10 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Windows 10 (Android & iOS)

Wanna access your PC from any point in the world? This article has you covered!

There are lots of remote desktop apps for Windows 10 (Android & iOS) that let you reach your computer right from your mobile. These apps enable you to open various programs, oped and edit media files, and even answer video calls. Plus, these apps have an easy setup and let you add up several devices at once.

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Here’s the list of the 10 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!


team viewer

Let’s start with the TeamViewer app. It’s the ultimate remote controller that lets you access your computer from your mobile.

This is one of the most used remote access apps on the market as it provides you with fast and safe access to your PC. The app is compatible with all the PC systems — from Windows to Linux so everyone’s covered. Apart from controlling your computer this app also lets you connect to other mobile devices.

Connection to the PC is simple — just install the same app and enter your acc. As for the features, the app gives you access to screen sharing and absolute control of other devices. In other words, your PC’s screen appears on our mobile’s one so you could access all the apps and files from there.

You can also send your files in both directions without any quality loss. Herewith, the app transmits both video and audio formats so you can easily view vids or listen to audio files if needed. The app runs on smart encoding techs and provides you with the highest security possible.

TeamViewer 2

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Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

This app gives you remote access to your PC’s desktop.

The main concept of this app is to let you be productive wherever you are. In other words, even if you don’t have your PC around in the moment of need this app lets you reach it right on your mobile. The app is powered by Microsoft and all you need to make it work is to get the desktop version of it.

The app lets you reach any app or data you have on your PC and edit it if needed. Plus, the app covers all the media formats so you can easily open vids and music files if needed. All the files stream smoothly with no reverb or delays so no worries here. The security algorithms are on the level as well.

Plus, you can transfer your files both on your PC and from it. The app doesn’t take down the quality of the data and you can send files of any size. You can also send files directly to cloud storage. Herewith, it has simple controls and gesture support if needed.

Remote Desktop 1 Remote Desktop 2

Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection

Next, we have a RA app that lets you control your PC from your device.

With this app, you’ll get to control your PC entirely — the mouse, the keyboard, the field, and so on. as for the keyboard control you can simply use the digital one on your mobile. The app lets you view the media files, open slideshows, folders, edit files, and more.

Herewith, the app covers both sound and video format so you can stream vids and audio files effortlessly. It needs to be said, the streaming goes smoothly with no glitches and delays so no worries here. The app is compatible with several video players — you can see the whole list by following the link below.

The same goes for slideshows — the most used tools are covered. You can also send your files to your laptop and from it without any quality loss. Additionally, the app covers speech recognition you can just say what you want to be typed on your computer (or use any other voice commands).

Remote Control Collection 1 Remote Control Collection 2

Your Phone Companion

Your Phone Companion

The name of this app fully reflects its point. It’s an app that links your mobile to your PC and lets you control it.

All you need to do to start using this app is to get the same-named app to your PC and connect it with the one you have on your phone. Once it’s done, you get full control over your PC — you can observe and reply to emails, open media files, take and make calls, and more.

As for the emails, you get to use your mobile’s keyboard and you can also send the media files. Herewith, the app can cope with video and audio all media files so you can easily watch vids or go through video calls. The app streams all the vids and real-time calls in an HQ so you get the same exp as you could with the PC.

You can also send data from your mobile to PC and otherwise at any time. Plus, you can edit text files and other types of content if needed. The connection goes both ways so you can view your phone’s screen on your PC as well.

Your Phone Companion 1 Your Phone Companion 2

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

This is a remote desktop controller that gives you unlimited access to your PC.

The main goal of this app is the fact that it gives your unlimited PC access from wherever you are. You get to view your computer’s desktop, open and edit files, read messages, and more. The app is compatible with all the operating systems so no worries about that.

Plus, the app lets you control both keyboard and mouse so if you’ll need to edit some doc or send someone a message you can freely do that. Beyond that, the app is compatible with all media files so you can watch movies and all that. The streaming usually goes smoothly and the quality remains the same which is nice.

You also get to shift any data in between the devices in secs. All you need to do to make this app work is to install the required software on your device. Herewith, you get to sync with multiple PCs and access any of them when needed. All the computers will be secured with an individual password so you’ll be the only one with access.

VNC Viewer 1 VNC Viewer 2

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

This RA app is powered by Google and it covers all the operating systems including Windows 10.

This app makes it incredibly easy to wirelessly aces your PC from mobile. First of all, it has an intuitive UI that all the users can cope with. Plus, all you need to do to make it work is to install the remote desktop software from Google’s store. Then, you need to connect your PC to the mobile app and you’re ready to go.

Herewith, you get to attach your mobile to several computers for example your home one, your office one, your laptop, and more. All the devices will be protected with individual passwords so you can be sure you’ll be the only one with an entrance. The app also uses smart encryption techs so none of your personal data will get leaked.

The app lets you open any type of file — from docs to vids and audios. You get to edit your documents, read and answer emails, and do whatever else you need. As for the media docs, you can stream movies and videos with no delays or glitches. You can also send your files from one device to another effortlessly.

Chrome Remote Desktop 1 Chrome Remote Desktop 2

Remote Desktop 8

Remote Desktop 8

This is another Microsoft RA app made to level up your productivity.

This app lets you access your Windows running devices wirelessly from wherever you are. All you need to do for it is to install the software to all the PCs you wanna connect with and sync with them via the app. You can sync with multiple remotes and switch between them effortlessly.

The app covers all the media files so you can easily watch full-length vids and open audio files without any delays. The streaming goes smoothly and the quality remains the same as the original. You can also open and edit doc files, pics, and whatever else is needed. In case you need to go through your email and answer some texts you can also freely do that.

You can also send any data from one device to another without any quality loss. As for the security part, this app takes it seriously and runs on high encryption techs so your all the way protested. You also get to protect all the attached computers with individual passwords to make sure nobody can reach them but you.

Remote Desktop 8 1 Remote Desktop 8 2

Splashtop Personal

Splashtop Personal

It’s your personal remote access manager that will let you reach all the PC data you need.

This app is compatible with all types of media files — from text to audio so you can browse and edit them on the go. You can easily open any of your docs, edit, and send via email if needed. The same goes for audios and vids — you can stream them in HQ with no delays and all that.

You can also send all the data from one device to another. Beyond that, the app doesn’t affect the quality of the files along with the size. Beyond that, you can use the app to connect with your PC’s webcam to see what’s going on around it. You can even answer video calls if needed.

The app gets you to connect with up to 5 computers for one account and you can switch between them effortlessly. You can also protect access to all the devices with passwords along with a regular security algorithm. In case you wanna attach more devices you’ll need to switch to the business account.

Splashtop Personal 1 Splashtop Personal 2

Unified Remote

Unfied remote

This RA app has all the essential features you may need.

The app is compatible with over 90 PC programs you can browse and use right from your mobile. Need to re-edit some important business reports or docs really quick but forgot your laptop at home? This app will help you get it done. Wanna enjoy a movie you have downloaded on PC without any delays? You can do it too.

The app lets you control both mouse and keyboard so you can easily edit text files, presentations, open and answer emails, and so on. Plus, it lets you connect with your PC’s webcam and answer video calls on the go. You can also transfer your files in between the devices effortlessly.

The app works with all the most common operating systems including the latest versions of Windows so no worries about that. Plus, it lets you have up to 18 free remotes to different devices which is quite generous (you usually get from 5 to 10 in its sister apps). And if you’ll ever need more you can get a paid version that covers over 90 devices.

Unfied remote 1 Unfied remote 2

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any desk

And lastly, we have an all-in-one RA app that is incredibly easy to work with.

If you’re in need of a powerful but yet intuitive remote control app — this is the one. This app has a simple user interface, high-security algorithms and it’s very lightweight — what else could you ask for? Plus, the app works with all the most used operating systems and all their latest versions so you’re all the way covered.

You get to connect with several devices at once regardless of their operational systems and switch between them easily. Plus, this app is ad-free and doesn’t have paid sub packs which is great. As for the features, you get to transfer any files without any quality loss.

Plus, you can browse and edit various media files and even set the remote printing if needed. The app’s setup is simple — you just need to install the same-titled software to all the PCs and laptops you want to connect with. Then, make sure to attach the devices to the mobile app and that will be it

any desk 1 any desk 2

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