15 Best Podcast Apps for Android & iOS

Nowadays it`s become easier to find a good podcast and listen to experts talking about different topics. There is a huge number of mobile applications that offer hundreds of podcasts on different topics: education, politics, news or comedy shows. 

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All podcast apps offer advanced playing tools like playback, sleep timer, volume boost, etc. Below there is a list of 15 best podcast apps for Android and iOS. Choose one for your liking.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcast is a new podcast application released by Google in 2018. The user can search for any podcast directly from a Google Search App and add it to your list of podcasts.

The app will help you keep track of episodes you were listening to. Thus, you can always continue listening to your favorite podcasts from the moment you had made a pause.

Google Podcasts syncs across all your devices so you can make a pause on one device and continue listening on another. It also a must-have application for those who have Google Home Speaker.

You are able to listen to podcasts using the internet or download them to playback later. The design of the app is classic and particularly reminds the Google Search app.


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One of the biggest podcasts apps that is owned by Amazon. You can find pretty much anything in Audible – audiobooks, stories, single podcasts, shows, interviews and more. The app has the access to the most exclusive content and the freshest releases appear first specifically on Audible.

Meanwhile, Audible is not the cheapest podcast app on this list – for the monthly subscription you will have to pay around $10.

Whether it is worth it or not is up to you to decide because the first trial month of usage is free. However, the advantage of Audible is that it includes not only podcasts, but also audiobooks, and it is often that those books are read by the authors themselves.





RadioPublic is a podcast application available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a huge selection of podcasts with constantly featured new episodes. There are many different features in the app that you will find very handy. You can listen to podcasts at any moment whether online or download them to listen later.

There is an additional tool in the app that helps a user find a specific episode in a whole podcast through a search engine. Just type a keyword related to that episode.

The developers added the speed fastening tool to accelerate podcast playing speed in case if the sound is too slow. Another significant feature is a HearMark that you can add to the episode at the moment you stopped listening to get back to it later.



Castbox is a podcasting platform for Android and iOS devices for free with an available premium package subscription. It was announced as A Google Play Best and Android Excellence App in 2017. It is equipped with a powerful search engine with the ability to use keywords or phrases to search for an interesting podcast.

The app has millions of audio podcasts sorted in 16 categories. You can choose different podcasts, subscribe it, download episodes an listen to them at any time. There are many famous podcasts channels like TED, PRX, CBC, BBC, etc. The number of episodes is constantly increasing and you can follow freshly featured episodes.

The Castbox app has all the necessary features. It offers nice design, user-friendly interface, speed and volume tools, playlist creating, and customization.

You have to create a profile to be able to join a community of app users, where you can share your podcasts and write reviews about them. The app integrates well with speakers like Amazon Echo and supports over 70 different languages.



Podbean is yet another great multifunctional podcast application with high rate and thousands of downloads. It has all the necessary features and more than 300 thousands of different categorized podcasts. Be on time with the latest news, learn new things in the education section or have fun with comedies and chats.

What can you do except listening:

  • Search the episode or whole podcast with its name or name of the author.
  • Follow different podcasts to monitor new releases and have
  • Download episodes of your favorite podcasts to listen to it later
  • Customizes playing: sleep timer, volume boost, Intelligent sleep.

Settings section has lots of different functions like automatic downloading, automatic playing next episodes, screen rotation, etc.

The design of the app is simply perfect and the interface is user-friendly. You won’t get lost in the app and will be familiar in a few seconds. Luckily it had been developed for both Android and iOS.



The Castro app is unique with its list of podcasts that you can create by your own and play in a special queue. Simply drag and drop podcasts in the order you want to listen to them. New podcasts will be shown you regularly with complete description.

The app has respectively nice design in day and night modes.  A free version of this app is a feature limited. The developers suggest Castro Plus with 12.99 $ per year which one week trial you will have after downloading the free version.

Castro Plus main significant features:

  • Silence control: the app will detect gaps in the audio and accelerate playing those parts to skip them.
  • Volume boost. In loud environments you will not suffer from low voice playing as the app will increase the sound automatically.
  • File import. Add files in iCloud Drive directly from the app.

Definitely Castro Plus is a more advanced version of the app but it’s optional and a free version can be just fine.


Podcast Republic (Android)

Podcast Republic has a collection of more than 600 thousand podcasts and shows. that of course not the last number and updates are constantly happening. The app syncs well with Youtube channels, Sound Cloud Channels, RSS blogs, Radio, etc. The interface is very convenient and user-friendly. You will always have easy access to downloaded files as well as you can see the list of deleted podcasts.

With this app:

  • You can create different playlists or subscribe to different channels.
  • Discover different topics: art, education, news, science. Check what is more popular among other listeners.
  • Playback at any time and speed up/ down a podcast playing.
  • Customize the sound in an equalizer.
  • Customize skipping the sound gaps or beginning/ending of the podcast.
  • Shake the phone to manage to play without opening your phone.

Unfortunately, the app is available only for Android devices.

Podcast RepublicPodcast Republic

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict app can be considered as one of the most comprehensive podcast apps for Android devices. It featured all the necessary tools that make the app easy and pleasurable to use. As well as all standard podcast application Podcast Addict will let you stream or download shows to listen later, improving the playing characteristic of podcasts.

Podcasts addict has an advanced search engine that let you find a specific episode or a whole podcast. You also can set the app to download new episodes as well as to delete some episodes automatically to save space on your device.

The app support playlists creating, playing features like shuffle mode, sleep timer. Subscription for particular podcasts includes new episodes automatic downloading at a particular time. Listen to the stories, news, shows, and lectures free and become a literal podcast addict.

podcast addictpodcast addict


Stitcher is quite popular well-organized podcast app with a great collection of different podcasts, shows, and radio channels. There are about 200 thousand podcasts that are sorted in different categories. Each keen listener can find a topic for himself: real crimes, comedy shows, science or art discussions.

To start using the app you need to sign in with an e-mail or via Google, Facebook accounts. You can search for podcasts and listen to them at a moment or download it and play whenever you are free.

Stitcher can sync with your car. It integrates with many different models such as Mazda or Ford. This way you can safely commute listening to your favorite podcasts or radio.

Of course, you can playback and speed up playing. The free version is filled with advertisements. Premium version can let you enjoy the app without ads and will offer special Premium podcasts.


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With the Beyond Pad podcast app, you can browse hundreds of podcasts for free. You can find small local radios or big ones with famous names like BBC News, CNN, BBC. The free version has a limited number of podcasts. To unlock all you have to subscribe for a premium version. “Lite” version will all functions will be available for you for 7 days trial.

Main features:

  • Podcasts sorted by categories and publishers. There is a section for international podcasts and recommendations according to your previous preferences.
  • All the necessary tools are built-in: volume boost, playback speed, sleep timer.
  • You can skip parts you are not interested in or replay parts you want to listen to again.
  • You can create different playlists according to your mood or circumstances you are in at the moment.
  • Set the automatic update for selected podcasts or for all lists.

Users of Android devices can enjoy using this podcast app.



Spotify has just recently become free for iOS and Android with advertisements. Besides podcasts, it has a huge collection of music. Spotify doesn’t work as most podcast apps but many people like it for a big variety of music, albums, podcasts, and videos.

Spotify has a stunning classic design and user-friendly interface. You can also choose a playlist suitable for your mood or create your own playlist and add tracks there.

In a free version, there is no download function. You can only have it after purchasing a premium version. You will have an ads-free app as well. The Premium version starts from 3.99$ a month.

Podcasts, as well as music, are categorized into categories such as Comedy, Sports, Storytelling, etc. Those who have nothing against listening to music, as well as podcasts, will find Spotify a good solution.



Overcast is a simple podcast application with all essential and significant functions for all kinds of iOS devices. Despite the excellent and modern design, the app has various handy tools like Voice Boost, Smart Speed, and Smart Playlists.

Voice Boost stabilizes the sound of audio lowering loud voices and raising quiet voices without audio distortion. Smart Speed speeds up the audio playing cutting sound gaps and silences. So you will receive a stable audio track without even noticing that such silence intervals existed.

Smart Playlists include playlist customization and list rearrangements where you can change a playing order of your podcasts. The app also will send push notifications to inform you about the next episode of your favorite podcasts. The free version of the app is filled with advertisements that can be removed with 9.99$ a year Premium version.


Pocket Casts

Pocketcasts is one of the most popular podcast applications available for both Android & iOS. Many people have been listening to this podcast app for many years not switching to any other apps. Pocketcasts had been granted many awards such as Google Play Top Developer and Editor`s Choice.

Main features:

  • Podcasts can be sorted by episode length.
  • Cut silence from episodes so you can save some time. You also can skip episodes intros.
  • There is an option to change play speed up to 3 times.
  • The app has an intuitive interface with well-organized lists of podcasts.
  • The app has a stunning colorful design and build-in different themes.

Definitely, you will enjoy using this handy application.

Pocket CastsPocket Casts


If you like having fun and you like watching the stand-up shows, you should check this podcast app out. Here you can find the funniest podcasts and enjoy your time. Moreover, there are not only comedy genre podcasts. Here you will also find best of the best podcasts of each genre – the developers of the app picked them up personally.

What is more, you can not only listen to podcasts here but also subscribe to different media persons, for example, comedians, journalists, actors, athletes, musicians, authors, politicians, and other people worth hearing. Be first to find out about their new releases.

Another special feature of Laughable is Laughable Artist Graph that shows how audiences overlap for top comedians and podcasters.



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Luminary is trying to become the next Netflix in the podcasts app world.  In includes a variety of podcasts, and exclusive podcast shows that you can find only here. One of the best features of Luminary is that it allows you to listen to the podcasts without any subscription plan, the only thing – you will be listening to podcasts with ads.

If you want to listen to them without ads you have to buy a subscription. It is anyway better than offers of other podcast apps since most of them allow usage with subscription only.

Moreover, the fee here is less than in other podcast apps. In general, this is a cool podcast app with a user-friendly interface and convenient navigation system and system of recommendations.



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