13 Best Procreate Alternative Apps for Android & iOS

Drawing is one of the most popular and fun ways to spend time. Now you don’t even have to look for an album and drawing accessories. Instead, you can use your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

There are dozens of apps that let you paint on your mobile device and hone your skills. The only problem is, which one of the hundreds of such apps to choose?

To help you answer this question, this review has collected the best procreate alternative apps.


Sketchbook logoSketchbook is a great choice for artists who need a professional and convenient drawing tool. The program has a solid set of features.

Ten preset brushes with fine-tuning of each of them. Scaling up to 2500%, three layers, and six blending modes, simulation of sensitivity to pressure.

The professional version supports more than 100 brushes, layers, blending options, and other functions.

This is a serious application, which was developed primarily for experienced artists.

Optimal for any user, no matter what experience they have. The application has a very simple and straightforward interface and a flexible choice of brushes is available for the user.

This makes it possible to select the optimal thickness for each individual drawing. Suitable for small sketches and complete paintings.

If necessary, the drawing process can be recorded on video and shared with friends in social networks or personal messages.

Sketchbook screen 1 Sketchbook screen 2

Saved photos and pictures on your smartphone can be imported into the application and used as a background or blank for another picture.

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Concepts logoConcepts is a great drawing application with a nice interface and clear controls.

It contains a large number of tools, including brushes, pencils and felt-tip pens with the finely tuned color palette.

You can draw on a blank sheet of paper or on top of any photo in the memory of your phone or tablet. Allows you to adjust the scale of the canvas with two fingers.

Ready-made projects can be reposted to various social networks or saved in the memory of a gadget.

If you select the instrument you are interested in and trample on it, a special window with transparency and thickness filters will open.

The app Concepts tries to bring real life to a drawing as precisely as possible. Brushes of different types and colors, erasers, and other tools allow you to draw in the same way as on paper.

You can import photos, view them in semi-transparent mode. This is very convenient if you want to create a picture based drawing. Draw lines around the outlines in the semi-transparent photo to make your work easier.

Concepts screen 2 Concepts screen 1

This app is free, extra features can be unlocked for a fee after installation.


ArtFlow logoArtFlow is one of the applications that allow you to create clear, voluminous drawings. One of the main features of the program is its large number of tools.

You can choose one of 70 brushes or other tools to create your art masterpiece. The program also supports layers with different blending modes.

You can save the result of your work in JPEG, PNG, or PSD formats (for further processing in Photoshop).

ArtFlow is a great choice for children and adults. The free version has some limitations.

Besides, ArtFlow is a handy program with decent functionality and high speed. The first time you run it, you will be greeted with a blank sheet of paper.

Then, click on the white dot in the upper right corner of the display to open all the options. The wealth of settings can impress even professional artists, but the interface is as simple as possible.

You can import photos from a gallery or gadget camera.

Color control is available, including shade curves, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more. A variable pressure stylus is supported.

ArtFlow screen 1 ArtFlow screen 2

The software provides a comfortable workflow thanks to the built-in palm ignore function. This prevents accidental zooming or dragging.

Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X logoIbis Paint X is another drawer with the ability to communicate with other people. The program has a large set of entertainment features.

140 different tools including pens, felt-tip pens, brushes, and much more. The whole process of creating a drawing can be saved in video format.

Upload your video to social networks and share it with friends. Ibis Paint lets you use as many layers as your smartphone or tablet memory can support.

The program also has features specifically for certain types of drawings, such as manga creation. You can try the features by downloading the free version.

Ibis Paint X will help you create drawings of any size, from the format of the canvas SD (720×1084) and HD (1440×2168), ending with a large volume of 4096×4096.

Includes many unique features. For example, finger blur, background separation, FX filters, sketch extraction, and much more.

An application has been developed for those who want to share their success with others. Almost 150 brushes are available, which differ from each other in drawing angles, transparency, thickness, and more.

Ibis Paint X screen 1 Ibis Paint X screen 2

Besides, you can use a variety of filters, cancel actions, change screen tones, and much more.

Draw Something Classic

Draw Something Classic logoDraw Something Classic cannot be called an application for drawing in its entirety.

This is more of a game, and very interesting.

The first player must draw something, and the second – to guess what is depicted on the screen.

Then they change places. For this, you do not need to be an experienced artist.

Draw Something Classic screen 1 Draw Something Classic screen 2

The app provides an opportunity not only to improve their artistic skills but also to communicate with other people and have fun. Download the game is free, but there is paid content.


Dotpict logoDotpict is designed only for pixel graphics. The working screen is displayed as a grid, each square of which can be filled with a specific color.

So you can create small landscapes, images of people, animals and so on. To draw small details – zoom in and then zoom out again to see the whole picture.

The application has a feature that automatically saves the results of your work.

Dotpict is a great application for those who love pixel graphics and want to create simple drawings without using complex tools.

You can also start and continue drawing anywhere on different devices. The results are stored in a cloud service and can be shared with other people.

Dotpict screen 1 Dotpict screen 2

There are also a decent number of brushes and other tools for drawing, comic book creation. Even more surprising is that this quality application can be obtained completely free of charge.

MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint logoMediBang Paint is one of the most versatile applications for professional work with digital brushes and paints.

The first time you launch, you will be met by a step-by-step wizard who will allow beginners to gradually learn the intricacies of control.

A Japanese application soaked in the aesthetics of anime and manga. It is for these genres that the program is best suited to.

In it, you will find special fonts, shapes, and frames that are used in comics.

Besides, MediBang Paint has all the usual tools such as brushes and lines, as well as a system of working by layers. You can apply styles to the latter, as well as in Photoshop.

The interface is made in the style of a complete computer graphics editor. It should be noted that there are built-in templates for creating comics.

MediBang Paint screen 2

There is plenty of options. For example, cropping, rotating, zooming in, inserting and cropping pictures, manual change of canvas size, background color, adjusting the transparency and saturation of the marker, and much more.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper logoBamboo Paper lets you first create drawings and then turn them into animations.

In other programs you need to draw something first, then import the image into another program, and already there to animate it.

This app has combined all of this.

Draw frame by frame, transforming them into small cartoons.

There are a playback speed control function and many simple tools.

Bamboo Paper screen 1 Bamboo Paper screen 2

Save your results in GIF animation, video, or as a sequence of frames.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter logoInfinite Painter is a quality and versatile application for artists. It allows you to record the drawing process.

It is able to export images in various formats PSD, PNG, JPEG, ZIP, WEBP. It is possible to take a picture through the camera and draw on top of it.

At the initial stage, you can choose the size of the canvas. Contains many preset brushes and filters.

For example, shine, fade, sepia, inversion, lens glare, heat, black and white, stretching, sharpness, erosion, fisheye, relief, and so on.

The application has a rich set of functions. Thanks to it, you can search for pictures on the Internet. The handy toolbar will help you quickly select the material you need to draw.

Infinite Painter screen 1 Infinite Painter screen 2

This application also allows you to frame photos, change the sensitivity of pressure on the screen, and duplicate any action. It has a built-in community of artists. You can choose the format you want to save the image.

Painter Mobile

Painter Mobile logoPainter Mobile is a graphics editor that allows you to draw from scratch or on top of any photo from the gallery of your device.

It supports adding up to 20 layers over the image texture. It is possible to mix different colors and get realistic color shades.

In the utility settings, you can set the hotkeys to the volume and phone lock buttons.

This application has stylus support and picture search function through Google services.

Painter Mobile screen 1 Painter Mobile screen 2

You can also resize and rotate the web, apply different filters and effects. Other useful features include adjusting the display sensitivity level. There are also ribbons with works by other artists.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw logoThe application is designed to work with vector graphic images.

Profitable differ as much as a possible clear and simple control. For the user five kinds of pencils are open.

At each of the color, size and transparency are adjusted.

In the application, you can add a photo layer and up to ten layers, with which you can perform a variety of actions.

For example, you can combine, duplicate, scale, rotate, and adjust transparency.

Adobe Illustrator Draw screen 1 Adobe Illustrator Draw screen 2

All processed applications can be exported to a notebook or PC for processing in third-party programs.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk logoThis app is used not only for drawing but also for drawing.

It offers users a wide range of tools. From ink and brushes to the possibility of drawing of shine on drawing.

In addition possibility of work with layers is given, probably to mix levels among themselves, to fill them, to add foreign images, and to mix various colors.

The presented tools display the effect of real paints, chalk, or pencils.

Animation Desk screen 1 Animation Desk screen 2

Using different settings allows you to improve the image quality.

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Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches logoThe application provides access to a variety of drawing tools and extra options to install different ideas.

Pencils, filling tools, realistic brushes, and much more are provided for use.

The application itself is free, but to open full mode and the largest access to the tools, you need to pay a fee.

This is a favorite drawing of all artists who create content using tablets.

It has everything you need for professional drawing. Layers, brush editor, color pipette, export individual layers, and backups.

Create 20 realistic tools with easy management and access. The interface adapts to the current mode and does not interfere with the drawing process.

Tayasui Sketches screen 2 Tayasui Sketches screen 1

The application is available free of charge, but with a basic set of tools. The rest is available to buy as needed.

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