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26 Best productivity apps for Android & iOS

The modern world requires us to be productive in our daily lives. No wonder apps for increasing productivity have become so popular!

There are so many tools today that make our work, study, or life itself easier and more fruitful. We have created a list that introduces you to the best of them. Check out these wonderful tools and facilitate your life by downloading the ones you like most.

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Apps for making to-do lists

One of the most effective ways to boost your productivity is starting making plans. When you write down what is it you need to do, you spend less time thinking about your responsibilities and more time actually doing them. These to-do lists apps will help you to relax because you’ll know that you’ll never forget a thing.


Any.do is a perfect app for planning. It is simple and gets its work done pretty well. With the help of Any.do, you can create lists of things you are planning to do. If you want to, you can use the four main categories to make your plans look more put-together. The app gently reminds you of your plans throughout the day, so that you won’t forget anything.

What is great about Any.do is the modern minimalistic look, which is so important for such kind of apps. The interface is pleasant to look at and highly intuitive. As for me, this is the most effective app when it comes to making plans.

any.do screenshot


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Todoist is the new trending app for making efficient to-do lists. The best feature of it is that it divides your calendar into a day, week, and month schedule so you can simply choose any of those sections to add a new task that you need to accomplish.

Moreover, you can mark different tasks with different colors so they don’t collide into an eternal boring list that you have no motivation to perform. And, of course, you can always mark the tasks which are essentially important. After that, the app will be singing to you reminders about various tasks of your day.

The secret of success of Todoist is probably the simplicity of it. Because when you want to just organize your schedule you don’t need too many extra features – you just want the app to work properly.




The best advantage of this app is its user-friendly interface. You will appreciate how easy and understandable things are organized here and how you can manage everything at a breeze. The app synchronizes with your calendar and allows you to add new tasks on schedule, then sending you reminders.

Apart from that, you can also create checklists. Moreover, for the collaboration, you can share checklists with anyone you want. Plus, the app is synchronized with Siri – so you can also add tasks using her. There is 4 level of priority of tasks – apply them to mark which ones are the most important and which are secondary.



Tasks is made for far-reaching plans. The app is based on the method which comes from a very popular book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. This is how it works: you divide all your plans into 4 categories – important urgent, important not urgent, not important urgent and not important not urgent, which helps you decide what is worth acting upon and what is not.

The app is very stylish and easy in use. So if you don’t like using paper for little tricks like this one, download Tasks and start using your time wisely!

tasks screenshot

Omni Notes

Taking notes is a very useful hobby in modern life. With Omni Notes, you can always keep in mind upcoming tasks and plans.

Just create a new entry and write about your feelings, emotions, and experiences if you want to start keeping a personal diary. Or write down all the tasks that need to be done today or tomorrow.

You can also add pictures to make a note more vivid.

In addition, the app has a convenient system for searching records It is possible to just write the title or words from the content of the record in the search bar to find a note.

When you make an entry, don’t forget to pick the appropriate tag. This way you can sort your notes in this app and find the ones you need.

It is also possible to set reminders about what you should do or meet someone. With Omni Notes, you won’t forget about your plans.

There are many useful features in the app such as the opportunity to share a record with someone, mark that the task has already been completed, and much more.


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Apps for creating habits

If you want to master anything, motivation can be not enough. The key to mastery is repetition. Only through repetition can one achieve real success in any field. So developing habits is very important in increasing productivity. Once again, you don’t think about doing one thing or another.

You don’t think about whether you want to do it or not. You just do it! It is that simple but requires a huge amount of willpower. Here are some apps to help you make the process of creating habits easier.

7 Weeks

7 Weeks is the time you need to develop a new habit. At least that is what most scientists say. And there is really no reason not to trust the scientists. So this app is quite perfect for developing habits. All you need to do is to mark the thing you have done (or haven’t done) for about 50 days.

7 weeks is probably even more effective than the previous app since you can really observe your progress and that red cross looks like something very desirable to have. There are many colors to choose from and the interface looks clear and user-friendly. So try this one to really embed useful habits to your life or to get rid of useless ones!

7 weeks screenshot


Fabulous is more about a lifestyle than of productivity. The app is designed for creating and following so-called rituals. It is quite amazing how a ritual can make your routine easier. Doing one thing after another in the same consequence all the time gives you more energy because you don’t bother thinking of what you need to do. We all have our morning rituals, for example. The app helps to make them healthier and more productive.

Fabulous is based on the recent scientific discoveries about our brain, so you can really trust its recommendations and carry them out in order to improve the quality of your life. That is how it works: you create a ritual and then the app leads you through all the actions. Besides, it gives you tips on how to make your lifestyle healthier.

The only drawback of Fabulous, in my opinion, is too many ads that block the front screen. But as soon as you get to your ritual, nothing distracts your attention. The app is only for Android, but an iOS version is coming soon and you can stay informed about it by going to the website of the app.

Fabulous requires time to get used to because marking every action that you do can be quite challenging. I’d rather choose a simpler app, but it is just me. Upon the whole, the app is super cool. Try it now and boost your productivity levels by following rituals!

fabulous screenshot

Apps for taking notes

Good ideas come to our minds when we least expect them and that is why we let most of them slip away. Taking notes is an extremely useful activity when it comes to productivity especially if your memory sucks at times. So here are some apps for taking notes that can be used anywhere anytime, which kind of makes the process easier.

Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best apps that fall into the given category. It is simple and effective. What else would a one need? Actually, simplicity is the main advantage of the app. In order to write a note, you just need to tap on one of the note types at the bottom of the screen.

There are 5 types: simple text, to-do list, drawing, voice-note, photo. All the taken notes can be shown in two different ways, so you can choose the one which seems nicer to you.

All in all, the app is a real substitute for a piece of paper. It is easy to use and nice to look at. Get Google Keep now and forget the old ways of note-taking!

google keep screenshot


Evernote is a little bit more extended than Google Keep, but in general, it includes the same features. Among the unique features are the possibility to lead a few different notebooks simultaneously and scanning documents.

Evernote is probably the most popular note-taking app, so the developers have improved a few times already. Get it now and start being more organized!

evernote screenshot



Trello is a little bit different. It is made for collaboration. Of course, one can use it for personal needs as well, but the strongest aspect of the app is collaborating on projects. The idea is simple. You can create numerous boards and add ideas or notes to them.

So whether it is a simple to-do list or a brand-new business project, the app helps a lot. As for the latter one, boards can be seen and edited by a number of people. Try it now and appreciate the ease of working in such a way!

trello screenshot



For those who want to have their notes organized in the best and the most elegant way, there is an excellent app called Bear. The cool feature of this app is that you can easily add emojis to the titles of your notes. Moreover, you can always encrypt your notes so no 3rd parties could see your personal information.

Plus, you are able to organize your notes by implementing tags. Bear can also be used as a to-do list app – there is such a function in the main menu.


Apps for keeping inbox organized 

The time spent on checking e-mail inboxes can be the time spent on doing something productive. If you have a number of inboxes and tired of constantly checking each of them, then you definitely need to download one of the apps below. Collect on your letters in one app and never miss anything!

Newton Mail

Newton Mail is one of the most modern apps in this category. Its full version, however, is only available for two weeks of usage. The app not only gathers all of your mail accounts together but it also provides you with such useful functions as ‘undo send’, ‘snooze’, ‘read receipts’, etc.

After 14 days most of these functions, as well as sync features, stop working. Some say that it’s worth buying a premium version, others consider using another app. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you!

newton mail screenshot


Microsoft’s Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook is that old beloved app for collecting all the e-letters. It runs smoothly and is connected to the calendar, which is convenient when it comes to planning your meetings or some other kind of event. The app is stable and perfectly deals with its functionality. What else can one demand?

microsoft outlook screenshot


Edison Mail

Edison Mail is the ultimate organizer for all of the inboxes you might have on your phone. It is not a separate app itself, it only organizes all the emails. The number of email accounts that you can add is unlimited.

One more cool feature of this app is that it helps you to fight the spam letters more effectively, by sorting them out and putting them into a separate folder.

You can mark, delete, move letter by swiping – and that’s what makes Edison Mail a convenient email organizer for the smartphone. And, what is more important, the app supports the function of “undo” when sending a letter – you can always cancel the sending of email which is a really rare option.


Apps for procrastinators

Yes, we all have mood swings and it can be hard to concentrate on doing something. However, if we want to be productive, we have to make ourselves work. The most popular way of how to do it is the Pomodoro method, which represents a focused work on something within a limited time. No distractions, no pauses, just work. Here are the apps to help you master this method.


Do you love trees? You don’t want to destroy them, do you? If you feel environmentally-friendly or are just a good human being, this app will definitely make you more concentrated.

The idea is that you plant a tree, which grows during your concentration-time (you can change it – the default is 20 minutes). If you give up, the tree dies. If you wish, you can turn on nice forest sounds to help you stay calm and focused. Get the app right now and start growing your own concentration forest!

forest app screenshot



Tide is one more app based on the Pomodoro technique. This one changes like a chameleon depending on the time of day you are using it. The default time is 25 minutes, which is, to my mind, the most optimal time.

Every session is provided with a nice quotation. There are also sounds that help to relax & focus. These are the water sounds, which sound very pleasantly. Download Tide now and start to avoid avoiding your work with it!

tide app screenshot

Apps for meditation

Today all the scientists agree that the idea of multitasking has failed. Being focused on one thing at a time is considered to be much more productive than depleting your energy on several simultaneous tasks.

However, concentrating can be hard, especially if your mind is constantly agitated. So what can a one do in order to improve concentration skills? The answer is to meditate!

Meditation is the most effective method to keep the mind clean and relaxed. The apps below will guide your way through the healing world of meditation, which has already changed the lives of many people.


Calm includes a 7-day program designed to teach one the basics of meditation. The nice female voice explains how meditation influences our minds and guides you through some elementary techniques. If you wish, you can add relaxing sounds to your experience and/or a beautiful picture.

That 7-days trial is free, but all the other programs require payment. However, even the 7-day program is enough for a beginner. Moreover, the app is provided with a breathing exercise, which you might find to be useful. Download the app and start your daily practice now!

calm app screenshot



Headspace introduces you to a 10-day program of mindfulness. Once again, if you like your 10-day experience, you can continue meditating with this app, but no longer free.

Headspace has a good motivation system, for example, they send you cute reminders to e-mail, which encourages you to continue the practice. This is just one more great option for beginners. Get the app and start training your mind right now!

headspace screenshot

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is the most trending app among all the mediation apps right now. The best part of it is that it has two types of subscriptions – one os for free and another is the premium one. It is great because all other mediation apps often give you only a 7 day trial period after which you have to pay in advance for a year.

For the beginners, it has a 7-day program that will gradually guide you into the world of meditating. The session can last from 3 to 30 minutes – it is up to you to decide how much time you want to dedicate to it. Moreover, you can customize your meditation with the introduction and bells.



Apps for working with documents 

Most jobs today require dealing with documents, which can be tricky at times, especially if you don’t have adequate apps. Here are adequate apps. Download the necessary ones!

Google Drive Suite

Google Drive Suite is an excellent app for working with your files. You can access your documents, photos, videos, and any other type of files on any device that you have. If you need some kind of storage for important documents you are dealing with, download the app, and be sure everything is kept safe!

google drive screenshot



Dropbox has become the hottest app for managing files and cloud storage after Google Drive. Just put all your files in the Dropbox – and you will get access to it from everywhere.

Sounds like typical cloud storage? But wait, here you can access more than 175 types of files without an Internet connection! Moreover, Dropbox also includes a feature of a scanner – you can just scan all the docs, bills, and so on and convert them into PDF.


Microsoft Apps

We all have Microsoft programs on our computers, right? Then why not have them on phones as well? After all, docs, spreadsheets, and presentations sometimes need to be opened and/or edited on phone. If you ever failed to open a .doc file on your device, then you definitely need to get at least one of the Microsoft Apps!

microsoft apps screenshot

Just some cool productivity apps 

The name of this category kind of tells everything you need to know about this category. Just some cool apps that might contribute to your productivity.


Mindly can help you to ”organize your inner universe”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? In practice, the app enables you to create an infinite number of circles with ideas that are interconnected. You can edit these little bubbles, change their colors, and even add emojis to them.

If you are a visualization-person, this app is for you. Try it now and see how easy it is to get rid of the mind’s clutter and focus on the main ideas!

mindly screenshot


Pocket is for the ones who like exploring new stuff, but sometimes lacks time for doing it. With the help of this app, you can save articles from apps like browsers, Facebook, Twitter, and so on for later reading. If you don’t have time to surf the net, you can take a look at the app’s recommendations.

The reading mode is very comfortable for the eyes. You can choose an either white or black background. Get Pocket now and never miss interesting articles!

pocket app screenshot



IFTTT is probably the coolest app in this category, our dessert. The app has lots of cool buttons that allow you to automize your phone. As it turns out, our little gadgets are capable of doing incredible things. All we need to do is to ask to do these things.

Below, you can see a few examples of ‘autonomization’. Want to know if tomorrow it’s gonna be raining? Tired of turning off your Wifi connection? Get the app and activate the necessary buttons!

ifttt screenshot

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24me Smart Personal Assistant

We all would like to become the president of a big corporation for one day (or maybe more) and have our personal assistant, just like in the movies. Well, this app won’t promise you will become one in a second, but it for sure will pull you closer to that image, because it will make you feel like you have your personal assistant.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is always to keep your calendar, to-do lists and personal accounts organized? It feels like you have too much of everything.

Well, now you can finally get your stuff together by installing this app. It will synchronize with all the calendars that you have on your phone and transfer all the information from there to internal storage.

The app is also available for Apple Watch. In the evening of each day, the app will compile a list of your task for tomorrow and will remind about all the important tasks.


So these were 25 top productivity apps. We wish you to stay productive and, as always, be smart in choosing apps!

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