Siri For Android. 7 Best Alternatives

Our phones are not merely devices anymore. We use them not just for calls and messaging. They become our daily companions. We take our smartphones everywhere as they serve us in different situations.

They replaced paper calendars, alarm clocks, navigators, audio players, maps and so on. The list has no end.  All these things are gathered in one SMARTphone.

One of the phone’s goodies nowadays is voice personal assistant. It helps us to make all the operations hands-free. Voice assistants help out a lot in daily life. They help you keep track of important things and make your life a little easier to manage.

It becomes more and more popular. And one of the leading voice assistants is Siri, of course. It gained its popularity because of Siri’s integration and efficiency. But it is available only for iOS users. No doubt, the Android world has created some similar apps for its users too.

There are quite a few great ones out there. Below you will see the greatest Siri alternatives for your Android device.

Google Assistant

gas1Probably, the most powerful response to Siri by Google that is now is pre-installed on all the Android gadgets. So if you had it on your phone before you probably wouldn’t even look for Siri alternatives because this is the same.

All you have to do is to say “OK, Google” and the assistant will work automatically. You can, for example, ask it to play your favorite music, check your calendar or find something on the Internet. Moreover, the latest update of this app allows you even to search for the music.

You may ask what is the difference between Google Assistant and Google Now – well, the first one responds to you in a conversational format. And its advanced artificial intelligence means that if any Android assistant has earned the moniker of “Siri for Android,” it’s this one.



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Google Now

google nowGoogle Now has a leading position among other personal assistant apps for Android devices. It is a great alternative for the iPhone’s Siri. It comes with a huge number of positive features for you.  They are getting news, weather, and sports updates, and even search for hands-free using your voice.

Google now is your first aid. Ask it to help you: find the best restaurants nearby, remind you to call your mum, set an alarm and more… You can talk instead of type! Just say “OK Google” from any screen and ask your question. Google will speak the answer aloud.

You can personalize your Google Now feed and get notifications about the weather, news, traffic, sport and film events… The more you use the Google app, the better results you get. Transform the way you search on the go!

You can also get Google Now Launcher which puts Google Now at the forefront of your device interactions.

google now google now


Robin – the Siri Challenger

robbin“… Siri has breadth, but Robin has depth!”

Robin app is a great Siri alternative for Android phones with its specific features. As other voice apps it will help you to make many operations with the help of your voice: calling, texting, asking questions, getting directions, etc.

You can ask it about the nearest cafes, gas stations, weather, latest news and more. You can ask it to make a reminder or set an alarm clock. All hands-free!

Plus, Robin app has more personality than other voice assistants. Robin gives your smartphone a smarter character.

Robin is a personal assistant that can be both useful and fun, constantly learning and adapting to you. She’ll even call you whatever names you want! Just tap the microphone button, and Robin will be all ears. Or, “wave hello” twice in front of your phone’s upper edge (or brush/tap it lightly).

 robin siri alternative for androidrobin siri alternative for android


Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant

microsoft2Right here we have an excellent digital assistant for Android by Microsoft. One of the best advantages of it if you decide to get it is its advanced synchronization with Windows. The Siri works according to a similar algorithm on Mac.

This fact means you can use Cortana both on your smartphone and your computer which is very convenient. And it includes vocal requests as well. Equipped with voice recognition technology, you can talk to Cortana on your computer as easily as you would on your smartphone.

In addition to that, Cortana can synchronize with Office 365 and help you with that software too – just imagine what is you could control Microsoft Word using your voice? In other aspects, this is a qualitative assistant that you don’t expect to get from Microsoft for Android specifically.



Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

extreme2This assistant has become quite popular on Google Play during the last couple of years. First of all, this app will be appreciated by fans of the “Iron Man”. Do you ask what is the connection between this character and this app? Well, because it is based on the idea of the assistant from that movie.

Feel like a Tony Start with this exact copy of his voice assistant. Another feature of this app is its extended privacy – the whole data will stay encrypted and free form the 3rd parties invasion. Moreover, it is available not only in English, but you can also find it in Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Breton, and many other languages.

In other aspects, it works just like the assistant by Google. All you have to do is to activate it after installation and the icon will appear on your home screen – it means te assistant is activated.

Among funny things that you can do with this app is you can ask it to find something on the map for you, or, just ask it a random question, like “what is the sun?” and start a conversation with the bot and so on and so on. Apart from the regular chores, Extreme tries it’s best to keep you entertained.

There are some Easter eggs hidden inside the app, see if you can uncover them!



Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

friday2An alternative to the previous app, that possesses the same features. The main difference in them is the design of the interface. You can give it various voice commands, like “open the Facebook” and it will do what you told it to do.

Another cool thing that you can make this assistant do is to say “take a selfie” and the app will open your frontal camera and make the selfie with a timer. In other words, it is a great assistant, especially when you feel a little lazy. You can ask it to advise you about the best restaurant nearby or the result of the latest game of your favorite football team.

Another interesting feature of Friday is that it can even go to Skype or send messages in WhatsApp if you told it to do so. Friday is aware of all the current settings of your device and synchronizes with it just perfectly.



Lyra Virtual Assistant

lyra2This is also one of the most popular assistants for Android on the Google Play market. It is more simple without any extraordinary idea or image, but that’s why the users like it – because of its simplicity.

Lyra works pretty fast, however, sometimes, some delays may occur. Another thing you should remember while using this app is to pronounce the words loudly and, otherwise, Lyra won’t understand. But enough of its drawbacks.

Lyra will allow you to do everything a standard assistant allows you to do – for instance, you can ask it to open the list of your contacts or to book the tickets to the movie you want to go to. Or, you can ask it to play YouTube videos or set an alarm. All you have to do is to install this app and switch the assistant on.



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That was the list of 7 perfect digital voice assistants available on Android platforms. These mobile applications can be considered the best alternatives to Apple’s Siri.


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