15 Best Passive Income Apps in 2020 (Android & iOS)

Today, mobile earnings are increasingly gaining popularity. It is very convenient to stay at home and receive a passive income. Modern technology and the availability of a smartphone provide such an opportunity.

On the Internet, you can find a wide selection of ways to make money. But, the most convenient is to make money using mobile applications. Since your phone is always near you.

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The essence of these services is to perform the simplest tasks for a certain, albeit small, reward. Some of them work in automatic mode. That is, they do not need any active actions. It is enough to keep the application open.

This list includes better applications. With their help, you are guaranteed to be able to provide yourself with passive income.

Swagbucks – Best App that Pays

In the Swagbucks – Best App that Pays application, you will receive money for completing simple tasks. First, you need to register. To do this, you can use your email or profile on any social network.

Fill out the registration form. Add your e-wallet or card details. Enter the desired login and check the box “I have read the rules.” Then click “Continue” and “Log in to your account.” Set the desired level of account protection. Come up with a security question and write the answer.

Ways to make money:

  • Clicks – visiting the web resources of advertisers (time spent on the site 15-60 seconds)
  • View advertised resources in manual and automatic visit mode
  • The accomplishment of tasks: subscriptions on sites, registration, transitions and much more
  • Participation in competitions at the invitation of referrals, assignments
  • Refback – extra income 10-30% from the referrer or service
  • Sale of invited or before purchased referrals

In the menu, select the type of work “Clicks”. Next, a list of resources for paid viewing will open. Click the Arrow icon and go to the site. A panel with check numbers will appear at the top of the screen.

A timer will be activated at the bottom of the web resource. Wait for the counter to zero and click on the number that appears in the block with a timer in the upper panel. If everything is done correctly, the money will be credited to your account balance.

To complete the tasks, open the corresponding page in the menu. Choose the type of task. Social networks and posting, downloading and voting, clicks, and more.

Click on the link for the appropriate job. Read the terms and click “Start the job.” Do the necessary actions. Confirm the execution specified in the task. Keep earning on visits, new assignments, and views.

Depending on the type of tasks performed, a certain number of points are awarded. Thus, the status of the account is increased. For example, “Standart” and “Standart +”, “Light” and “Bronze”, “Silver” and so on (7 statuses). The cashback from referrals is based on the number of points scored and the current account type.

Increase profits using a referral program. Attracting other users to the project, get 10% from their earnings. Earn extra by selling active referrals. Service providers such an opportunity. Earnings are paid automatically. The smallest withdrawal amount is $ 3.

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Acorns – Invest Spare Change

The Acorns – Invest Spare Change app will become an extra source of passive income. Here you need to download applications. For this, you will receive money. At least three download applications are always available. New offers are gradually appearing in this program. The payment is quite high.

When the “official” offer end, you can earn money through affiliate programs. The system itself will notify you of this. This will bring up the “More Applications” button. Expensive offers are placed at the very beginning. Next, are the cheaper ones.

If you have problems, you can contact technical support. You can do this through the settings window in the last tab. Specialists always respond promptly. Any problem is solved.

The application Acorns – Invest Spare Change has a referral program. The principle of operation of this program is very simple and straightforward. Money is credited to the account when the referred person enters the referrer code. This person will also receive a bonus.

Each referral immediately receives a bonus and “drops” 10% of the total earnings.

The conclusion can be made in three directions:

  1. Electronic wallet
  2. Mobile phone
  3. Bank card

Transferring funds takes several minutes. You can order an automatic withdrawal. The system will withdraw money in the specified direction when a certain amount is set.

Also, the application Acorns – Invest Spare Change allows you to check the relevance of pages and the content posted on them. For this, you will receive a reward.

This program will allow you to test sites and influence their popularity in the search. To get started, you must register. To do this, you can use your account on any social network or email. Test tasks are not provided, so you can start working immediately.

To start making money in the application, you need to perform tasks to check sites. It takes from 5 minutes to an hour to complete the task. The duration of the task depends on the requirements.

For each site, there are three assessment options. Relevant, display error, or irrelevant. The correctness of the ratings is checked additionally by a group of administrators. This helps cut fraud.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance allows you to build your very own investment portfolio of stocks and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). You can also buy fractional shares which allow you to invest in big-name stocks without the big tag pricing. Basically, M1 Finance is a very classical app for investments and buying shares.

You can create your own investment portfolio or choose between 80 variants that the app suggests. However, be ready that just like in most of the fast-investing apps, the portfolio variants will be quite predictable and suggesting the fool-proof approach for buying the shares (though even buying the shares of such reliable companies as Tesla or Coca Cola doesn’t guarantee you the revenue in the upcoming years).

Apart from that, here you can buy not only the common shares but also the fractional shares. Moreover, M1 Finance was founded in 2016 and it still exists on the market which proves its reliability. unlike some trending investment apps, where you’re simply risking of losing your money.

The company charges minimal fees, but some services are free. You can even borrow money against your portfolio once your account reaches $10,000.An interesting function here is that you can borrow money from the app itself. There are also several types of accounts that you can create and they all have a different system of taxation.



MobileXpression Panel

The MobileXpression Panel app is the best project to earn money on a mobile device or tablet. This program has many tasks. To get started, you need to register. Payment for offers is not high – 1-2 cents, sometimes more. But the price is offset by quantity.

The application MobileXpression Panel has gray buttons in its interface that provide extra features. For example, you can download programs not separately, but immediately together. If you do not delete them from the device for some time, then you can get an extra bonus.

There are many tasks where, in addition to installation, activity is required. For example, you need to play a game for some time. The activity does not mean reaching levels or winning prizes. It is necessary that the application remains open, and you perform actions in it.

When all the tasks are completed, you can visit a third-party advertising site. Thus, you will get an extra payment for it. Visits are allowed only once a day. There are a lot of directions for withdrawing funds.

The best option is to transfer to PayPal, from which you can then easily cash out the funds received. A feature of the application is an affiliate program. When your referral is registered in the system and indicates your code, you get $ 0.3.

The largest price for one task is 0.05 cents, the smallest is 0.01 cents. Download an application costs 0.01 cents, an application with adult content – 0.03-0.05 cents. The average amount you can earn per day is about 1-2 dollars. On average, to complete the first withdrawal of funds, you need to complete at least 200-500 tasks.

The smallest withdrawal amount is $ 10. Funds are withdrawn at the request of the user. To withdraw funds from the system, you need to fill out the appropriate form in the application MobileXpression Panel.


SavvyConnect is a good application, which must be given attention. This is a service offering to earn money on simple tasks on a mobile phone. You can register here via mobile phone, email or any social network.

A fee is paid for installing games, applications. Targeted action is the achievement of a certain level. According to the developers, you can earn up to $ 350 per month.

During the first seven days, promotion is held. Under the terms of the promotion, you get a 10% bonus to your total earnings. During this period, it is advisable to complete all available tasks. You also need to check the feed regularly for updates.

Each stage of the task is performed after clicking on the corresponding button in the menu. The program has a large number of affiliate orders. Their list is almost endless. Since regularly there are new programs that can be installed for money. You can also watch short videos, each earning 15 cents per account.

Under the affiliate program, 10 percent is paid from the income of each referral.

Browse the catalog of tasks and choose the most suitable for complexity and time. Then, complete the task. As soon as the work is verified, the money will be transferred to the balance. Active performers receive bonuses for daily visits to the site.

There is also a personal account. There are four tabs in your personal account. Earnings, daily bonus, friend’s invitation, withdrawal. By clicking on the first link, you will get access to the catalog of tasks.

All tasks can be performed directly in the application SavvyConnect. For example, take a survey. The reward value varies from 30 to 1,500 coins. A coin is an internal currency, the cost of 100 coins is 15 cents.

Panel App – Prizes & Rewards

Panel App – Prizes & Rewards is an application for receiving passive income. Here you can also perform various tasks to get higher payouts.

Application Panel App – Prizes & Rewards features:

  • Manual or automatic visit to resource pages. Parameters are configured. The time the site was displayed in the program, and the mode of automatic transitions by pages.
  • Tasks for users. Visiting certain pages of the site, clicks on links and clicks on the resource.
  • Mailing lists. Follow links from postal items.
  • Impressions of links and clicks on them. Options are configured. Highlighting the link, the number of clicks, and viewing time for users.
  • Banner advertising. Transitions of users to the site page by clicking on the banners. Adjusts the position and size of the banner in the surf program. The alternative text to the image and the number of broadcast days are indicated.

You will earn income by doing the following:

  • Automatic surfing sites.
  • View site pages in manual mode.
  • Reading mailing lists and clicking on the links placed in them.
  • Performing tasks of webmasters. Transitions to certain pages, stay on them for a specified time, registration.
  • Clicks and clicks on links.

In the process, you must perform each new action by clicking on the corresponding button. First, click Install. Then “Run.” The offer will start automatically. After launch, the application Panel App – Prizes & Rewards will notify you of successful completion.

If you invite referrals, you can count on 10 percent of the profit from each. The smallest withdrawal amount is 1 dollar. It is allowed to apply until the full amount is set.

Attract your friends to earn money on the site, receiving a reward of 20% of their income. You will find a link to attraction in your profile. Money is transferred to the main balance.


The PhonePaycheck application allows you to instantly make money on the Internet. To start working in this application you need to register. To do this, you can use email or an account on any social network.

The most convenient way to make money in this application is to visit sites. Visiting sites is the easiest way to make money on the Internet. All you have to do is click on the links and browse various sites for money. This is a remote work on the Internet, the essence of which is to perform various tasks, such as:

  • Surfing sites (visiting pre-agreed sites)
  • Reading letters
  • Passing tests
  • Registration on sites
  • The accomplishment of tasks in social networks
  • Posting comments in forums and websites
  • Writing articles to order
  • Writing reviews
  • Play games for money and more

You will find a list of sites in a special section. Each site needs about 1 minute, after which you can move on to the next.

The next way to make money is called Reading Letters. Before you go to the site to view it, you will need to read a short text about this site. Then answer the security question.

A small text about the site is a letter. These tasks are more expensive than surfing sites. But you also have to spend a little more time on the task. You can also take tests for money. This way of earning allows you to earn more than visiting sites or reading emails.

You will need to select a task and read its rules. Then follow the link from the assignment and do what the conditions say. Next, you will need to choose one of three answer options.

There are 3 main questions in the test. Each has three possible answers. If you choose the right answer, then you are charged a certain amount of money. It will be reflected in your account.

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit is a great passive earning app. Here you need to perform simple tasks. To complete tasks, go to the section “Earn” – “Performing tasks”. Next, see the section on the right. Here you can select tasks by parameters, by number, by the advertiser.

You can also put a filter at the highest price or by rating. Some tasks need a screenshot to be sent to the report. At first, completing tasks is difficult and time-consuming. If you choose profitable tasks, you will like to complete them. They bring more money. Sometimes you spend less time on them than browsing websites and passing tests.

The helpful category is “Registration only” in the tasks of the application Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit. To perform these tasks in the menu, select “By Category” – “Registration Only”.

As in other categories, first, read the terms of the assignment. If everything suits you, click on the Run task button. Please note that below write the time that you have been given to complete the task. Most often enough.

Then click on the green button “Start task execution”. Register on the site as indicated in the task and confirm the registration. Now you need to take a screenshot of the screen and send it as a report.

Go back to the assignment to send a progress report. To do this, paste the copied screenshot into the special field and click on the green button “Send Report”. This is a free application with no built-in ads. It will help you get extra income in a short period of time.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great way to earn passively. You are required to complete simple tasks. Like, watch 10 seconds of video or join a group.

Such tasks are available as opening an email, following a link or clicking on a banner. There are more difficult tasks. For example, take a survey or take a test. You can also go to the landing page to enter numbers in a special field.

To work, you will need to download the program and complete the task. You can earn in passive mode by going to the “Autosurfing” tab. The program will perform actions on your behalf until you work in this program.

The simplest tasks in this program: install and open the application, answer questions. The most difficult is to reach a certain level of character development. For such work, you can get up to $ 10.

By visiting the site every day, you get extra income in the form of 5 bonus coins. You can withdraw them upon reaching the smallest amount. To transfer a fee to an electronic account, you need to exchange coins for real money. The smallest amount is 100 units, except for the PayPal wallet, for it at least 5,000.

On average, you get from 1.5 to 12 dollars per 1000 actions. In some cases, you can earn up to 20 cents per job. Funds are withdrawn to electronic wallets and bank cards. The smallest withdrawal amount is 10 cents.

Also in the application Survey Junkie, there is a convenient and simple referral program. Attract new users and earn 10% of their income. Or create your own affiliate program on your terms, using the resources of the service.

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mCent Browser – Recharge Browser

mCent Browser – Recharge Browser is an application for completing tasks on the Internet for a fee. After installation, this program will automatically browse sites. Some sites have videos that start automatically.

First, you need to register using e-mail. Tasks come to you and are performed automatically. Get money for completed tasks and withdraw them to your electronic wallet. You don’t have to do anything. By installing the application, you help in the promotion of sites and blogs.

Earnings depend on the activity of other users. Rewards for auto-complete 100 tasks – 0.04 dollars. In a month, earnings can reach 30-45 dollars.

The more participants are in the system, the lower the cost of doing the work. On days when the activity of participants is reduced, the cost of reward increases. In the system, these fluctuations are called the “payout rate.”

Before starting work, carefully read the conditions. You must ensure the high-speed loading of web pages. If you fail to do this, you will be fined. Your account may also be blocked without payment of funds.

Register in the service with an email address. After registration, a window will open in front of you. In its upper left part, the timer is displayed in green, counting down the time until the next opening of the site. Next to the inscription indicating the number of completed tasks.

In the upper-right part of the screen is information about the status of the account. There is also a button for withdrawing money. The program automatically opens different pages on the Internet. For this, you are credited with the cash. You can open these pages in a browser to learn more about them. No action is required from you.

Also in the program mCent Browser – Recharge Browser, there is a referral system of earnings. Earn 10% of your referral income using promotional materials.


InboxDollars is an application where you can earn using your smartphone or tablet. Install applications, play games, complete easy tasks, and get money.

In this program, you will receive coins that can be exchanged for real money and withdraw in various ways. To get started, you need to register in the application. After registration, you will be in your personal account. Here you can see the list of available tasks.

Actions that can be performed in the application InboxDollars:

  • watching videos
  • installation of games and applications
  • leveling in the game
  • passing surveys
  • other actions in games and applications

Near each task, you will see a reward. It is calculated in coins. 100 coins are 15 cents. To complete a task, you need to click on it. You will find yourself on the application or game installation page. Here you need to perform the required actions.

The application InboxDollars has tasks for passing games for 100, 750 and 1125 coins. The runtime sometimes reaches 360 minutes. There are tasks where you spend time on installation and 10-15 seconds to stay in the application.

Every day you can get 5 bonus coins. To do this, just click on the “Get Bonus” menu. The bonus will be credited to your account. As a result, in a month you can collect 150 coins by going to your account and clicking on the button.

The rate of receipt of money after the task is from 1 minute. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes or more. If money has not been credited to the balance, you can contact the technical support.

Application InboxDollars benefits:

  • the ability to earn anywhere in your free time
  • high payouts in apps and games
  • the price for the task can reach $ 10
  • constantly adding new tasks
  • daily bonus for visiting your account
  • convenient payment options
  • crediting money to the account within 2 hours after ordering payment
  • smallest withdrawal amount – 15 cents
  • bonuses for inviting friends – 20% of their income

The application is free for both Android and iOS platforms.


Earnhoney is a new modern service for earning without investments from a mobile phone or tablet. Here everyone can quickly register and start making money on simple tasks. For example, installing games and mobile applications, watching videos, and much more. For completing tasks you will receive real money.

First of all, you need to register in the application. On the main page, fill out the form (name, email, password) and complete the registration. After that, you can immediately enter your personal account and start earning.

The main advantages of the application Earnhoney:

  • High rewards for completing assignments – up to $ 10 each.
  • Service is constantly evolving. There are more new more profitable tasks.
  • Regular users are awarded bonuses. For daily visits to the application and completing tasks.
  • The smallest amount to withdraw money: 0.15 dollars.
  • You can withdraw earned money to any electronic wallet and bank cards.
  • The application has a profitable affiliate program. You can earn 20% of the earnings of invited referrals.

After registering in the application, you can start making money.

Install games and applications. From can be selected in the appropriate section in your account. You can also perform simple actions in these games. For example, install and do not exit the application for 30 seconds. You can also write a review of it and receive extra payments.

Watch the video for money. This can be done automatically. No action is required from you. You should always carefully read the assignment that you are about to complete. Do everything that is indicated in it to immediately receive payment for it. Payment is credited to your account within a few minutes after completing the task.

Long Game Savings

Long Game Savings is a great application for earning passive income. Here you can perform various tasks or start automatic site visits. For all this, you will receive cash rewards.

As soon as the application starts, you will immediately see a menu on the screen of your phone. The location of the partitions is not accidental. They are sorted in descending order of importance. Above the sections, the balance is indicated. It is automatically updated after the next task.

Go to “New Orders.” Here you can see the list of applications on the installation of which you can successfully earn. Some programs are mentioned several times in a row. Most of the applications are related to casinos and lotteries. Although there are also ordinary utilities for working on the device.

To complete the order, select any of the lists. Then read all the instructions that you must follow. Click “Download Application.” You will immediately find yourself on the page of the program that you need to download.

Then go to the “Active Orders” section. If there is a green checkmark opposite the words “Install the application” – everything is fine. Click on your order, the Long Game Savings application will automatically open the downloaded program.

Next, you need to follow the steps that were indicated in the instructions. After the successful completion of the task, payment will be credited to your account.

For an extra payment, you can use the downloaded program for several days. You can withdraw earned funds to an electronic wallet or bank card. Money is transferred within 5 minutes. After the transfer, you will receive a notification.

Set automatic video playback. For each video you watch, you get 15 cents. You can also use the affiliate program. Bring friends to the system using the promotional code. You will receive a bonus of 10% of referral earnings.

MyPoints Mobile

Mobile earnings with the MyPoints Mobile app are suitable for everyone. This project offers an easy part-time job on simple tasks.

Payouts can be received in many different ways. You can get paid even for watching various videos.

Available for the job:

  • watching videos
  • installation of mobile applications
  • passing surveys
  • passing levels in mobile games
  • other actions in applications
  • registration on different projects

Earnings through an affiliate program are also offered. Attract new members and get 20% of their income.

Application MyPoints Mobile benefits:

  • you can work from mobile devices anywhere
  • high rewards
  • the largest payment for one task is 5 dollars
  • there are always available tasks, new tasks are added every day
  • daily bonus available
  • many ways to withdraw money come in two hours
  • the smallest amount to withdraw only 15 cents
  • profitable affiliate program

No matter how modern your smartphone or tablet is, you can use it to work. The interface of this program is very simple. There are only 3 buttons here. You will immediately receive a daily bonus of 10 coins. Then you can view the available tasks.

In the application MyPoints Mobile, you can earn money by watching a video. The videos open, after watching them you need to close, they pay 1 coin for this. There is a limit on the daily number of views. 85 at the first video partner.

Besides, you can perform tasks from partners. Most often, the application MyPoints Mobile offers paid downloads and passing levels in games. There are many ways to withdraw funds. The smallest withdrawal amount is 15 cents.


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Nielsen Mobile App

The Nielsen Mobile App app is your new way of passive earning. Here you can perform various tasks for which you will receive rewards.

In this application, there is a referral program. For your friend to enter your invitation code or register by reference, he will receive 15 cents. You will receive 10% of his permanent income.

Complete partner assignments. Partner assignments appear every hour. Guaranteed tasks are updated exactly at midnight. They are designed for a small audience – from 100 to 500 people.

If you do not have time to take your favorite assignment, then try to come back in an hour. It may appear again. Before starting work, delete old unnecessary applications. So that the device has enough memory to install new ones.

Increase your rating. Complete tasks honestly and in a timely manner. The rating contributes to an increase in the number of orders.

You can earn money by completing the following tasks:

  • Search Engine Queries
  • Sign in
  • View web resource pages
  • Clicks and clicks on links
  • Filling out forms

For each completed assignment points are awarded. Users with a high rating (more than 2000 points) can earn on moderation. For example, checking the correctness of the assignment by other performers.

To get started, go through the registration procedure. In your personal profile, fill out the data of accounts on social networks. To do this, open the “Cabinet” tab – “Social Networking Profiles”. On the main page, you need to choose the type of task: behavioral, social, moderation. According to the instructions, proceed to the task.

After checking the assignment, payment will be credited to your balance. The amount depends on the complexity of the assignment. The average earnings can be 8-30 dollars a day. The smallest withdrawal amount is $ 5.

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