7 Best Stop Optimizing Apps for Android

The phone is an integral part of modern life. We use it every day. Besides, we download a huge number of applications. Despite the fact that some of them are deleted, the remains of applications are in the phone’s memory.

This can cause a slowdown and degradation of the mobile device. If you do not check this factor, the phone may stop working.

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To cut this problem, a large number of applications have been created. They are able to delete unnecessary files. This list contains the best applications that will help you in this process.

Smart Booster

Smart Booster is the app for garbage removal and system optimization for Android. This application is able to manage notifications and clear the cache. The main goal of the application is to remove unnecessary files and applications. This process takes place to free the memory of your mobile device.

To get started, you need to allow access to delete files and applications. This program will conduct a thorough search of unnecessary applications and remove them. You can also see which files will be deleted. You can undo the removal of some of them.

After uninstalling the application, various unnecessary files and configurations remain on the phone. The Smart Booster app also clears the phone of them. These processes are handled by a standard scanner in the background. For more extensive removal, you need to open the Smart Booster application.

Next, select a powerful scanner. It will help you delete 500 MB more junk files. Most often, this number includes the system memory of applications. The application Smart Booster greatly improves the performance of your phone. It closes passive processes that adversely affect the processor of your smartphone.

A large number of background processes very much overload the work of an Android phone. That is why this application will be useful to improve the quality of the mobile device.

You can also check the temperature of the phone. To do this, open a special section in the application. If the thermometer is colored green, then the temperature of the phone is at a normal level. If the thermometer is red, then your phone has overheated. In this case, you will receive a notification.

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Cleaner For Android

Cleaner For Android is an application designed to stop optimizing. It improves the performance of your mobile device. Poor smartphone performance depends on a large number of different reasons. It can be the launch of unnecessary applications, unnecessary files, and much more. This program will solve these problems.

This application has an instant phone cleaning feature. In the program menu, you can start a quick cleanup. It deletes unnecessary files that occupy the most space in the smartphone’s memory.

It mainly includes the application and system cache. Also. The application will delete the remnants of before deleted programs. As a result of this process, a large amount of memory will be freed on your phone. The mobile device will start to work faster.

Also here you can analyze the battery consumption. You will see which applications spend the most charge. Their work can be suspended or reduced. It will also extend the life of your phone.

Check the processor level of your smartphone. This feature is automatic. You only need to start this process. Besides, you can block unnecessary notifications from applications. This will make using your mobile device more convenient.

The application Cleaner For Android can free up and speed up the RAM of your phone. To do this, you also need to enable the corresponding function. The process will take place offline. Use the application manager. So you can quickly remove applications or combine their use.

An interesting feature is the removal of similar photos. The application automatically analyzes and finds identical images. After the search is completed, you will be asked to delete them. The app Cleaner For Android will greatly help you improve the performance of your phone.


Fast Reboot

If your phone starts to work more slowly, then the Fast Reboot application will come in handy. The reason for this is the system clogged with junk data and unnecessary processes. They occupy space on local media and consume precious system resources.

This program will help you get rid of the digital junk that has accumulated in the device. You can backup important applications. The application Fast Reboot starts working immediately after launch. It analyzes the status of the device and displays information about the status of the RAM.

When the garbage collection function is activated, the app scans the device’s drives. It collects information about files that can be safely disposed of.

It can be unnecessary cache files, as well as files created as a result of various applications. All found garbage is sorted into separate categories. So that it is more convenient for you to navigate. Before starting the cleaning, you can view the data and uncheck the removal of any components.

In the settings, you can activate the basket, into which images will fall after deletion. These photos are easy to recover within a week.

The acceleration function works in much the same way. If many programs are installed on the device, the freed-up amount of RAM can be hundreds of megabytes. Such an increase in resources is clearly visible when working with demanding applications.

The last section of the program is called “About the device.” It contains the characteristics of the smartphone on which the application is running. It also starts battery testing and quick optimization of RAM. It is conducted using one of the three available profiles.

CCleaner: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer

CC Cleaner is extremely popular optimization software for Android. It has been on the market for more than 10 years and has gained an excellent reputation. Moreover, CCleaner is available not only for smartphones but for computers as well, so it proves one more time its effectiveness.

First of all, using the CCleaner, you can clean the phone’s memory space and speed up the working processes of it. What is more, this app provides such a function as the automatic optimization – you can click on it and CCleaner will clean the space, cache, remove cookies, and will make the overall analysis of the system’s state in a minute.

What is more, CCleaner can delete several apps at a time, that you can’t do with your regular Android settings. You can also detect which apps waste your Internet traffic and neutralize them. Then, CCleaner can make the overall audit of the system and detect which apps waste the most pf the phone’s battery charge.

Along with that, the app will inform you about the “forgotten” apps that you haven’t been using for a while and will suggest to delete them in order to clean more space. Now the app gained a couple of new features: Task Killer allows to stop any process of the app in a moment.

Another new feature can block the work of the apps in the background mode without any additional actions from your side. In addition, one of the new features makes an analysis of how certain programs and software influence your device in general.


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AVG Cleaner

This is probably one of the main competitors of CCleaner about which you could read above. Well, this software is not that popular as CCleaner but you can still use it as the stop optimizing the app and you will probably like it. Or, being more precise, this app is used by 50 million users (CCleaner has bigger numbers) but still – isn’t it enough to prove its effectiveness?

Basically, it does the same that CCleaner does – cleans up the RAM memory to delete the cache files, cleans up the phone’s memory by deleting the apps that you don’t use and extra files. It also makes an analysis of the system’s operating and detects which apps waste the most energy.

What is more, AVG Cleaner helps to optimize the Internet traffic allowing you to save on its consumption. The app can also stop all the apps working in the background mode in order to save the charge of your phone’s battery. After the app makes an analysis of the system it shows all the results on one screen where you can read all the aspects.

Among other features that help AVG Cleaner to stand out from other apps, you will find the optimization of the phone’s gallery – the app can automatically search for the low quality or bad pictures – and delete them. AVG Cleaner can also accomplish the full optimization of the system in one click.


Avast Cleanup

Avast is known as an anti-virus app, but did you know it also has an optimizer branch? Well, you can see it now. It is known for its user-friendly interface and a number of useful functions.

First of all, Avast Cleanup provides the possibility fo cleaning the RAM memory of your phone – you will see how the speed of your gadget will increase after you clean it up.

What is more, this app will work as a manager that will take control of all the unnecessary files that you don’t use anymore and will erase them from your phone.

It will also make the analysis of the whole system of your smartphone and will detect which apps are the most “heavy” in terms of energy consumption, which apps are running in the background mode, and which apps you don’t use anymore.

However, be careful with Avast Cleanup since it can delete literally all the files that you haven’t touched for a while, for example, photos or videos. In order to avoid that, you should watch the app when it does the cleanup and decline to delete pictures and video files.

For better convenience, you can schedule the automatic cleanup in Avast – so it makes the optimization of the smartphone one a month.

Avast makes the full analysis of the OS of your smartphone and will demonstrate you the results on the scene on the circle diagram. There you will see what causes the slow work of your gadget and will be able to erase the problem.

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Fast Optimizer

Have you noticed that your phone started working annoyingly slowly? That too many app crashes as soon as you open them? That the gadget gets hot while you’re using it even though you’re not doing anything special and the battery charge is getting lower and lower for no reason? Then you definitely need to get this app.

Fast Optimizer justifies its name and allows you to clean your phone’s cache in a single tap. It is not the most simple app ever in terms of interface and all the analytic systems, but it works and numerous positive reviews from users on Google Play confirm that.

The app is absolutely free and, what is even better, it doesn’t have any annoying ads or something. It makes a detailed analysis of the phone’s system and detects the non-resident apps and stops them from working in the background, thus, saving the charge of the phone’s battery.

Another advantage of Fast Optimizer compared to all the other apps is that it is a lightweight app. The drawback of it is it works mainly only on the older Android OS. Many users complain that the app doesn’t work on the latest versions of Android.



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