Rhetoric App Review

Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game is a mix of fun and educational games aimed at developing public speaking skills. Up to 8 people can play Rhetoric.

In each round, the players roll the dice and move the pieces for the number of moves, where the task awaits them.

Doing these tasks alone is not as interesting as in the company of friends, because you may find yourself in a task of the category – to convince of something, standing with your back to the audience, to quote someone famous, apply a metaphor, or tell a personal story.

This game makes it possible not only to pass the time but also to improve your public speaking skills. In our case, you will act as an orator in front of your friends, but the experience gained can be useful in other life situations. You can download Rhetoric for free from our website.

Players’ performances last only one to two minutes. The need to keep within the rules develops the habit of controlling the time and clearly structuring your speech.


The peculiarity of the game is:

  • In each round, players virtually roll a die and receive one of 5 types of tasks: Topic, Challenge, Question, Your choice and Free topic.
  • Cuba injects adrenaline into the blood and excites excitement, which makes the game exciting and unpredictable.
  • Participants rate each other’s performances, and the overall score and rating are calculated at the end.
  • The lead trainer gives feedback on the performances.
  • The number of participants is 3-8 people, the duration of the game is 2 hours.

Florian Mueck & John Zimmer have created an educational public speaking game. This is easy for many, but for some, just the thought of speaking in public makes the heart beat faster.

The Rhetoric game will try to teach you how to speak with minimal training. Here, you will need to structure your speech, try to convince opponents, and control your nerves and emotions.



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