15 Best Selfie Apps 2023 for Android & iOS

Photos, photos, photos… Photos of food, a view from a window, flowers, selfies in a mirror, frontal selfies, photos from concerts and walks, photos from festivals – photos filled our lives and our social networks.

It’s rare to meet a person who hasn’t taken photographs at all during the whole day. The cameras of modern smartphones and gadgets are of such high quality that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a photo taken on the last iPhone and a professional photo. A lot of subtleties of photography was revealed to people with the arrival of cameras in our lives.

Earlier, even for the sake of a single photo, we had to hire a professional, but now every single person understands the light and storyboard very well.

With the advent of Instagram, these figures began to grow, almost in proportion to the growth of megapixels in smartphone cameras. Now the front camera with a resolution of 15 megapixels does not surprise anyone, although before the quality of the main shooting hardly exceeded 5 megapixels.

Now that Instagram has arrived in our lives, other people’s selfies and breakfast photos have become an integral part of our morning. You browse through the feed and see that yesterday your friends met someone or just cut their hair.

You don’t have to be a pro to shoot quality footage yourself. For example, for good and beautiful selfies now developed a lot of applications for all smartphone platforms. Today we decided to advise you on the best apps for iOS and Android, which will allow you not to hesitate to take your pictures.

Camera Plus


An application that is slightly better than your phone’s built-in camera in terms of features and capabilities. But you may not need an incredibly wide range of features, and you can be quite comfortable with what you have.

The app has three main capture modes – Macro, Normal, Far. From the names, it is intuitively clear what each of them specializes in. We recommend that you set the shooting mode better, otherwise you’ll simply be dissatisfied with the quality of the shooting.


There is another tool for image quality – pixel quality. Pixed photos look brighter and clearer, for example, the blurred background becomes clearer and color correction is automatically applied.

Speaking of color, Camera Plus also has standard settings for brightness, contrast, and lightness. With a few minor changes, you can transform your picture beyond recognition.

There is also a built-in Lumy tool. It is responsible for the overall composition of the photo and automatically selects the best settings to take the picture.


The main convenience is that you can adjust all the tools while you are shooting. That is, when you take selfies, half of your photo automatically applies all your settings, and the other half remains the original. So you do not have to do post-processing – you can take an improved picture right away.

The most important thing is to be photo alive and emotional. The “X Factor” function will help to improve the already charming picture, and you can share it right away via your Android or iOS device in Instagram, Facebook or other social networks.




“Photoshop for the phone” – is what FaceTune is often called. Indeed, the application has a wide, but not too complicated functionality and allows you to edit photos to perfection.

If you still cannot make the perfect selfies and everything seems to be in your hands – both light and camera – then FaceTune will help. Unlike Photoshop, you don’t need to study the application’s functionality and features for a long time. Everything is intuitive and simple.


One of the most popular tools is skin smoothing and hiding the drawbacks. You can also whiten your teeth, change the shape of your face or other parts of your body, emphasize makeup and other features that are mostly used in Photoshop to make you look better.

The application is inexpensive, but if you buy filters, it will cost you a lot of money. Additional tools also require additional investments. The application itself is worth a little – 4 dollars and this is the average price for photo editors.


There is another small minus – limited integration with social networks. Most likely, you will have to first just save the photo on your phone and only then share it.

The main thing, do not overdo it – to become the best version of yourself, it is certainly good, but change beyond recognition is not necessary.


Perfect 365


Always wanted to, but were afraid to experiment with makeup and style? You do not want to spend a mountain of money on cosmetics for the sake of experimentation, so you know that then you will not use it? Then you should try Perfect 365.

It allows you to paint yourself even when all you have at hand is your phone and a bag of chips. Any style and makeup you can try on with your camera and tool.

If you’re a girl, you know that making up is perfect for a photo and for life are two completely different things. You can really look like a top model, but the camera will distort it.


The application gives you the opportunity to apply the perfect makeup just by the touch of your fingers. It can be both everyday and easy style, and bright festive make-up that will amaze everyone.

You will also be able to fix some things – such as hair or lips if they do not suit you.

Even Kim Kardashian used Perfect 365, and she knows exactly how to use photo editors, don’t you think?


The most convenient and effective thing is that the photos look natural after processing. But there are also disadvantages – if you apply just built-in makeup, you will be more like a clown or a mime, not a beautiful girl.


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A lot of people have seen this badge that says Retrica on their friends’ photos. Retrica is a popular application for your smartphone camera.

Recently, it has become fashionable to apply filters to your photos. With or without standard processing, the filter can replace this processing or do it yourself.

In Retrica, you will find more than 100 of these filters – for every taste. From standard black-and-white filters (there are a few variations, by the way) to beautiful Instagram-style filters. You can also adjust the filter itself – for example, its saturation or transparency.


In addition to filters, you can also take photos and process photos with styles in the application. For example, you can dress up as a Batman and take a photo in comic book style – you can not tell the difference from the printed edition. Or the style of different drawing – watercolor, oil painting, sketch and so on.

All this will help you to make a masterpiece of art out of a simple photo and look carefully, to avoid becoming a Malevich and making a “Black Square” out of the photo.


In addition to processing, you can create GIF (shooting video), collages of several pictures and much more. Decorate your creations with stickers, stamps, and smileys.

You can share your photos directly in the Retrica app, almost like a social network. Send photos to your friends or to the app’s ribbon – make new acquaintances with the photos! Well, or as a standard, upload processed images to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera


An app that looks incredibly similar to Retrica at first glance. It also has a lot of filters and styles, but the similarity is only at first glance.

For starters, the funny and interesting difference is that the camera recognizes your face. You can dynamically replace your face with a nice animal or sticker, even animated. Effects with sparkle and transformation, fast processing, beauty effect – all this B612 can do right during the shooting.

There is even a function to change the oval of the face right at the moment of the photo – so you can change your appearance as you like. It is all available as soon as you point the camera at the subject!


There is also a post-processing feature. Filters that can be used to improve the image of food, landscapes, and more.

You can even make funny videos and clips in the B612. Experiment with video styles, superimpose music, speed up or slow down playback – your mini-masterpieces will then be available in the gallery.


Because there are innovations everywhere, Added Reality devices will let you know about characters that will come to life on your smartphone screen with stickers.

Create collages, convert old photos, shoot looped videos, and more – the B612 app has many features you can try out. Experiment!


Lensical: Transform your look


Do you like to surprise people around you? Do your friends sometimes call you strange and your friends think you are a funny freak? Well, in that case, you may also prefer to take unusual photos!

If you are a user of an iOS device, we have good news for you: there is a funny photo editor for Apple devices. Lensical will give you the opportunity to become 40 years older in a couple of seconds or grow a mustache, even if you’re a girl.


The interface is as simple as possible and without complications: all the effects are signed, and there are no major editing tools. You can perform the simplest operations to improve the overall quality of the photo – chromaticity, brightness, contrast and so on. The rest is made for fun and your entertainment!

You can see how you will look absolutely bald, opposite sex or with sideburns. Update your appearance and surprise your friends.


Especially since right after editing you can send the received photos directly to your social networks. They will appear in your news feed and your friends will be amazed at your new look.

Advantages: you can buy new packages of effects and faces at low cost and to your liking. But not everything is so good – sometimes Lensical freezes so you can get nervous. But it is okay, usually bugs quickly disappear. It is a great way for iOS users to make extraordinary changes.




Another mobile version of Photoshop for those who like to take pictures and make selfies. Functionality, of course, is not comparable with the photoshop itself, but it is quite good.

The application is maximally oriented to work with Instagram service – and it is not surprising. After all, the majority of users want to post and show perfect photos in Stories and Instagram publications.

The standard set of retouching includes 15 tools to adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Adjusting the color range or hues will help you take pictures in pink or purple and give you a neon style.


Filters are also an integral part of editing. Afterlight provides 3 filter packages: for Instagram, basic and exclusive. You can also apply textures: however, we recommend you not to overdo it with them.

You do not want the attention from the picture switched to the sunlight in the picture, right? All the textures were created by the developers in real conditions – with the help of cameras, tapes, and lights.


This is the reason why textures look as natural as possible and are not dislodged from the composition of photographs. You will not need to additionally edit the photo for naturalness.

The app will help you to customize your publications to the right format: you can do it with frames or trim – depending on whether you want to lose a piece of your photo. In general, the application is must have for Instagram fans.


PhotoDirector Photo Editor App


If you want to work with RGB palette directly from your smartphone, you should consider PhotoDirector application. It allows you to professionally adjust the white balance on the photo, curves, exposure and color palette.

Get the brightness of your photos with the help of the brightness and contrast slider settings. This way, you can make even the darkest photo brighter.

In addition to professional editing, you will be able to edit your photo right at the time of the shooting. Live photo effects are available when you turn the camera on via the app.


Also, if necessary, you can work only with a certain area of the photo: so you will not risk spoiling something in the original photo. In addition to working with areas, you can also cut or delete unwanted objects from images. For example, an extra car in the background or a pimple in the middle of your forehead (the application will keep everything secret, no one will know about it).

The Dehaze feature is just a find: it makes the image clearer, lighter and clearer, removes haze and unnecessary glare. In addition, there are grunge effects to help make photos stylish and catchy.


The resulting images can be easily sent directly to Instagram. However, there is one condition: the free version of the application always imposes its logo on the photo. The full version of

PhotoDirector allows you to remove the logo, gives unlimited access to the Dehaze function, saves images as up to FullHD and facilitates the creation of collages. Whether to pay is up to you. You can buy it in a couple of clicks because the application is available in AppStore and Google Play.




Snapchat was originally a messenger. Surprised? So are we. Yes, it is a messenger, the key feature of which is the self-destruction of the messages sent. But the text in this application is minimal.

When you enter the application, you will be taken to the camera section anyway. Messages in Snapchat are recorded using the camera. This can be a photo or video content, it does not matter at all.

After recording a message, you select the person from your contact list to whom you want to send it. Well, or send it to everyone at once, just by posting it in Stories. Any screenshot or recording of a message by other people without your knowledge is impossible – if the user somehow records your message, you will know about it.


Users also note the funny “pizza” in the stories – a timer that shows how much the publication will disappear.

Let’s move on to the photos themselves. There are a lot of filters in Snapchat and their catalog is constantly updated. Masks, frames, effects, editors – all this is in abundance. The most popular masks of animals initially appeared in Snapchat, and only then other applications adopted them.


In general, it was this utility that initially introduced the extensive and mass use of masks of animals on people right at the time of the shooting. Rainbow from the mouth, puppy ears, hearts from the eyes and much more – you often see it in social networks.

Right after you have recorded a mini video or photo, you can upload it to the Snapchat network and share it with your subscribers. By saving to the gallery, you can share content on other social networks – in case you like your ears better in Snapchat than in Instagram, right?


Candy Camera


The most popular application for selfies, because more than 7 million people open the Candy Camera every day and take pictures.

One of the advantages of the camera is its silent mode. As we know, the brands of phones are nowadays deprived of the function of silent shooting – this is done in order to preserve the privacy of others.

Maybe they do not want you to take pictures of them without their knowledge. But sometimes silent mode is a must. And Candy Camera offers it. Now you can take pictures in complete silence, without drawing too much attention. Down with the shyness, take out your smartphone and take pictures anywhere.


The application has a huge catalog of filters. Each of them is designed to improve your skin, take photos in a certain color scheme or simply add a little addition. Filters are immediately displayed when you take a picture, and you can change the effects right at the time of the selfie. Pick the best one available and take a photo you want to upload right away.

Photos are saved to the gallery, from where you can share them with friends or messengers right away. Once you have created a photo, with or without filters, you can use more dotted tools. For example, apply a little makeup, whiten your teeth or remove acne. Not only can you edit selfies, but you can also take away a few extra pounds in a full-length photo or make yourself taller.


Photos can also be decorated with stickers – with each update, new stickers are added to the catalog, sometimes thematic or related to events in the real world – New Year’s Eve, for example. Each sticker can be freely placed on any part of the photo.

If you have taken a few photos so successful that you can’t even choose – create a collage! It can also be decorated with stickers. One photo is a good thing, but collage is a few beautiful photos at once!




The title makes it clear that the app helps to remove something. And it is not only that: TouchRetouch is an easy and effective way to remove unwanted items from photos.

The app gives you all the tools you need to remove everything you need from your photo. Accidentally passing people, a dirty sock in the background, a bird flying by, or just garbage – the application does not care.

You decide for yourself what does not fit into your photo. Remove the wires from the beautiful pictures of the sunset, garbage cans from the photos of your yard. In addition to the items, you can also remove the drawbacks: you can remove pimples, pigment spots or freckles from the selfies (although we believe they make you an individual).


If you’re not very good at editing, it is easier to use the Blemish Remover dotted tool. It will remove a defect at one touch, and you will not have to spend a lot of time on formatting.

If you only need to remove a segment of an item, there is a new single-flick line removal tool. A smart application will find this part itself – just highlight the area you want to delete.

But with TouchRetouch you can also learn how to edit photos like a professional. The app contains simple and concise tutorial videos that will help you learn more about the app’s features and change your photos even further. Video tutorials range from simple eraser learning to unusual stamping applications.


You can become almost professional with TouchRetouch. Edit landscape shots, selfies, professional photosets, and vibrant photo food. With the help of the utility, any photo will become brighter and only the most important thing will remain on the pictures.




As an iOS device owner, particularly an iPhone, you are lucky. The latest models, and not only the latest ones, have high-resolution cameras with many built-in effects. Since the owners of such smartphones take photos more often than usual, programmers have even developed special applications for processing photos using the cameras of certain models.

Slør is designed for all iOS devices, but the developers note that it works best with images taken on dual camera iPhones (such as iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and others). In our opinion, however, photographs with dual cameras generally have little or no need for processing.


Mostly Slør works with blurring and focusing. That is, its main features are additional background blur, sharpening of objects. You can even shift the focus on a photo or narrow it down.

You can get the most dramatic effect if you make a radial blur. The object in the center will be the only clear spot in the photo, but the rest will be hazy.

In addition to focusing and blurring, an image tilt tool is also available, as is its perspective. You get the effect of shooting on an SLR camera.


Since the application is focused on iOS, users are guaranteed deep integration and synchronization. Advanced photos are saved to the gallery again without deleting the original.

Slør is available in many languages, such as Spanish, English, Danish and other languages. So whatever language you read and speak, Slør is understandable and available to you.


YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor


Came across bruises and circles under your eyes? Have you already been tortured by pouches under your eyes and a tired look? Do they seem to spoil literally every one of your selfies? YouCam Perfect will make your appearance fresh and give you a rested and happy look!

The name represents reality – the application is designed to idealize your appearance in the photo. Make-up function – you can add blush, paint your eyes and draw arrows or make contouring – all without spending an hour in front of the mirror, trying to draw clean eye lines.


You can correct your minor flaws – remove freckles or birthmarks, remove birthmarks or pimples from your face. Surprisingly, after that, your face will not look blurry or rough – all as natural as possible. The Skin tool will even help you remove wrinkles! Becoming younger in minutes is now a reality.

You can combine photos into collages. If it’s a portrait photo, YouCam Perfect will automatically be able to identify people’s faces and make them available for work. Collages you can make both template and original.


You can shoot video or try on effects while the camera is on. YouCam Perfect can shoot Vines, which can be uploaded to your social networks right away. Make video selfies and show the world how perfect you are!

After editing, you can upload all your work to your social networks in seconds. Share your masterpieces with your friends.


Cymera Camera – Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor


A camera with multiple cameras inside sounds confusing, right? In fact, it is simple – the Cymera Camera has several shooting modes that take a minimum of time to switch between.

Beauty Camera is the most commonly used one. With it, you can emphasize your natural beauty or simply add to it. The possibilities range from simple make-up to changing facial features, and all this is online.

Does it seem that your chin is too wide? Change this without the help of plastic surgeons and harm to your health. Try a new makeup or give up your makeup at all – Cymera Camera will paint you and you will not even have to use cosmetics for this purpose. Well, or just remove the mimic wrinkles so you do not look tired in the photo.


Sweet Camera is also available. It tests the effects and easy facial adjustments on you in real time. Make selfies perfect or apply the effect you like the most.

There are only 150 filters in the app, so you will just get tired of watching each of them. But this wide range ensures that you will like at least one of them – maybe it is film-effect or vintage.

Thanks to the interchangeable lens mode, you can take a Fish Eye photo without the need for an auxiliary lens! A broken camera, wide angle, Fish Eye is all available on one device!


In addition to the basic brightness and contrast settings, you will be able to do more detailed processing. For example, you can edit body contours. Even if you can see that you eat 3 Big Macs at once and then go to the Dunkin’ Donuts, the Cymera Camera will fix all the burgers in your stomach.

The most important thing is now to match the photo because using all the tools of Cymera Camera you will become ideal in the eyes of others.




Focalmark is not exactly a photo editor. Focalmark is a necessary application for all fans of making selfies and taking pictures.

After you have taken a successful photo, processed it, removed all the imperfections and garbage from the photo, you will definitely want to post it in your social networks. What is the first social network that comes to your mind? Of course, Instagram, because it is the most popular photo sharing platform.

But you may want to show the photo to a large number of people. Even if you are a sociable person, friends may not be enough. Have you ever wondered how you can make new acquaintances in Instagram?


You can answer these questions by using hashtags. Hashtags help people to find the company they are interested in, like-minded people, publications in a certain style or thematic photos.

That is, if you have successfully photographed eggs, put the hashtag eggs – and the fans of scrambled eggs will be able to see and appreciate your masterpiece for breakfast. So you can do it with all your photos.


But sometimes it is very difficult to pick up hashtags, and then comes to the aid of Focalmark. It unites people by interest, showing certain hashtags. Upload your photo to the app. It will automatically determine the style of the photo and tell you which hashtags to put will be the best idea.

Make new acquaintances or simply gain popularity with Focalmark. Who knows, you may have a talent for photography.

Currently Unavailable

We think that after our top you will never think that selfies cannot be fixed or made beautiful. For iOS and Android, there are a lot of applications developed, which will allow you to edit the finished photo as well as take it right away with the effects and retouching.

Pimples or wrinkles now do not spoil your photo! In case of extra wires or pillars in the photo – they are also easy to clean and will not become superfluous in your photo. All defects can now be fixed in a couple of clicks and after spending a few minutes, you only need to decide on the application.

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