11 Best RV Apps for Travelers (Android & iOS)

Are you the type of person who enjoys RV traveling? Keep reading this article!

There are lots of RV apps for travelers for Android and iOS that can level up your trip experience. These apps have various features – from navigation and weather forecasts to RV checklists and camping bookings. Some of these apps can help you meet interesting people and the other teaches you how to pack your bags.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic


Let’s start with an app called CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic. This is a navigation app that is made specifically for RV owners.

First of all, when you start using the app you’ll need to point out the class of your RV, its sizes, and weight. Thus, the app will calculate all your routes according to your transport so that you won’t run into low bridges or weight control and you will also stay away from the steep slopes. Besides, the app marks all the restricted roads or the roads that require payment for driving it.

Into the bargain, the app car runs offline so no matter if you have an internet connection you will be able to reach the endpoint. Furthermore, you can use the app to find any service you need on your way. That said, you can look for ATMs, gas stations, cafes, hospitals, motels, and even vets if you travel with your pet.

However, you will need to load the maps of all the areas you can drive through on your way and all this data will be stored on your mobile. In case you have an internet connection, you can use google search and even Wikipedia withing the app. You can also look for RV parking to stay the night.

In a nutshell, if you need a fully-featured GPS for RVs, be sure to try the CoPilot app.

CoPilot1 CoPilot2


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Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales


The next app is called the Key Ring and it’s an app that stocks coupons, loyalty cards, and discount codes.

It’s not the best idea to carry an oversized wallet around with you while traveling. So the main aim of this app is to help you to get rid of dozens of plastic cards and paper coupons you used to take with you. The app can accommodate shopper cards and gas station cars that you can reach in a few taps. You can add for up to two thousand cards all at once.

It’s easy to add a card into an app — just scan its bar code. And when you’re visiting the store you want to use a card in, just tell the staff to scan the code from your mobile’s screen. By the same token, the app has the base of digital coupons for lots of stores and services. There are also lots of gas station discounts included in the app which is extremely helpful if you travel on an RV.

While scrolling through the coupon’s list you can add some to your favorites for quick future access. You can also use a searching engine to look for a particular item you want to buy and the app will show you all the discounts and coupons it has. The app also empowers you to make shopping lists and give your family members group access to it. You can even set up the notifications to never miss the newest coupons added in the app.

Overall, if you want to save money on shopping while traveling, try the Key Ring app.

Key1 Key2


Pilot Flying J


Pilot Flying J is a multi-purpouce app that will help you to get the most out of your traveling on the road.

In the first place, the app can be used as a GPS that works offline. Thus, when you pick the start and the endpoint of your trip the app automatically shows all the gas stations on your way. The same thing goes for the stops and RV camps you can look for while driving. All the gas stations and stops marked on the map include the contacts of the service so that you can call them within the app.

Apart from that, the app covers lots of other services you can search for. The app has thematic lists of services and you can also use the searching engine to look for cages, ATMs, motels, and hospitals. In most cases, the app only shows you the accurate places you can visit but sometimes it lists the places that are long closed or just building yet. To avoid unpleasant situations, be sure to use the contacts and call the places before visiting.

When the app calculates your path, it shows you an estimated amount of gas you’ll need and the time it will take you to get there. Besides, the app shows you the traffic condition on the road as well as car crashes and police posts. You can add the areas you want to visit your personal list and for easy access and compare its offers.

Summing up, if you plan a road trip and need a navigator, give the Pilot Flying J app a try.

Pilot1 Pilot2




iNaturalist is an app that will help you to identify the plants and animals and other living creatures you can find in nature.

It’s important to stay safe in the outdoors while you travel. This app will identify every animal or a plant you’ll encounter on your trip and it well aware of the poisonous berries or insects you’ll need to stay away from. For now, the app has more than 400,000 species in its base so you can be sure you won’t face anything it won’t be able to recognize.

Identifying the species is quite simple with this app — you just take a pic of what you see and the app will offer you options according to it. Apart from that, you can choose the area you’re in and scroll through the list of animals, birds, berries, or plants that usually can be fount here. You can also load the pic to the community and ask for advice on what’s pictured in it.

Into the bargain, the app empowers you to write a trip journal by marking all the species you find throughout your trip. You can write short notes about them and include the pics you’ve made. Besides, you can make your journal public to share and discuss it with the community of nature lovers. You can follow other nature lovers to see what species have they recently found.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to stay outdoors during your journey and you want to know more about the living creatures and plants surrounding you, be sure to try the iNaturalist app.

iNaturalist 1 iNaturalist 2


Roadtrippers – Trip Planner


Roadtrippers is an app that will help you to organize a perfect RV trip.

This app is basically a map for travelers that won’t let you miss anything fun or important on your way. In case you want to go on a road journey and you don’t know where to go, the app has a list of popular routes for RV journeys.

When you pick the start and the endpoint of your route, the app automatically shows you all the roadside sights, RV parks, and other must-visit places. The app also recommends you the food you need to try in the local and other entertaining places you don’t want to miss. You can add all the sites you want to visit at your personal list and then choose the ones you’re interested in the most.

All the places include pics, working hours, ticket prices, parking options, contacts, and the comments of people who’ve already been there. Without buying a subscription pack, you can only map for up to seven points during your route which is not a lot. Thus, you’d better choose populous locations to get the most of the free version.

To crown it all, if you don’t want to miss any interesting waypoints during your trip, be sure to try the Roadtrippers app.

Roadtrippers1 Roadtrippers2


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NOAA Weather Radio


NOAA Weather Radio is an app that will keep you informed of the climate situations while your traveling on your RV.

The weather can change fast when you’re traveling on the road and it might be really dangerous. The main goal of this app is to aware you of the gathering storms in time so that you could provide your own safety. This app works like a radio so you can attach it to the audio system of your RV. Besides, you can set up notifications to never miss life-threatening weather.

Therewith, the app has a detailed radar map that uses color codes to highlight storms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. The app uses several sources to gather weather info and it includes climate prediction for up to four days prior. Thus, you’ll be able to make a smart decision on how safe it is to drive.

Furthermore, the app has marine forecasts so you can also be awarded anything dangerous coming from the water. You can also set up the app to send you weather alerts for various places at the same time. In case the storm reaches you on the road you can use the app to find the nearest shelters to your location.

In the long run, if you’re an RV traveler and you don’t want to meet any dangerous climate conditions on your way, give the NOAA Weather Radio app a try.



PackPoint travel packing list

PackingAs its name supposes, the PackPoint travel packing list is an app that won’t let you forget anything important while going on vacation. The main aim of this app is to empower you to make ultimate packing lists that you can use for all your trips. Thus, you can make the lists with essential items and categorize all the others.

Once the list is done you will be able to share it with other people who are going on a vacation with you. Apart from that, the app can make a packing checklist for you if you’ll pick up a city you’re going to, the date of the beginning of your holiday, and how long you’ll be traveling. You can also choose the reason for your trip landmark if it’s for business.

Besides, you can punch the activities that will be included in your vacation and if you need clothes for cold or rainy weather. You can even mark if you’ll be able to do your laundry during the travel. Therewith, you can set up the notifications so that you won’t forget to grab any essentials with you.

In a nutshell, if you need help with packing your stuff for travel, be sure to give the PackPoint app a try.

Packing1 Packing2


ReserveAmerica Camping


ReserveAmerica Camping is an app that can help you to book a place on the RV campground.

The app has the base with all the RV parks and camping across North America. You can use the app to look for camping on your way and reserve the places for yourself. The searching engine in the app permits you to search by the location, the available dates, and the name of the park. You can choose to only see the camps near your location.

Furthermore, you can filter the campgrounds by the type of it — from RV to trailer parks. You can also see if pets are allowed if the park has electric and water. All the campaigns come with several pics and detailed info about it. It also includes the prices for the night and the comment section with reviews. You can add the options you like to the list to compare its terms.

All in all, if you want to stay in an RV park during your travel, try the ReserveAmerica Camping app.





Recreation.gov is an app that permits you to look for and book a place for yourself.

Apart from the previous app, this one includes federally-owned national parks and camping. And this is the only platform doing that so even if you’ll find a place in the government-owned park on another source it will probably redirect you to this app.

This app empowers you to not only scroll the list of parks but also find the camping using the map. The app also shows you the sights close to the camps and other activities you might like to visit. You can search for the location, the available dates, and the length of your stay.

Furthermore, you can filter the app to only show you the parks near you. You can also select the camps that allow pets or has electricity or water in it. Therewith, you can buy a campground place within the app and you won’t even need to print your digital ticket.

To sum up, if you don’t mind staying the night in the government-owned camps during your RV trip, try the Recreation.gov app.

Recreation1 Recreation2


Camp & RV – Tents to RV Parks


Camp & RV — Tents to RV Parks is an app that will help you to plan your next RV journey.

This app marks all the RV parking, camps, and other essentials you might need during the way. You can book a place in the campground in a few taps and you’ll get a digital ticket that doesn’t require printing.

You can also view gas stations, cafes, motels, ATMs, and even vet clinics on the detailed 3D map. For now, the app covers more than four thousand campgrounds. Therewith, you can filter the campgrounds by its type and the facilities it can offer. You can set up the app to only see the nearest RV parks or the ones that allow you to stay with pets.

The app also has weather forecasts so you’ll always know if it’s safe to travel. All the parks have a rating system and you can scroll through the comment section for reviews. The app also shows you the traffic situation on your way and automatically changes your course if there are any troubles on the road.

In conclusion, if you want to plan your RV trip, be sure to try the Camp & RV app. You won’t regret it!

Camp1 Camp2


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Harvest Hosts – Unique RV Camping Experiences


And last but not least, Harvest Hosts is an app that can help you find a free place to stay while you travel on your RV.

The outstanding thing about this app is the fact that it offers you unusual places to stay overnight. Thus, there are farms, winners, and even golf fields! This app can not only offer you a place to stay in but a unique experience and the opportunity to meet interesting people.

All you need to be a host in the app is a fully-featured RV cause the places offered in the app might not have services like bathrooms. Therewith, if you travel with a tent or have an outdoor kitchen this app is not for you.

All the hosts in the app include a detailed description of what you get and the reviews from real people. That said, it will be free for you to stay overnight but the membership rules encourage you to support the hosts by buying something from them.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique experience during your RV travel, the Harvest Hosts app is your cup of tea.

Harvest1 Harvest2


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