5 Best PCH Apps for Android & iOS

Applications, where users can earn money or something useful for themselves, are always popular. The reason is that you can use them anywhere – the main thing is that you have a smartphone and have a network connection.

Among these applications, there are many varieties, some of which we have already told you about 9 Best Apps to Win Cool Free Stuff (Android & iOS). It can be downloading applications for a certain reward, watching videos and ads, tests, surveys, and much more. PCH applications are a bit different.

These apps invite you to participate in various contests and sweepstakes, bid on auctions, and much more. This way, you can always win something – not only money but also valuable prizes.

Doing such a thing every day, you will be able to notice that from time to time you really become a winner and earn or buy something profitable. We decided to collect for you 5 Best PCH Apps for Android & iOS so that you have additional opportunities to earn or work.

the PCH App

the PCH AppDo you strive for victories? Then try The PCH App, where you can constantly win and rejoice with the other winners. Here you will take part in various competitions on a daily basis, so your earnings and prizes will only grow.

There is no doubt – The PCH App allows literally every person to earn on simple actions and does not have the professional knowledge for this. Moreover, there are super prizes for which you can apply.

In the application you will feel like a lottery player, constantly opening new rewards with the help of special chests. They are given to you daily, but not always in the same amount.

The PCH App also gives users the opportunity to go to their website directly from the application and start playing there, receiving the reserved cash prizes and awards. The main thing is not to get carried away too much, otherwise, your excitement may deprive you of a really big reward or benefit.

the PCH App1 the PCH App2

googleplay appstore1

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Lucky Night – Free Lottery Games, Real Rewards

Lucky Night - Free Lottery Games, Real RewardsYou can try your luck in the Lucky Night application. Users here receive prizes and gifts, while not paying for them from their wallets. Here it is not necessary to leave deposits, buy cards or special currency, because everything in the application is based only on luck.

Nobody guarantees you a 100% big win – you can get small prizes every day, and at an unexpected moment to get a big money prize.

Lucky Night offers users to open free scratchers, each of which has an instant award. It’s like in the lottery – you can get anything you want. The actions in the application rely on special tokens, which can also be exchanged for prizes.

These are mainly gift cards of major brands, such as Amazon or Walmart. It will be very pleasant to pay with such a card in the store, without spending money on everyday and trivial purchases. Every week and every month there are larger draws, in which everyone can participate.

Lucky Night - Free Lottery Games, Real Rewards1 Lucky Night - Free Lottery Games, Real Rewards2


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Tophatter: Fun Deals, Shopping Offers & Savings

Tophatter Fun Deals, Shopping Offers & SavingsOf course, you can receive gifts for free and be happy about it – but not always you will be able to get exactly what you wanted. Sometimes the goods you need simply do not appear in such services and you have to buy them in a store or order them online.

The Tophatter application is a service that will help you to find everything you need at a good price or at a great discount. Here you can already find advantageous offers, various discounts, and auctions with low prices.

Tophatter gives users the opportunity to receive goods at fixed discounts and save on those purchases that you intend to make. For example, here you can buy gadgets or cameras at prices far below market and store prices.

Also, Tophatter has time-limited offers and auctions where you can bid. Some offers may even give you unique items that will simply go as a bonus to your main purchase.

Tophatter Fun Deals, Shopping Offers & Savings1 Tophatter Fun Deals, Shopping Offers & Savings2

googleplay appstore1

PocketFlip – Free Gift Cards

PocketFlip - Free Gift CardsFree awards and offers are loved by almost all people. Often you may not even know that you will have at your disposal a variety of awards and gift cards – just install one application and visit it periodically.

PocketFlip is one of those services, which give users the opportunity to earn with simple actions. Among the possible prizes, you will be offered various cards Amazon, Xbox, Steam, and other services and stores.

Privileges and discounts in large retail chains will be an opportunity for you to save money. You will earn coins through surveys from major brands, shopping in classic supermarkets, and other simple actions.

In return, PocketFlip will offer you gift cards with which you can pay for various purchases for yourself. Thousands of people already do this and can save without much effort. Get what the big brands are ready to offer.

PocketFlip - Free Gift Cards1 PocketFlip - Free Gift Cards2

googleplay appstore1

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Lotto Scratch – Las Vegas

Lotto Scratch - Las VegasFrom the name of the application you could already understand that everything in it will be associated with lotteries and good luck. Here you will get thousands of free scratch cards and lottery tickets, which you can open without stopping – just use the application.

Lotto Scratch is a set of free lotteries, which give you a real chance to get any gift. In the application you can find mahjong, blackjack, lottery tickets, and much more – after all, developers regularly add something new.

It should be noted that Lotto Scratch does not imply any real money prizes for users. You will only be able to receive virtual prizes or discounts, which you can then apply when shopping or exchange for something profitable for yourself.

Also after a while, Lotto Scratch reduces the size of the award for users, so you may think that the application stops working. But the main idea of Lotto Scratch still remains – you have fun with the fact that you get something nice and profitable.

Lotto Scratch - Las Vegas1 Lotto Scratch - Las Vegas2


Of course, it is worth noting that these applications can’t work in all countries. Despite the real possibility to earn money, some of the services may be limited in some countries for different reasons. If you still want to use them, you may need a VPN.

Provided that you do everything correctly and wisely, you can earn extra money, coupons, or get great discounts on purchases. We hope that our article was useful for you and you could learn a bit more about PCH applications and earning opportunities.

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