Nike+ Training Club App for IOS full review

Everybody wants to look good at all ages. Some girls are freaked about losing weight in school years, some people only begin to do sport and others are on the top of their fit and are not going to stop. 

There are a lot of fitness apps that were designed for those people who freak about their way of life, body tone, how much water they drunk today, etc. These people count every calorie put on their plate, observe how many steps they did for the whole day.

To my mind, some of these apps are effective and help people to achieve their goals, but others are a little bit useless and waste a lot of energy from your battery. But one app has deserved my attention to be described as a potentially good app for a workout. Yes, I will tell you about the Nike+ Training Club.

“Just do it”- it is a sophisticated and persuasive slogan of Nike, isn’t it? You should say it to yourself every time you want to give up. Nike Training is an app, which programs are developed by supporting of famous coaches, personal trainers( Ary Nuñez ) and athletes (Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, Skylar Diggins, etc.)

We prepare for you a review of the Nike+ Training Club app. There you will know about its design, features, possibilities, and performance. Interesting? Stay with us!

Not so long ago Nike presented its free app – Nike Training Club. It is a special application, something like a “pocket coach”, which gets you an ability to lost your weight or build muscles, get leaned, toned and strong. And the main feature of this app is the possibility to work out at all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or a real professional.

Design and Layout

Speaking about the design, it deserves all prestigious awards and my praise. In the beginning, you will face strong and persuasive photographs of all kinds of sportsmen. To my mind, it creates a unique motivative atmosphere that persuades you not to give up, do more than just get by and get out of your comfort zone to achieve the best results.


NTC- is a program that contains more than 100 complex-built workouts, collected in new effective training regimens from five professional athletes. They are not difficult, and a beginner will do it easily. Then you will be interviewed: your country, age, height, weight and how many times per week are you training? Based on this information you will be matched a suitable workout automatically. Notice, you can change your profile and parameters whenever you want. Just go to the Settings.

If you look down, you can see the next options: Feed, Activity, Workouts, The Club and Messages. In the upper left corner, you will find your profile with the information you give at the beginning. To my mind, all these options are useful and I check them every day, especially option Feed because there I can find motivational photos with phrases, some useful tips, and advice from professional coaches.

In the section Activity, you can measure your progress since the beginning and how much stronger you have become for today. Section Workouts provides you with the choice of your sports level, goals and preferable workouts and exercises, so there you can personalize your activities. In the section The Club, you can always follow different events that Nike organizes pretty often. Fresh air, people around you and an exciting atmosphere motivate you to do every difficult exercise because it worth it!

ntc_app NTC FEED

The interface is very friendly- to- use and you don’t care about finding a necessary option, workout or other information.

Features and how it works

At first, Nike offers you to choose your personal goal:

  • Get Lean/High Interval Cardio Drills to Slim Down
  • Get Toned/Light Weights and Intervals to Add Definition
  • Get Strong/Increased Weights and Reps to Build Strength
  • Get Focused/15-Minute Workouts to Target Specific Areas


Then you are prompted to determine if you are a Beginner ( 4-5 workouts per month) Intermediate (3-4 workouts per week) or Advanced (5+ workouts per week). The Get Focused contains mini 15-minutes workouts, targeted for specific body parts, like buttocks, hip, abs, biceps or triceps for separately intensive work.

The main feature, in my opinion, is an ability to choose workouts according to your goals, a body tone for today and your level of preparation. You are given the choice of choosing one of seven workouts, ranging from 30-45 minutes.  The workouts have a  variety of toning and aerobic exercises ranging from 30-seconds to two minutes in length.

My First Nike Training Club Workout

My first workout which the Nike+ Training Club prepared for me was a 30-minutes AB and Butt 2.0 workout. Moderate Intensity; Beginner level. Good for core conditioning, glutes, and lower body mobility. After my workout was downloaded, I, of course, tap on my lovely option – Music Selection- and chose a favorite tracklist.

The whole workout is split into several sections, containing  5-9 exercises.


Usually, I try to workout 3-4 times per week, and then I was sure that I will have done all complex easily and I could handle this. I’ve never mistaken so. It was hard, I had felt that my muscles work every minute while I was training. But I said to myself: ” It is a challenge, but I’ll just do it”


The main features

I appreciate that there is a virtual trainer (pre-recorded voice) telling you how you should do a particular exercise, what parts of your body you should focus on. This virtual coach reminds me about a turn of exercises and motivates me by cute phrases like “Well done!” or ” Good work”.

Of course, I can’t avoid the fact that there is another feature, deserving separate praise. I am telling you about the video demonstrations of each exercise. I think, that they are worth watching because, after watching, you will exactly know how to do a particular exercise to be more efficient and achieve your goals faster, also you will avoid many injuries.


What is more, I highlight the fact that you can customize your workout as you want. Choose exercises from a large library, the time is set automatically. You can add as many exercises in your workout as you think that you are pretty prepared to do this workout. Create a unique workout and share it with your friends on social networks.

Nike customization



Speaking about what I don’t like, I think that it should be developed. After updating, it keeps crashing within a few seconds of opening on some devices. Also, it will be really good if workouts update every month or every 3 months because workouts are not limitless and some people have done all workouts, as well. What is more, I think, that there is a lack of time to prepare for the next exercise, remove the equipment, etc.

To Sum Up,

 This app is a real finding for those people who want their bodies to give satisfaction to their owners. It provides everything you can get by money in a fitness club, but who wants to pay for the free things? Think about it. Last but not least, Freeappsforme Team recommends you download the Nike+ Training Club app.

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