Radiant App Review

Is one of the most popular applications for listening to radio on the Internet. Opens access to a huge library of various radio stations from around the world. When you first start, you will be greeted by a convenient directory containing the following categories: “Music”, “Sports”, “News”, “Podcasts” and so on.

There is a useful option for auto-selection of broadcasts by region, that is, the utility will ask you to turn on geolocation and independently determine all the stations that are common in your country. In the default settings, the traffic saving mode is set for listening to radio broadcasts in EDGE, 2G, 3G. It is possible to adjust the sound quality.


Radiant has an integrated sleep timer and alarm clock. The repost of the radio broadcasts you like to various social networks is available. An app that lacks ads and adds a few extra features.

Main advantages:

  • Voice search option;
  • Hundreds of radio stations for every taste;
  • Built-in push notification system;
  • Display of the name of the song being played;
  • Works well at low internet speeds;
  • Availability of a convenient main menu;
  • Music, sports and news broadcasting;
  • Manual selection of an audio stream (128, 64, 24 kbps);
  • Sort content by genre, country and other criteria.

Radiant stands out for its laconic style. There is no polished interface, and the functionality is strictly limited – only the most necessary options. The simplest application for online radio, where you do not need to deal with a bunch of unnecessary settings.


It contains thousands of Internet radio stations from different parts of the world, which can be sorted by genre to always listen to your favorite music.

The user can skip songs that he doesn’t like an unlimited number of times. It is possible to block certain tracks and even performers so that their songs are not included in the future, and the songs you like can be given ratings that affect the selection of tracks. All this allows you to tune any station so that it only plays the music you like.


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