interesting categories in it. So you can always learn the latest news without complicated and long search of resources – do not hesitate to download the application.

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