OpenIAP Software Review

If you have ever thought about increasing the productivity of your business, now is the time to use a powerful tool in this matter! Scaling and operating robotic process automation (RPA) becomes much easier when using an integrated automation platform (IAP).

To help employees of large corporations process significant amounts of data, we suggest using OpenIAP, an open-source product that will help you control every element of a huge database and save you a lot of time. The OpenRPA and OpenFlow products are available for free.

This software can help you appreciate the concept of data transfer between physical objects equipped with built-in tools and technologies for interacting with each other (IoT). The future is already here!


The developer guarantees interaction with all types of IT systems, thanks to which you can work in real-time mode with data on different devices, securely transfer and store them. The system is based on MongoDB, Docker, NodeRed, Kubernetes, and other technologies, which makes it possible to work with all IIOT/IoT protocols.

The main advantage of OpenRPA is the ability to integrate into any system: you can optimize data processing in the office, hospital, factory, or school. Thanks to an adaptable designer, you can develop and implement tasks.


You are required to drag and drop actions, add and define sequences, variables, and properties. You can manage this using five components: the workspace, the sidebar of tools and fragments, the properties field, the output connection panel, and the output panel.

Technical support for OpenIAP users deserves special attention. After installing the program, if you have any questions about customizing the program to your needs, you will always be able to purchase qualified assistance for an adequate price. On the developer’s website, you can also get acquainted with the architecture of the program, which is presented in the form of a diagram.

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