9 Best phone finder apps for Android devices

Everyone can face smartphone theft. This unpleasant situation can deprive you of your phone, as well as pretty tattered nerves. In addition, you will have to buy a new device, which will affect your budget. To prevent this from happening, you can protect yourself from this situation in advance.

Of course, some models of smartphones – for example, Samsung and Xiaomi, have their own built-in gadget search services. But they are definitely inferior in functionality to specialized applications.

Built-in services can not photograph you a malefactor who stole your phone, will not send you an SMS with geolocation. The intruder can also disable such applications by simply logging out of your account.

We’ve compiled the best apps for you to help you find your Android device even after it’s been stolen. It’s time to start worrying about your security!

Google Find My Device

google findOne of the main companies in the smartphone market – Google – could not ignore the problem of device theft. In addition to your cell phone, you can find out where your other devices are – for example, a smart watch or even a tablet. You can block your device remotely.

If your phone is turned off, Find My Device will record its last location. To find out how to get to the last place your phone was located, touch the last place it was found.

To protect your privacy, you can remotely delete all data from your device and lock it. Find My Device will turn on the maximum volume on your phone – even if it is in silent mode.

google find1 google find2


Find My Phone

find my phoneFor those people who are looking for an application suitable for both iPhone and Android, Find My Phone service is perfect. The application is compatible with two operating systems and allows people to keep track of each other even if they have different models of smartphones. The most important thing is that Find My Phone is free and modern, as well as constantly updated by developers.

You won’t have to worry about a lost or stolen device – the Find My Phone will help you to locate it in a short time. You can even find your spouse’s or child’s devices, as well as your own connected tablets.

Any time you move your Find My Phone, you’ll be notified immediately, and all movements will be displayed in real-time. As you can see, you need to install the Find My Phone on all your devices in order to use it, so you won’t be confused in an emergency.

find my phone1


Whistle Phone Finder PRO


We all faced a situation where we simply couldn’t find a phone in our own room, backpack or bag! It would seem that there is full confidence that the smartphone has not been stolen or lost – but still can not be found. Then the Whistle Phone Finder PRO is perfect for you. The funny thing is how the app works.

All you have to do to find your smartphone is just… Whistle! Indeed, the Whistle Phone Finder PRO reads all the sounds that look like whistles and starts to vibrate. That is, as soon as you whistle in the room, your smartphone will start to vibrate, flash or make loud noises.

To ensure that Whistle Phone Finder PRO does not waste your battery, adjust the sensitivity of the application. For example, it will only work when the screen is off and at a certain whistling volume. Of course, you will need to whistle loud and clear so that the app can recognize sounds.

whistle2 whistle1


Phone Finder for Alexa

phone finder for alexa

The Smart Home system is becoming increasingly popular among people. One of the most popular models of home voice assistants is Alexa of Amazon company. You should initially have access to the “Phone Finder” function – just install it on your Alexa device.

The Alexa App can even be used for searching. After your voice command, Alexa opens up the Phone Finder and tells you your personal pin code to use it. You can also connect not only your phone but also smartwatches, tablets, and other smartphones.

Each device will have its own number and you will need to tell Alexa that number to find it. Similarly, the phones are disconnected from the search system – you will need to re-enter the pin code and the device will no longer be available for searching.

The search itself is simple enough and standard: your smartphone starts to vibrate, ringing at the highest possible volume. This way you can find your equipment in the room right away.

phone finder for alexa1 phone finder for alexa2  phone finder for alexa3


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Wheres My Droid

wheres my droid

Even if you’ve lost your phone somewhere indoors and no one has stolen it, Wheres My Droid can help you find it in seconds. Just left your smartphone somewhere among the things you can’t find it?

The app will help you in such a situation. In the event that your smartphone has indeed been stolen, Wheres My Droid will provide invaluable help in finding it and you will feel safe.

In a situation where your smartphone is somewhere near you and you just can’t find it, the app will increase the volume of the call and call your smartphone – so you can just hear its melody.

If you are away from your phone, Wheres My Droid will send you GPS coordinates with a link to a Google map. The app will track your device’s movements online.

Worried about your personal information? An intruder cannot access it if you erase it remotely. If you don’t want to lose your data, you might just want to block all the information on your lost phone. Keep track of your smartphone’s location history and quickly identify the attacker with Wheres My Droid.

wheres my droid2 wheres my droid1


Lost Android

lost androidIf you are used to a beautiful and pleasant interface, professionally selected colors and similar things – then you will not like Lost Android. But the advantage of the application is completely different – it weighs less than 200 kilobytes and works even on old devices. At the same time, it is a multifunctional application, which also works for free on any device.

Lost Android has many features – which is even surprising for such a simple interface. You can remotely monitor all the activities that are carried out with the help of your smartphone.

Sent and received SMS, data operations, shooting with the camera and even recording of the voice recorder! Lost Android for full access to your smartphone data uses the Administrator mode.

That’s why you can connect to the network and send SMS even when being disconnected from the Internet. So if it’s important for you to download lightweight apps and you don’t need a sophisticated design, Lost Android will be a great choice.

lost android1


Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security

prey anti theftPrey is a whole set of utilities in order to protect all your devices. You can install the program not only on your smartphone but also on a laptop or computer with any operating system. As usual, the service has both a paid and free version.

In the free version you will be able to monitor no more than 3 devices (though why do you need more?). If you decide to buy advanced functionality, you will be able to keep track of as many as 500 devices, the status of which can be constantly updated.

For more accurate information, you can also set a notification, which will be sent every time your smartphone leaves a certain zone. You can also view the history of your locations.

If your smartphone does end up in the hands of an intruder, activate a special alarm that cannot be deactivated. Also, lock your smartphone screen remotely – without access to the screen, the offender will not be able to do anything. When you buy the Pro version, you will have even more security features, but in our opinion, there are already enough of them.

prey anti theft1 prey anti theft2


CrookCatcher – Anti Theft


The theft of a phone is a serious loss to anyone. We think that such a situation can disrupt any person. To get your device back, install it on your CrookCatcher smartphone – and then you’ll have a real chance to get your smartphone back!

In any situation, you’ll find out who the intruder who tried to use your smartphone is. CrookCatcher is launched only when the password has been entered incorrectly. Therefore, the application does not consume your battery.

When you launch CrookCatcher, it secretly turns on the camera and takes a picture of the crook, then sends the photo and GPS data of the device’s location to your e-mail.

CrookCatcher doesn’t make any sounds, so no one will even suspect your protection. You can choose the number of password attempts you want to make before the camera is turned on – in case you enter the wrong password by mistake.

Thanks to the CrookCatcher ads, it is absolutely free for you, but if you want more features and no ads, you can buy a premium package.

crookcatcher1 crookcatcher2


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T-Mobile FamilyWhere


Not always we want to find our phone. Worried about your loved ones? Then the T-Mobile FamilyWhere app will help you. It will help you to make sure that all your family members are safe. Place your loved ones’ smartphones on an interactive map and check if they are really where they should be!

Of course, in order for the T-Mobile FamilyWhere to function, you will need to install it on all the smartphones you want to track. You can create no more than 10 communication lines and track only those devices that are currently connected to the network. The app itself gives you free use for 30 days, and if you like it, you can purchase a subscription.

It is possible not only to view the location of the connected devices but also to share your location by SMS – for example, if someone who is close to you is not online at the moment.

Also, T-Mobile FamilyWhere keeps the history of movements for 7 days. For those people who do not have an Android system, there is an online tracking in the browser.

t-mobile2 t-mobile1


The most important thing is that you choose the service that will protect your smartphone from theft. All the applications presented in this article are functional and reliable so that an intruder with a minimum probability will be able to neutralize them. Of course, some of them are paid, but you should agree that it is much cheaper to pay for an application than to buy a new smartphone.

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