7 Best Pest Control Apps in 2023 for Android & iOS

Running your own pest control business is a fairly complex task that requires extra tools. It is important to have a lot of information for this, which is difficult to remember on your own. You will need both information services and programs to manage all the processes.

We have reviewed the best services which should be installed on your phone. Get started exploring these best pest control apps in 2023 for Android & iOS and choose the best options for you.

For all pest control business owners we also recommend using these free team management apps for Android & iOS.

PestPac Mobile

PestPac Mobile is an original app that helps you increase your company’s productivity.

It improves service quality and reduces time spent on unnecessary processes. To top it all off, there are many features. Process information updates, record information, and other features are available.

Select order service locations and attach files to the information you already have. There is also credit card security if your customers often use this method of payment.

You can create and save reports on services, orders, invoices, and other important documents. They can be emailed directly from the app.

A feature that everyone should try is devices with the IPM module. Through this module, it is possible to mark all pests in a certain area. Thanks to a special form block, it is available to fill in all important information.


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Pest Portal

The Pest Portal is an app that helps in the control of various insects. You can learn a lot and use Bayer’s ideas in the information box.

Check information about chemical solutions and their compounds and learn prevention tips. You will find out how to determine if an insect is causing damage and how to start fighting it.

You will be able to show the results to your clients. This service will also allow you to find products, view resources, and watch the weather in different areas.

The app is original in its sphere. Besides, you will not have to learn long, because the management is understandable enough. A lot of people already use this system and everyone is delighted.


ServSuite Mobile

ServSuite Mobile is a customer service program. It allows you to prepare for various meetings and view important information.

In this app, you are to fill out customer support information and track signatures.

You’ll also use the mail to notify people about what you’ve done, send copies of invoices, and more. It eliminates the need to print what you fill out.

In addition to all of the above, there is a feature to synchronize the clients you work with.

Updating the necessary information takes place without any restrictions. To get all the information you need, you can contact app support.


NPMA Field Guide PRO

NPMA Field PRO is an app for experts in the control of dangerous insects.

This program will be a great helper for controlling pests and their removal. With this program, you will learn how to control nuisance pests and how to treat the premises properly so that they are eliminated quickly.

You will have a strategy by which you can get rid of any annoyance. With the built-in search in the app, you are to get information about insects quickly.

The program is updated frequently, this helps you learn more information every day. Users estimate the app as a great solution for everyone. The interface is clear thus you don’t need anyone to help you figure it out.


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Pest Control Technology

Pest Control Technology is a professional insect control app. It is a publication that provides a monthly service industry that deals with pest control.

The program offers up-to-date news and market analysis to read. You can learn a lot from this app.

PCT’s award-winning editorial content supplements a wide range of features. It shows videos, animations, links to the web pages, developmental activities, and more. All of this helps you always be ready for any situation.

Many people are really contented with this app cause it greatly helps get rid of pests. To all of the above, you can not just read the industry, but try it out for yourself.


ServiceMax Go

ServiceMax Go is an app that provides everything you need to plan your pest control work.

A program will lead to quality work and communication with customers and partners. The developers have worked well on the comfort and colorfulness of the app.

The interface has user-friendly navigation, which provides the ability to carry out security checks. Moreover, it works autonomously. Whether online or offline, you are to see your service history, location, contacts, and other information.

The app has great settings that provide high performance. It includes a calendar where you can see your scheduled tasks for the next few days.

Furthermore, there’s price list support for checking prices and materials. In the app, you can create documents. Instant access to them and the other materials makes the program multifunctional. All necessary files, as well as photos and videos, can be sent by mail directly from the app.

What’s more, it searches for the nearest orders to your location that you can serve. All notifications come to your device in the app immediately. A lot of people use the program and stay totally enthralled with it. An awesome interface and high-quality graphics all apply to ServiceMax Go.


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Insect identifier

Insect identifier is an app that will tell you in detail about the biology of insects, their species, and more.

It is based on machine learning techniques, allowing you to get the most detailed and best possible answer to any question you may have.

The program has many crucial tools. You can quickly learn about any pest by pointing your camera at an object.

The app helps you learn in-depth information about any of the species. With all that said, there are videos attached, you will learn more about the object you are interested in. You can also view the insect as a 3D model.

Look at the object from different angles, as you can change sides and size. Most users are excited about this service because it attracts with a perfect interface and the ability to learn a lot.

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