11 Best QuickBooks apps for Android & iOS

Money, money, money… Money makes the world go round. Some say, however, that it is the root of all evil. Either way, living in a modern world requires you to be responsible for your personal finances, and sometimes not just personal ones. If you want to keep your business afloat, you need bookkeeping. Thankfully, today there are some QuickBooks apps that make this activity much easier. Check them out and choose the ones that suit you best!

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QuickBooks Accounting+Invoice

quickbooks iconThis is the main app on this list. If you don’t have it already, you should definitely get it! If you have though, just scroll down for other apps that help to make the work of this one more diverse or can serve as less complicated alternatives with a bit more limited functionality.

QuickBooks Accounting + Invoice is a wonderful tool for those who own a small business and want to keep track of how it is going. The app lets you track the activities of your customers and, more than that, carry out the majority of business-connected operations on all of the platforms available to you. You can instantly receive and send invoices, take photos of your receipts in order to save up on the taxes, capture signature to pick up bargains and more.

All of your financial operations are memorized by the app so that later you could view the statistics. With QuickBooks, keeping track of your monthly income and outgoings is easy. The analysis helps you to find out how to make your work more efficiently and what is needed to achieve this or that goal.

quickbooks scan

Among other features, the app offers financial reports and all the recent updates about what is going on in the business world today. Download this app if you want to stay organized and never miss a thing.


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Expensify: Receipts & Expenses

expensify iconExpensify is a receipt tracking app that is most suitable for business travelers and those who need to report on their spendings. The app allows you to snap photos of receipts and then deciphers them up until matching the images with your credit card’s transactions. So, basically, the main feature of the app is its smart scan that does all the work, so that later you could do anything you want to with your receipts!

You can tag them, group them, or send them to someone else. With this app, you don’t have to worry about losing the info of your spendings – all you need to is to take a photo right away!

expensify screen


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bill.com iconBill.com is an app that will help you to pay your bills on time. If you are a person who constantly runs up huge debts and forgets about them, then this one is for you. And even if you have a healthy relationship with your money, Bill.com also won’t be a drag. Quite the contrary actually – the app will give you an opportunity to overview, approve and pay all of your bills without wasting your time going through various resources. Who would do that knowing that there’s a special tool that helps to cover them all at once?

The app also introduces you to the history of your approvals and payments. Plus, you can upload your paper bills by using your camera. Get it now and never miss a bill = always be on the safe side!

bill.com app


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FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

freshbooks iconFreshBooks is a nice and new alternative to the QuickBooks app. It is not completely free, but it has a 30-day free trial, so you can download it just to check if it is what you need. The app is created for easy accounting and invoicing. Dealing with your clients has become so much easier these days with all these apps! You can check your invoices in a moment, keep track of your payments, carry out all of the financial operations that you need – everything is without leaving one single app.

More than that, FreshBooks helps you deal with naughty clients. You can use chat of the app to make your customers pay or, on the contrary, to calm them down when something goes wrong.

freshbooks app

Upon the whole, the app is quite efficient and, by the way, looks great. A nice and clear interface is appreciated by everyone when it comes to serious business. Even if your business is not that serious (yet), you will definitely enjoy the benefits of the app!


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FB Classic

fb classic appFB Classic app is for those who have been already using FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, but for some reason stopped to do it and now want to resume the activity. Attention! This one is only for those who registered before 2016. If you are new to FreshBooks, you should get the new app. If you have an old account, though, you can use FB Classic first and then upgrade to the newer option. The upgrade is totally free, so it is up to you which one you’re going to use!

fb classics app

The features are mostly all the same. If you have already used this one, you should remember what it is about!


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Accounting App – Zoho Books

accounting app zoho booksZoho app for accounting is one more essential toolkit for every owner of a small business. The app can help you to create beautiful and detailed invoices, track your comings and goings, and provide you with reports on how your business is doing at this or that moment. The app does not only give you sheer numbers, but it also makes up graphs and illustrations for a better understanding of the situation.

There are lots of other features, of course. Among them: bank feeds, time tracking, notifications, and more. The company that created this app was one of the pioneers in cloud accounting, so it kind of has the experience of how to do it right.

zoho books image

Zoho Books looks simpler than other apps but performs pretty much the same functions. Plus, you should not forget about beautiful invoices! If you want to look professional and let your clients know that your business is a serious one, then the app is certainly worth consideration. Just remember that the app is not 100% free – there are some monthly fees like in most tools of this kind.


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Invoice by Wave

wave iconThis one is free. Wave app is made for those same purposes as other apps on this list. The thing it is particularly good at though is sending and receiving invoices. The app’s interface is just wonderful for these operations. When you just open the app, it offers you to go through a quick procedure of signing in and then the wonders begin! What you have to do first is to enter your business name and choose your country. The latter choice is important since you got to let everyone know with what currency you are dealing.

It is truly amazing that such a good app is totally free. Maybe its functionality is limited in comparison with other apps, but sometimes it is even more convenient to tackle different problems on different platforms. At least this way, you don’t forget anything. A couple of apps instead of one, but for free? I don’t see a huge problem here – just a storm in a teacup.

receits invoices


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FreeAgent Mobile

freeagent iconFreeAgent Mobile app is based on an online platform for accounting. The app lets you track your cash flow, capture receipts and in such a way track the expenses, create and send invoices. It also sends you notifications about taxes and bills that you have to pay. More than that, you can add descriptions to your bank transactions in order to understand later what it is all about.

In sum, the app represents a perfect tool for dealing with your business finances. Last but not least feature that is worth mentioning is tracking billable time – the time that is spent by you working. This one is especially useful for freelancers since it lets you and your employer know how much time you need to finish this or that project.

freeagent mobile

The app is not free, but it has a 30-day trial, so you can just check it out to see if it is what you need. Available on both Android and iOS. Plus, can be accessed from a desktop – just like many other apps on this list.


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Kashoo Cloud Accounting

kashoo iconKashoo Cloud Accounting app is just for iOS. By the way, the rest two apps that follow this one are also for iOS, so excuse me, dear Android users, you can leave or scroll down to read my beautiful final words.

Back to the point: the app is designed to perform all those same features discussed earlier: making and sending invoices, taking receipts pictures, viewing the history of your financial operations as well as reports on the state of your business. Kashoo also provides you with support in case anything goes wrong and gives you an opportunity to have a chat with your clientele.

kashoo accounting

For many, this app is quite old or at least it is not as good as it was considered before. However, if you are new to this kind of apps, you may find it useful. After all, we are not all the same – different things work for different people. If you find at least something appealing in this app, just give it a try!

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ZipBooks Accounting & Invoices

zipbooks iconZipBooks Accounting & Invoices is one more iOS app for managing invoices and accounting. There’s no need to reiterate all the features that it has because its main features are no different from those of other apps. Invoices, time-tracking, receipts saving…

The main thing that makes this one stand out from the rest (almost all of them) is the fact that it is free. You can get ZipBooks right now and use it without any payments or trials. If you like this awesome interface, why not to try the app and see if it works out for you?

ZipBooks app

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Fundbox – Small Business Loans

fundbox iconFundbox is a bit different from most of the other apps on this list. This app can be connected to the accounting tools like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Kashoo, Zoho, and others, but its main purpose is to help you draw funds for your small business. The app sends you instant notifications about available funds and your task is to accept or reject an offer in 3 minutes. The chosen funds are quite beneficial, but all of them are less than $100 000. After all, this is a tool designed only for small businesses.

fundbox app

So, if you need to tie up some money that you don’t have into the business, get this great tool to provide yourself with the best credit offers. With Fundbox, it is more likely to get a good deal!

That is it for QuickBooks apps. As we see, there are lots of useful apps that let you have a laid-back attitude about your finances. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or whether you have it at all – our modern world requires us to be savvy spenders as well as having a steady income. Choose apps wisely & worry less of your money!