Traffic Racer App Review

Traffic Racer is a driving race for android, in which the player will have to drive along the tracks and autobahns during rush hour.

Since the project is a mixture of runner and racing, it should not look at the storyline for here. But there is a wonderful gameplay, which is difficult to break away from. The essence of the game is to stay on the road as long as possible, which in its turn allows you to accumulate enormous sums of money to purchase many improvements for your cars.

Traffic Racer is a racing runner in which the gameplay can go on indefinitely until you crash or run out of patience. Therefore, the scope for earning game points and money is simply unlimited.

Traffic Racer1

The arcade does not force the gamer to go through fixed levels or chapters, so you can enter Traffic Racer for 5 minutes when there is free time and stop.

But it’s worth knowing that it left behind the more competitors, the more difficult the game becomes. Traffic Racer developers have provided another interesting mode – difficult, for the most advanced players. In principle, nothing changes, but the car now moves in the oncoming lane, so it is much easier to get into an accident here.

Use the power of the accelerometer in full control, which gives a certain amount of realism to what is happening on the screen. There are also virtual gas pedals for complete control over the car.

Traffic Racer2

Spend earned money in your favorite garage. The car can change wheels, paint, pump horsepower and more. The developers did not stint and presented an extensive selection of cars for every taste and wallet.

Traffic Racer is a great option to while away an hour with a smartphone or tablet. Unobtrusive gameplay, simple controls, and cool background music create an unforgettable driving experience in extreme situations.

In the dynamic arcade racing simulator Traffic racer, the player will have to drive a car on a busy highway. The task is to pass the trails with no accidents. On the road, the player will encounter many obstacles, as well as other cars that must be carefully, avoiding collisions.


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