8 Best spreadsheets apps for Android & iOS

It is obvious that organizing and keeping information are basic skills required at work, as well as in everyday life.

But how to do it effectively and easily? Is it better to keep all the data on paper or a computer? This is a question with no right answer. Still, if you are keen on keeping information via digital resources, you may find this article useful.

Here you can find 11 apps, which will make your life a little bit easier. Yes, I am talking about iOS and Android spreadsheet apps!

Microsoft Excel

This is the most popular app for keeping data. About 75% of leading companies make use of Microsoft Excel on a daily basis. And it is worthy of all the trust it has.

First of all, it is famous for its relatively easy interface. Still, if this is your first experience with spreadsheets apps, you will probably need some time to get used to it.

Secondly, you can share all the charts, infographics and budgets with your friends or colleagues at a click of a button. The documents can be edited by one person, as well as a group of people, which is very convenient for those who work collectively.


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Google Sheets

This app can be described as “the new Microsoft Excel”. Indeed, there are many common features.

All the Google apps are valued and respected for their automatic saving options. You don’t need to remember to save what you have typed – the app will do it for you. Just concentrate on your work.

What is more, Google Sheets cares about data security. For instance, you can generate a 4-digit code. After you do it, the document is safe and only those who know the code can watch and edit it.

This makes Google Sheets a perfect app for keeping vitally important data.



If you are looking for an app that will help you effectively and easily visualize information, Coda is a perfect solution.

Here you can create charts, infographic and many other things that help to present any type of data in a simple way. Coda has a friendly interface that will try to understand your preferences and give you advice and instructions.

Coda’s main feature is that it can make links between the documents you create. This function gives a start to a powerful system of documents, charts and other forms of information. Every change you make in one document automatically appears in others, provided that they are connected.


WSP Office

This app combines all the possible functions that the office workers might need: spreadsheets, documents, infographics, Word and many others.

WSP Office was rated in 2019 “the best Office app for mobile”. And it deserves this rank mainly because of its wide range of functions that are usually not available for mobile apps.

It saves data in PDF, which is perfect for most of the users.

All the templates are free, the only thing you need to do is to download them.

By the way, WSP Office is one of the smallest apps mentioned in the list – its size is about 36 MB! Sometimes it seems impossible for such a powerful app to be so small. But it is, and you must use this opportunity.



If you have plenty of documents (like presentations, Word files and charts) united by the same topic, and you need to integrate them, Quip will easily do it. There is no problem if you work with different types of documents.

All of them can be uploaded in Quip and integrated.

Actually, this is the only function that makes this app so different from others mentioned in the list. But this feature is so long-awaited that the app got a high rank of 4.0 in Google Play and 4.5 in App Store. quip screenshot


Zoho Sheet

This one is a good solution if you have a number of documents, but you can hardly make up your mind on how to organize them.

Zoho gives you a wide variety of templates and features to choose from. It has a special detailed guide for those who use this kind of app for the first time.

What is more, Zoho Sheet helps you create design for the spreadsheets you make. For instance, you can choose colors, shapes and images and add them to the spreadsheet. This is especially useful for presentations.

Another nice feature is its dark mode, which makes it comfortable to work at night.  The app is available in App Store and Google Play.


LibreOffice Calc

This is another spreadsheets app, which is packed with a great number of functions needed in office. You can create, share and edit collectively or on your own.

The app is free of charge, but you have to keep in mind that it will not work offline.

There is also a possibility of setting a password, if you don’t want your documents to be watched or edited by others. The password can be set for one page or for the whole document.

Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy the functions of the app.


Simple Spreadsheet

If you are looking for a basic spreadsheets app, which is easy to use and free of charge, try Simple Spreadsheet. It doesn’t contain any original functions, only the most basic ones – creating spreadsheets, editing and sharing them with others. The opportunities for designing are also limited. Still, you can choose colores and add some simple shapes.

Its interface is extremely easy even for unskilled users. There are some guides for those who deal with spreadsheets for the first time.

The only thing you will have to put up with is adds. But they help to keep the app free.

In Google Play and App Store there are two different versions of this app. We have to admit that the iPhone version is more advanced and easy-to-use. Still, you can create the same spreadsheet in Android. The functions of the apps are similar.


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