11 Best tax manager apps in 2022 (Android & iOS)

Keeping records of finances, and especially tax payments are quite difficult. It takes a long time. Especially if there are so many. With modern technology, it is much easier to do all this.

For this purpose, this review has collected the best tax manager apps. They are sure to be useful both for ordinary people and entrepreneurs.


MyBlockThis application allows you to save working time as much as possible.

You can receive information from the databases of tax authorities. Interact with inspections without leaving the office.

With the help of this program, you can learn actual information about the amounts of accrued and paid tax payments.

Also here there is data on the presence of overpayments.

There are decisions of tax bodies about offset and return of excessively paid (excessively collected) sums. You can learn about the tax debt, the unfulfilled by the taxpayer requirements for payment of tax.

There are also other obligatory payments, measures of compulsory collection of debts.

Besides, the taxpayer can promptly receive an extract, as well as information on all registration with the tax authorities.

You can find out more information about the applied system of taxation, passing off your documents, and other issues.

The list of debts can be made out in the section “debt management”. It is simple – there are two types of debt (“borrow” and “lend”). Notifications can be made independently in the planning section.

One more interesting function is setting a limit on the category and wallet. This limit will be useful for those who are used to thoughtlessly spend money.

There is also nothing wrong with reports in this application – you can get a report as a pie chart and in a tabular form. You can separately see how much money has been spent on a given category.

Another useful report is a comparison of expenses/income. This function will be useful, for example, for comparing expenses for the past and current months.

MyBlock MyBlock

Designed for iOS and Android, the app is available for download from the AppleStore and GooglePlay stores.

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Tax Manager

Tax ManagerThis is one of the most popular applications on the market for programs designed to control personal finances and taxes.

The free version has all the necessary tools for home accounting. The set of tools is quite extensive.

It has expense and revenue accounting, multicurrency, detailed reports, and much more.

The application does quite well with home accounting – there is a good set of tools.

If someone lacks basic functions (the free version of the program), you can always switch to the premium version.

This application has left pleasant impressions. Thoughtful interface and ease of data entry make the program quite attractive. The basic (free) set of functions will meet any family budget.

For the lazy, there is a useful feature – transaction recognition in messages from banks. Once you have configured the templates, and the application enters the data itself. If you pay with a bank card.

Tax Manager Tax Manager

The program will be useful not only for beginners but also for more advanced users.

Income Tax Ready Reckoner

Income Tax Ready ReckonerThis application allows you to register to view taxes. It’s available on Google Play and App Store.

The user needs to log in to his personal account with his login and password and then confirm his phone number and region of activity.

You can also use your personal account in the application to manage your tax reporting.

If there is no personal account of the taxpayer, you can get it from the tax office or scan your passport through the application and take selfies.

The application will generate receipts for clients, and information about sales will be sent to the tax office.

At the end of the month, the taxpayer receives information about the amount of tax, which will be written automatically if the user agrees.

You can also pay the tax yourself. There is no need to submit reports and pay fixed insurance premiums.

This application has all the functionality to effectively control personal finances. The set of functions is very good, especially for the free application.

There are flexible settings for directories and user accounts. Reports are qualitative and informative.

Income Tax Ready Reckoner Income Tax Ready Reckoner

It is possible with full confidence to tell the program to those for whom the “colorful” interface is not in the first place.


taxmann.comThis app for tax accounting and home accounting has a wealth of functionality to account for expenses and plan for achieving goals.

It allows you to track progress towards your goals.

This application has a list of frequently used operations, quick entry of repetitive data.

Scan cheques and automatically upload data to the program. Creating operation templates. Setting up regular transactions.

Creating any number of accounts, combining them into groups. Many expense and income categories and sub-categories. You can add yours. Keeping records in any currency.

Multiuser access for the whole family. Each family member has a separate account with a password, personal accounts and records can be hidden from others.

Recording credits and debts in a separate tab with classification by categories, projects, and much more. You can set priorities and reminders so that you do not forget about the payment.

There are a lot of different reports and analytics. In the form of charts, graphs, tables, percentages, amounts, by categories, counterparties.

There is budgeting, planning, setting goals, and reviewing progress towards achieving them.

taxmann.com taxmann.com

There are a scheduler and a calendar with a display of forthcoming expenses.

Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Calculator - with Indian Income Tax ActIt’s a personal finance accounting application. It does well with regard to income and expenses.

Once the application is launched, the user enters the transactions section.

By clicking the red lightning button at the bottom of the screen, you can quickly add an expense or revenue transaction.

Before executing a transaction, one should select its name, for example, clothes, food, gasoline, and specify the amount.

You can add the expense via the top menu. The three-point is “add transaction”. The program contains a two-level directory of transactions.

For example, categories and subcategories: children/toys, children/kindergarten. To arrange the directories for yourself, you should enter the settings section.

This is the third icon at the top. Then you need to enter the “groups” and press the “add group” button from above.

At the new element, you should specify the name of the group, the type of operation (expense or income), the icon.

You also need to specify whether this group is the default element. If it is, it will be displayed when adding it via the lightning button on the main screen.

To build reports, you should go to the corresponding section (the second icon at the top) and select the report type.

The current version has seven types of reports, the most popular of which are the following.

Expenses/income by months, operations by group/subgroup. The report is available both as a diagram and in a tabular view.

In general, the application has left a pleasant impression. No failures or errors have been detected in users during testing. The program interface is simple and functional.

Income Tax Calculator - with Indian Income Tax Act Income Tax Calculator - with Indian Income Tax Act

You can add a transaction in two touches (plus entering numbers). As for reports, they are also rather informative.

Pak Tax Manager Calculator

Pak Tax Manager CalculatorIt is one of the most popular and widely used taxes and personal finance accounting programs.

It features a simple design and a large number of different analytical functions, some of which are usually not used.

In this app you can set up synchronization with banks (in the list of 59 banks), adding transactions from bank notifications.

There is a QR code scan from shop receipts. It forms a list of purchases.

There are many predefined categories, you can add your own and assign icons to them. There is a division into mandatory and non-mandatory expenses.

Accounting in any currency. Simultaneous accounting for cards, accounts, cash, deposits. Setting up permanent transactions.

There is multi-user access for the whole family. Each user has created a different login, personal accounts, and settings.

Accounts are divided into personal and general accounts, personal accounts can be made private.

There is a calendar of upcoming payments and receipts. Widget of the spending limit for a period. There is an advisor on savings.

There is an analyst on expenses, income, budget, the trend of expenses. There are many separate reports: by category, free money, savings, spending limit, weekly reports.

Pak Tax Manager Calculator Pak Tax Manager Calculator

You can log in through your Google Account. Export operations to CSV.

Tax GO

Tax GOThe functionality of this application is slightly wider than that of the previous program.

If you can manage two accounts (cash and card) for personal accounting, this application is quite useful.

We would like to note an interesting approach in the design of the main application screen (category section).

Here you can find the list of expense categories with expenses for each transaction in the current month.

To view the structure of expenses for the previous month, just move the screen to the right. Or you can choose the time interval from above.

If you are interested in income, you should click in the center of the screen and you will receive the income structure for the selected period.

A circle in the center of the screen in the “Categories” section is also a diagram. It shows the share of expenses for all categories involved.

There is no hierarchy of categories in the application, i.e. the transaction directory has one level. It is difficult to say whether this is a disadvantage because a two-level directory would disturb the visibility.

It is very simple to add a transaction – just click on the corresponding inscription in the “categories” section.

After entering the flow rate, it is automatically summed up with the previous value for the selected category.

In the “overview” section you can find more detailed information about the expenses and income of your personal accounting.

Here you can see the detailed report in tabular form. At the top of the section, there is a chart showing the dynamics of expenses and income by days.

At first, everything in this app seems unusual, and then comes the realization that it is not more convenient.

You can see that the developer has tried very hard and thought about the functionality and interface of the application.

Tax GO Tax GO

If you need a colorful and illustrative tool for home accounting, this application is just right for you.

Income Tax Calculator for Salaried and Pensioners

Income Tax Calculator for Salaried and PensionersThis is a simple and completely free of charge application for keeping records of personal expenses.

You can use the grouping of accounts in this application. Some accounts can be made hidden.

The division of expenses into regular and irregular ones. Bank message analysis function.

There is a calculator of credits, deposits, taxes, currency converter.

Many categories and sub-categories of expenses and income, you can enter your own. You can keep several accounts in different currencies.

Input regular expenses and income. Pictures of purchases, checks.

Debt control. Report generation. There is a calendar of income and expenses with a balance for the day and month.

There are statistics, charts of expenses, and income. There are reminders of upcoming payments.

Income Tax Calculator for Salaried and Pensioners Income Tax Calculator for Salaried and Pensioners

Budgeting for the day, week, month, and year, as well as for any selected period. Many analytical charts: by category, date, balance, comparison of monthly expenses.

Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via app

Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via appThis application has a wide range of functions. It has everything you need to control your family budget.

For example, income, planning, debts, foreign exchange accounts, and much more.

This application is noticeably superior to competitors in functionality but loses to them in the design of the interface.

The appearance of the application goes back in time to the first versions of Android.

If you are not confused by this interface, this application will become a reliable assistant in the field of personal finance.

To add a transaction, for example, the expense – you need to click plus in front of the “expense” section.

Then we fill out a simple form – we specify the name of the transaction, a purse to write off, amount, date, and category.

It is interesting to know that you can enter the name of the transaction and its description. With such information, you will not be confused in your records.

It has a rather detailed and extensive directory of expense categories. The guide in this application is easy to edit, it supports nested subcategories. The profitable operation is executed in the same way.

Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via app Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via app

Also pleased with the directory of income – it is already filled out and supports nested subcategories.

Tax Help

Tax HelpThis application can be referred to as a professional tool for controlling personal finances.

The functionality of the program allows importing transactions from bank messages. It is enough to set up message templates once.

The main screen is very informative. Here you can see account balances, expense summary, and even reminders of important payments.

There are “plus” and “minus” icons in the upper panel. You can use them to draw up your income and expenses.

To quickly add an expense operation, use the right screen (scrolling to the left) – here you can add the expense in two taps.

For this purpose, we enter the sum, specify the account for the write-off, and a category of the expense. Another “trick” of the application is that you can see the current balance on the smartphone lock screen.

There is a feeling that you are carrying not a phone, but a wallet. There is a function of planning expenses by categories. You will be able to set the appropriate limits and check the approaching ones.

Informative reports are quite enough for the effective management of personal finances. To build reports, you need to go to the “Summary” section (via the main menu).

Here everything is simple – choose a reporting period and get a summary of costs and revenues.

Tax Help Tax Help

At the bottom, there is a panel for selecting the report type – expenses, income, and summary.

Pocket Tax

Pocket TaxIt is one of the most popular and convenient programs for managing and planning personal and family finances.

It has many useful features, feedback, and user reviews.

The app has the ability to recognize data from messages from banks with automatic uploading of transactions by category.

Input of data on “Expenses”, “Income”, “Movements”, “Debts”.

Possibility to enter categories and subcategories for expenses and income. Grouping of accounts. You can create accounts and assign icons to them.

Expenditure Tags. Wide choice of currencies. There is a list of purchases, tasks, planning large purchases.

Multiuser mode for all family members, income and expense accounting, statistics for each user.

Separate accounting for debts and loans, which can be divided into groups and assigned icons, including bank icons. Creation of reminders of any events. They are displayed on the home page.

A lot of analytics: charts, history, reports. There are reports by spending categories, by months, the dynamics of expenses and income for the period.

Budget planning function with a schedule of plan execution.

Pocket Tax Pocket Tax

For each planned goal, there is a scale of achievement of the plan in percentage terms.

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