Nimblenote App Review

If you constantly work with notes, we have found an excellent solution for you – nimblenote software. In this tool, you can quickly create, edit, and search for notes without using the mouse.

First of all, we have to admit that nimblenote is very simple to manage, as it offers a very clear interface. Thus, we can surely say that you will understand how to use this tool in a few seconds!

Moving on, nimblenote does not take up much storage space, so you will quickly install it as well.

So, if you want to create a new note, you will have to enter any name you want in the input field and press Enter button. If the name does not already exist, a new note will be instantly created. After that, the focus will automatically open you to the note editor.

The same input field is used for both the creation of new notes and also searching for existing notes. So, when you are going to view or edit an existing note, you will have to type in the search input. Then, the matches will begin to appear.

To navigate between the results, you should click on the Up or Down arrow keys. But if you want to continue editing the selected note, you will have to press Enter. Plus, you can press Esc at any time to return the focus to the search input.


By the way, the app comes with a built-in keyboard, therefore you don’t have to use a mouse.

There is no need to worry about saving, as the app automatically saves all your notes.

Another useful feature there- the app supports Markdown. Therefore, apart from writing notes via Markdown, you can also switch checklists, open links, or navigate between the notes.

To conclude, nimblenote is a full-featured tool that guarantees an excellent user experience. There are not any significant disadvantages of this app, so we believe you will fully like it!


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