5 Best sticker apps for iMessage

Stickers are something that allows us to express our emotions more fully in dialogues, correspondence and communication on the Internet. Initially, smileys were created for this purpose, first in the form of symbolic sequences, and then in the form of small pictures.

Since stickers are much larger than their predecessors, we perceive them as a more vivid expression of emotions. Usually it turns out that some stickers correspond to smileys. That’s why their number is usually limited, and the scant choice is disappointing.

In iOS 10 we have created an innovation – the ability to accompany your messages in iMessage with funny stickers. But as we have already mentioned, there are very few of them yet. Of course, you can download new stickers, look for something interesting among them, but it will take too long and there is always a possibility that you will not find the right one.

In this case, you are given the opportunity to create your own – maybe it will be even more interesting. Are you ready to convert your photos into stickers and use them in your daily life?

Assembly: Graphic Design & Art

Cost: Free, offers In-App Purchases

assemblyWe decided to start our rating with the most professional and multi-disciplinary application. Assembly – is a service that is designed for designers who want to create logos, posters, graphic items or other graphics – of course, stickers as well. Since the application is designed not only for basic creation of stickers, but also for more complex creative work, you have much more opportunities and space to create something new.

Assembly represents the high-grade editor intended for creation and change of a vector drawing. In it you can as create your personal items from scratch – for example, independently drawing stickers, and use templates for them.

There are over 250 templates in the application and they represent completely ready-made stickers that you can change. So that you understand how advanced this application is – you can even use Bezier curves for point editing. Upload images up to 4096×4096 pixels in various formats, both PDF and JPG.

Creation of stickers is taken out in a separate tab so that you precisely will not be lost in all this huge functionality. Besides, in case you want to create something more than just stickers. There’s also iCloud syncing – all your projects will be available on all your iOS devices.

assembly2 assembly1


Sticker Maker Meme Stickers

Cost: Free

sticker maker memeCreating your own meme packs is very convenient. In one set you can collect all those memes that you like and that best amuse your friends. The most convenient thing is that Sticker Maker Meme Stickers allows you not only to create your own stickers, but also to put together a set of ready-made and most popular jokes.

When it comes to working with your images, it’s very simple. You’ll need to upload your image to the app and circle the area you want to make a sticker. The object will separate itself from the main image and become an independent layer. Next, you will need to use an eraser to correct what you don’t need – remove the background, unnecessary details and so on.

You only need to add something to them somehow – add some templates – for example, text extracts or smileys. You can save any format you need, which is suitable for uploading to iMessage.

It’s also worth telling you a little bit about the images that already exist in Sticker Maker Meme Stickers. In total, there are already more than 260 ready-made stickers in the app, which only need to be assembled into a separate stickerpack. You can also edit them – but you can keep them in their original form. Upload the created set to iMessage and you can use stickers in dialogs right away. We think you should diversify your communication with your friends a little bit!

sticker maker meme2 sticker maker meme1


Aivatar – Avatar Sticker Maker

Cost: Free, Offers In-App Purchases

aivatarWould you ever like to be a real sticker character? Now you have the opportunity! Aivatar gives you the opportunity to make your own stickers – and not just cut out photos or pictures, but to create your own character that has your own characteristics.

All you need to do to create your character is just make selfies. Smart Aivatar algorithms transform your image into a graphic character. Your friends will be shocked at how much he looks like you in real life! Once you’ve created a character, you can immediately share the intermediate result with your friends in WhattsUp and iMessage – even though you can wait for a full stickerpack.

Stickers are made on some layouts, which you can choose from. Every week new stickers appear, which you can also add to your collection. Some of them can be animated, which is even cooler than regular stickers.

You can also change your avatar to your liking – for example, change your hair color or add a mole. Most importantly, Aivatar is completely advertising-free, so you won’t get in the way of annoying banners when you download stickers to iMessage!

aivatar2 aivatar1


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Sticker Maker Studio

Cost: Free

sticker maker studioSticker Maker Studio is probably so popular with users because it is incredibly easy to use and does not take up much of your time to learn. All the steps you need to take to create your stickers will take you just a couple of minutes without overloading your smartphone’s memory.

You will need to upload your favorite pictures and photos from your smartphone gallery. Create a new collection in Sticker Maker Studio to do just that. Next, all you have to do is select the most interesting snapshot and cut out the part that you want to convert into a sticker.

There are no limits to the number of attempts you can make to achieve perfect results and smooth outlines. Now you can assume that the process is almost complete – all you have to do is to save the result.

Sticker Maker Studio supports uploading your sticker collections to iMessage and other applications. You can also save them to a gallery in Webp or PNG format – but why, when you can use them right away for correspondence?

sticker maker studio2 sticker maker studio1


Sticker It Memes Maker Studio

Cost: Free, Offers In-App Purchases

sticker it memes maker studioJust like Sticker Maker Studio, managing and creating stickers in the application is incredibly easy. Sticker It Memes Maker Studio will help you create your own memos using only the utility and your gallery. You can create all the stickers from your own photos by simply choosing the funniest ones.

In Sticker It Memes Maker Studio, you can create real stickers that you can then download to any application, such as iMessage or another sticker-supporting application. You can simply export your results to your messenger and send them to your friends right away.

The main thing that you can do is not only cut out the pictures, but also decorate and change them. For example, you can add text, smileys or funny elements right on top of the result.

Create your own collections and upload them in a single package to any application. iMessage perfectly supports all the stickers created in Sticker It Memes Maker Studio, so feel free to download the application and start creating your own unique content.

sticker it memes maker studio1 sticker it memes maker studio2


Memes, photos, pictures of your friends and their pets together – all of this you can use in everyday life. Why look for a funny picture or a picture in a gallery every time – it’s enough just to make stickers out of them once! Communicating in iMessage, you will always find your original and funny works in a separate tab – so they will always be available at the right time.

You should agree that correspondence becomes funnier and more interesting when you exchange not only messages, but also accompany them with stickers. Convert all those memes, pictures with funny faces and strange pictures into real emotions – so your friends will understand your mood even better.


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