Player FM App Review

Podcasts are a new classic. It is a phenomenon that discovered a new world of possibilities for humanity – you can get information anytime and anywhere – just by listening to podcasts.

It is incredibly comfortable and stress-free. Though, there is still a shortage of good podcast apps on the market. Therefore, we prepared the review of one cool podcasts app in order to make your choice a little bit easier.

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When you’re looking for a nice app in this category, look no further than Player FM – it includes everything you might need. The main virtue of Player FM that you can notice immediately is it allows you to listen to the podcasts both online and offline.


When you first install the app, you are free to choose whether you want to create your personal account or use your private Google account – or carry on without an account at all. This range of choice is actually pretty cool since the most popular apps for podcasts (like Audible or Amazon) simply won’t let you access the base without an account.

Before you will start using Player FM the app will suggest you choose the categories that you’re interested in – there will be more than 20 of them to select from. What is more, each category has a sub-category that reveals itself as soon as you choose the previous one.

Then the app will suggest you subscribe to several channels based on your preferences immediately. You can always skip this step if you don’t feel like it.

The app has a seven day trial period – if you like the app, later on, you will need t to subscribe to the premium account and pay the yearly fee for subscription.


Though this subscription will bring you lots of priveledges – the possibility to synchronize your library in Player FM with your PC, or several other gadgets, customize the app by choosing the color of the theme, the access to the advanced search, so there are more ways to find the podcast that you’re looking for, add the detailed settings of the sound and many more – you will be able to explore it yourself in your free trial version.

At the homepage of Player FM, you will see the channels which are trending at the moment or the ones that match your preferences. You can explore each of those, by tapping on them. As soon as the section of a channel is opened you are able to see immediately the full list of podcasts that it includes and listen – an extremely convenient thing.

The podcast will be opened in a player of the app that can be easily put running in the background. At the upper right corner, you can see the settings, where you can adjust the sound to your specific needs.


This feature is more than useful because the frequent problem that you may face with all those podcast apps is they don’t have any sound configuration and the quality of the sound simply tortures you.

If you look at the space above the channels, you will see that there is a list of categories that you can scroll through and explore channels relevant to various topics. In general, the Player FM app resembles YouTube in some ways.

What is more, in another section (you can find the list in the lower part of the screen) you can explore the latest podcasts released. In order to save the podcast to your device, you need to go to the setting in the player.

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Summarizing all the points, Player FM is a qualitative app for podcasts that does bring lots of benefits for its price. You will literally find every podcast in here, no matter where you live and what you’re searching for. The app is also incredibly easy to use – mainly because of the short guides that it delivers each time before you enter a new section.



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