7 Best stop optimizing apps for Android

The phone is an integral part of modern life. We use it every day. Besides, we download a huge number of applications. Despite the fact that some of them are deleted, the remains of applications are in the phone’s memory.

This can cause a slowdown and degradation of the mobile device. If you do not check this factor, the phone may stop working.

To cut this problem, a large number of applications have been created. They are able to delete unnecessary files. This list contains the best applications that will help you in this process.

Smart Booster

Smart Booster is the app for garbage removal and system optimization for Android. This application is able to manage notifications and clear the cache.

The main goal of the application is to remove unnecessary files and applications. This process takes place to free the memory of your mobile device.

To get started, you need to allow access to delete files and applications. This program will conduct a thorough search of unnecessary applications and remove them.

You can also see which files will be deleted. You can undo the removal of some of them.

After uninstalling the application, various unnecessary files and configurations remain on the phone. The Smart Booster app also clears the phone of them. These processes are handled by a standard scanner in the background. For more extensive removal, you need to open the Smart Booster application.

Next, select a powerful scanner. It will help you delete 500 MB more junk files. Most often, this number includes the system memory of applications.

The application Smart Booster greatly improves the performance of your phone. It closes passive processes that adversely affect the processor of your smartphone.

A large number of background processes very much overload the work of an Android phone. That is why this application will be useful to improve the quality of the mobile device.

You can also check the temperature of the phone. To do this, open a special section in the application. If the thermometer is colored green, then the temperature of the phone is at a normal level. If the thermometer is red, then your phone has overheated. In this case, you will receive a notification.

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Cleaner For Android

Cleaner For Android is an application designed to stop optimizing. It improves the performance of your mobile device.

Poor smartphone performance depends on a large number of different reasons. It can be the launch of unnecessary applications, unnecessary files, and much more. This program will solve these problems.

This application has an instant phone cleaning feature. In the program menu, you can start a quick cleanup. It deletes unnecessary files that occupy the most space in the smartphone’s memory.

It mainly includes the application and system cache. Also. The application will delete the remnants of before deleted programs. As a result of this process, a large amount of memory will be freed on your phone. The mobile device will start to work faster.

Also here you can analyze the battery consumption. You will see which applications spend the most charge. Their work can be suspended or reduced. It will also extend the life of your phone.

Check the processor level of your smartphone. This feature is automatic. You only need to start this process.

Besides, you can block unnecessary notifications from applications. This will make using your mobile device more convenient.

The application Cleaner For Android can free up and speed up the RAM of your phone. To do this, you also need to enable the corresponding function. The process will take place offline.

Use the application manager. So you can quickly remove applications or combine their use.

An interesting feature is the removal of similar photos. The application automatically analyzes and finds identical images. After the search is completed, you will be asked to delete them.

The app Cleaner For Android will greatly help you improve the performance of your phone.

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Fast Reboot

If your phone starts to work more slowly, then the Fast Reboot application will come in handy.

The reason for this is the system clogged with junk data and unnecessary processes. They occupy space on local media and consume precious system resources.

This program will help you get rid of the digital junk that has accumulated in the device. You can backup important applications.

The application Fast Reboot starts working immediately after launch. It analyzes the status of the device and displays information about the status of the RAM.

When the garbage collection function is activated, the app scans the device’s drives. It collects information about files that can be safely disposed of.

It can be unnecessary cache files, as well as files created as a result of various applications. All found garbage is sorted into separate categories. So that it is more convenient for you to navigate. Before starting the cleaning, you can view the data and uncheck the removal of any components.

In the settings, you can activate the basket, into which images will fall after deletion. These photos are easy to recover within a week.

The acceleration function works in much the same way. If many programs are installed on the device, the freed-up amount of RAM can be hundreds of megabytes. Such an increase in resources is clearly visible when working with demanding applications.

The last section of the program is called “About the device.” It contains the characteristics of the smartphone on which the application is running. It also starts battery testing and quick optimization of RAM. It is conducted using one of the three available profiles.

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Ram Booster – Memory optimizer

The Ram Booster – Memory optimizer app will help speed up your mobile device. Its main features are the ability to clean memory and regulate the processor. All processes occur automatically.

This is a simple and easy to use program. To start, you will not need either registration or authorization using social networks. Besides, there is also no place for in-app purchases and advertising. Everything is distributed absolutely free.

The main menu consists of two zones. The top one is designed to show the state of a device that includes processor temperature. Also here you will see free megabytes on the map and the working amount of RAM.

The lower part is created for existing methods for solving various problems. There are four of them. Garbage collection, memory acceleration, device information, and application manager.

The first item in the bottom menu will help clean the smartphone from unnecessary files. After scanning the internal space of the phone, the app will show a list of unnecessary files. This feature works great.

The principle of cleaning the RAM is almost identical. Ram Booster – Memory optimizer shows running applications and offers to close the least useful of them.

More device information will contain information about:

  • processor temperature
  • processor frequency
  • current power and battery voltage
  • much more

This is a compact tool that can improve the speed of a smartphone in seconds. With it, you can extend the life of your mobile device.

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Repair system android, fix problems

Repair system android, fix problems is a brand new multi-functional cleaner for your phone. It also detects viruses, saves battery power and speeds up the operating system.

Cleaning and optimization are carried out in three stages:

  1. The amount of garbage is calculated, from the removal of which you will not lose anything. Here you can safely click “OK” and wait for the result.
  2. The application shows you files that are heavy. It offers to get rid of them. Before agreeing, you need to think in order not to lose important information forever.
  3. The program also issues a report on the use of resources of the operating system and battery. It completes the extra processes.

Scan your phone for viruses at least once a week. Especially if you are downloading some elements from third-party sites. Run a deep scan and wait for the antivirus to check the memory of your phone.

Also, the application Repair system android, fix problems is able to start the cooling process. Cooling is necessary when the processor heats up noticeably. This may be caused by some software, display settings, game loads, and so on. The program identifies the cause and eliminates it automatically.

An image manager is also offered. It helps you keep track of whether your gallery has the same or just unnecessary photos. For example, random shots were taken with a careless push of a button.

You can configure the program so that it removes applications that are not used for a month. It is convenient for those people who are used to downloading a large number of applications.

The program Repair system android, fix problems is free and does not need in-app purchases. Besides, there is no advertising.

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Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner is a file management manager and utility for clearing the smartphone’s memory. The program is easy to use. Due to its lightweight, it does not take up much space on the device.

The application is designed to manage Android system files. It is also used to clean up internal and external memory from accumulated garbage. This data slows down the smartphone and reduces the storage space for useful data.

The application Phone Cleaner has a simple but clear interface. Because of this, the program is fast. In the main window of the application, the scales of internal and external memory are located.

They display the remaining free space on drives. Various prompts or notifications immediately pop up.

The program does not perform any operations on its own. It invites you to perform certain actions. Also in the main window, there are two main menu items: “Storage” and “Files”.

In the “Storage” menu, you are prompted to clear the gadget from unnecessary data:

  • Clear cache
  • Unused applications
  • Downloaded files
  • Duplicate items
  • Multimedia files downloaded from messengers and social networks

When you select a menu item, the application opens a page with the deleted files. Only some of them can be noted and deleted. You can also perform a full cleaning by checking the option “Entire list”.

The file system in the Phone Cleaner application is conveniently structured. All data is sorted by their folders:

  • Downloaded files
  • Received files
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Documents

Here you can immediately go to the appropriate tab and find the required material. A long press on a menu item opens a list of actions. The application Phone Cleaner will prompt you to perform a series of operations. For example, copy, rename, delete, and more.

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Repair Android System

The Repair Android System application is a special cleaner of your smartphone. The purpose of it is to improve its performance.

If the media of the device is more than 80–90% full, then cleaning should be carried out without fail. This will give a real increase in the speed of the smartphone. Besides, it will allow you to install new programs on it.

This program can find all the extra files and destroy them without harming the phone.

After installing the application, you will see the start screen. it has buttons for starting basic cleaning operations.

To start cleaning the operating system, you need to click on the “Scan” button and wait for the process to finish. After that, click on the red “Clean” button and enjoy the result. Everything is simple, clear and very reliable.

If you pull out the toolbar hiding on the left, you will see a list of all the features of the program.

Overview. A page that displays basic information about your device.

Conductor. Advanced file manager with support for all common operations. For example, copying, moving, renaming files and so on. There is also the ability to determine which program created a particular file.

Search. Search for files and folders by name or mask.

Manager. Display installed applications on your device. You have the ability to delete applications and create backups of them.

Garbage. Search for unnecessary or old files leftover from uninstalled programs. Their safe removal.

System. Detection of those system files that can be safely cleaned. These include bug reports, application statistics, ad trash, search history, and more.

Clearing application cache. It is with this tool that it manages to free up largest space on the device.

Duplicates Search for completely identical files. Ideal for discovering the same photos and music tracks.

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