13 Snapchat tricks you’ve never heard about

Snapchat is a new and fun way to communicate with friends and family. It allows sending pictures and short videos that last no more than 10 seconds. The app is constantly being modernized, so now there is also a bunch of other cool features like snapcash or stories.

You might be wondering, why has it become so popular? Well, the key is that Snapchat is all about here and now – you don’t need to think twice about whether to send a photo with your hilarious face or not – it won’t be saved anyway, why bother?

Although, actually, it can be saved! Due to the app’s growing popularity users have found lots of tricks of how to snap and receive snaps the way you want to! We’ve gathered all the most useful ones in order to help you become advanced snapchatter. Check them out and astonish your friends with exceptional snaps!

13 Snapchat tricks you’ve never heard about

How to increase the number of possible colors

This one is for iPhone users. After making a snap you’re able to add some interesting details to it like doodles or text. To draw something you need to tap on the pencil at the top right corner of the screen. When you did it, you would see a palette with many colors. If you can’t choose the right color from the shown ones, there’s a tricky way to extend your palette!

All you need to do is to tap on the rainbow color bar and drag your finger down to the bottom of your screen, then left and up to the top. It might sound complicated, but it is actually quite easy to do – just look at the picture below. While doing it, you can stop whenever you want in order to choose the best color for your doodle.

If you need black color, you can just tap the color bar and drag your finger down. For white color, it is dragging your finger to the left. Try these easy methods to increase your creative powers!

snapchat more colors

How to use more than one filter on a snap

Filters make pictures look considerably better. All the snapchatters probably know how to use one filter. In case you don’t: just swipe over your photo! After that, you’ll be facing a really hard choice. Snapchat provides you with many cool filters, such as date/time, geofilter and so on.

The good news is that appears to be possible to apply 2 or even 3 filters to a photo at once! After choosing the first filter, just hold one finger on your snap and swipe left again to access other filters one more time. Pretty simple! Now you can make your snaps look even more gorgeous!

How to increase a possible length of text

iOS Notes app logoIf your text exceeds Snapchat’s limit, you can easily extend that limit with the help of the Notes app. Just go to Notes, type there anything you need to and copy it. Then go to Snapchat and paste the copied text. You can also try copying blank lines so that you could write more right in Snapchat. Don’t write too much though, there’s still a limit after which no text is available at all.
A slick trick for the ones who love expressing themselves in many words!

How to add sound to videos

Adding music to your snap videos is very easy. Just turn on a song on your phone and open the Snapchat app to record a video. No rocket science here! If you’re still using your default music player app, you might want to find out about the greatest free music download apps.

How to add more color to a snap

Sometimes using filters can be not enough and that’s when we turn to… emojis! Quite right, Snapchat emojis have got a superpower. Besides being so helpful in expressing emotions, they are able to serve as an additional color layer.

All you need to do is to choose an emoji with a necessary color and increase its size by zooming out to the point when edges of a picked emoji cannot be seen. That’s it! Now you can make colorful pictures in just a few seconds!

emoji filter

How to make text bigger (or smaller)

text iconIn Snapchat it is possible to change the size of a text by zooming in and zooming out. A very convenient trick in case your text doesn’t fit in the line or vice versa looks too small. Obviously, the same thing can be done with emojis.

How to use old lenses that are no more represented on Snapchat

Lenses can make photos look more hilarious. Unfortunately, they are no longer available on Snapchat, because of all the bugs they used to cause. However, the good news is that you can easily restore old lenses by changing the date on your phone.

Here’s how to do it on iOS: tap Settings – General – Date & Time. There you need to turn off set automatically. After that choose the date you need.

As for Android: tap Settings – Date & Time. Then turn off automatic mode and set another date.

Your new date depends on what lenses you want to use. Choose the one when desirable lenses were still available and go to the app to make a snap! Just don’t forget to set the right date back!

How to send photos taken not in Snapchat app

This trick is only possible when you are in a chat. Although some additional apps claim to make it possible even if you are not. We’re not going to look for such apps. Let’s overview the first case instead.

In order to send a photo from your gallery in a chat, you need to tap the yellow button and then tap on a special icon near the capture button that allows uploading your gallery images. This function has become available not so long ago, and you might not be aware of it. So now you know it and can easily send your pretty pics from phone to your friends!

upload gallery pictures to snapchat

How to add friends without knowing their usernames

If you want to add friends that are somewhere near to you, you can just use Add nearby feature. Go to Add friends and then choose Add nearby. This is much more convenient than typing confusing usernames!

add nearby feature

How to save (screenshot) snap and remain unnoticed

It is a well-known fact, that saving snaps is impossible. However, a one may still make a screenshot of a photo to view it later. Not so long ago Snapchat has introduced a new feature that allows users to be aware of the fact that someone makes screenshots of their snaps. Ouch! A little bit unpleasant to get noticed like this!

Luckily, there is a way to remain unnoticed while taking screenshots. Load snaps by staying plugged in and then go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. After doing so, you can make a screenshot and not to worry about being revealed.

How to reduce data consumption to save your battery

Snapchat is an amazing app with so many great features, however it is also a huge data consumer. If you noticed that your battery drains unusually fast, you might want to turn on the Travel Mode, which prevents snaps from downloading automatically.

In order to do that go to Settings – Additional services – Manage and then activate Travel Mode. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much more time you’ll be able to spend with your phone without recharging!

How to turn on night camera mode even if it is not dark

Night camera mode is usually used when it is too dark to take a picture with any other mode. In Snapchat it is turned on automatically, but there’s a trick how to activate it even if there seems to be enough light.

All you need to do is to cover your camera for a few seconds and night mode will be activated! Pictures taken in such a way will be much brighter!

night mode snapchat

How to snap without touching screen

This is the last and the easiest trick for now! Just use your volume buttons! It’s especially useful if you are making a video snap.

These were some of the trickiest ways of how to use Snapchat. We hope, you have improved your skills of dealing with Snapchat’s inconveniences and learnt something useful. If you know some other tricks, please be free to share them with us. Enjoy your snapchatting!

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