5 Best Trapping Apps for Hunting (Android & iOS)

Hunting is a craft that can’t be done in a second. In order to have success in this activity, you need to accomplish lots of preparations and acquire lots of equipment, skills, and software. Speaking about the last one, nowadays you any hunting is 100 times more effective with specific apps. The apps that will help you to locate and place your traps are collected in the article down below.

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onX Hunt: Hunting Maps, Offline GPS & Weather

This is an app by one of the leading producers of hunting software in this industry. Along with viewing the most crucial milestones for every hunt (such as weather, private property borders, land conditions, and so on), it also allows you to see the map of lands in detail, make measurements and pin your own points to it.

You can create traps on the landscape and then pin them on the map so you can easily return next time. What is more, the fact that onX allows you to detect the distances between the trees and blind zone will help you to decide where it is better to place a trap.

At the same time, the most prominent feature of onX is probably its ability to thoroughly distinguish all the private property borders and all the zones where the hunt is allowed in general. All the map images are transmitted by satellite so you can be sure you get a signal at any spot.  Moreover, onX requires no cell signal at all!

And even if you’re not advanced with all the latest technologies, onX will seem super easy in usage for you anyway, since the design of the interface is just brilliant – as soon as you open the app, you can see a clear main menu with various data categories that you can view. You just click on anything and then see a map with the information according to the section.

onX Hunt comes with a 7-day trial and if you want to continue using the app you’ll have to pay for the subscription a medium monthly fee.




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TerraStride Pro

This is basically the substitution for the 1st app and they go on the dot competing for the leadership among hunting apps.

TerraStride offers you a range of various maps for hunting, it also requires only cell signal for functioning and it also highlights all the parcel borders on the maps. One advantage comparing it to the onX Hunt is that it has a free version and in this version, it still provides a decent range of features.

Though the desktop version provides more details on the maps, the very needed ones are still there. What is more, you can always switch on/off displaying various facts, borders, and other information. Following the details info given in TerraStride, you can better detect where to place all your traps so they don’t intersect with private territories or hiking paths.

In addition, you have the ability to zoom in on the map until it converts into the 3D mode with all the signs and highlights on the map which is quite impressive. And obviously, because of all that mentioned above, you should be prepared that the app will occupy a significant amount in your gadget’s memory since it needs to download all the data from the web.

Another little mention we want to make (though the not most important one) is that TerraStride Pro is not popular at all compared to onX Hunt. Plus, the interface is designed in a much more simple way and lacks navigation comfort.




Hunt Predictor Hunting Times

Another popular app for hunting that you can use as well to place the hunting traps. Speaking generally, this is a more simple analog of the two previous apps and one prominent advantage of it is that it’s free.

The only thing is it needs the online data to keep maps always updated and to work in general. Well, GPS signal is available almost everywhere, but it doesn’t guarantee that stability as with the case like with cell signal.

Hunt Predictor provides the most diverse range of maps – including those which show the migration paths of animals. Using them, you can place your traps in the best spots. Another distinctive feature is that the app shows the phases of the moon and how those phases affect various animals. This is the Wildlife Intelligence Technology which is developed by the producers of the app.

The predictions based on that system are adopted to each wild species and can help you dramatically when choosing a spot for a trap.

Hunt Predictor includes several cons though. First of all, the app can crash from time to time and it can happen in the most unexpected moment. Also, during the usage you may bump into various bugs, for instance, some properties are identified as unavailable for a couple of days and then they disappear.




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HuntStand: 3D Hunting Maps, GPS, Tools & Weather

One of the most popular apps in this category, but let’s check the relevance of this app with our topic.

First of all, HuntStand is also focused on maps – which means you can explore the locations and landscapes to find the best spots for your traps. The maps themselves are quite decent and they are really similar to those that TerraStride provides. Another convenient feature of HuntStand is that you receive access to all the maps in the offline mode (but be ready that it undermines downloading them to your phone’s memory).

Along with distance measurement, you can also upload your own pictures of the landscape to the app. Thus, you will be able to see the best locations or virtues of the landscape from others’ points of view. In addition, a virtue of HuntStand is the possibility to create hunting groups and have something like hunting chat right in the app. And this way, you will always be able to spot your friends on the map.

HuntStand doesn’t have ads even in its free version. The app can crash on some devices though, but if it happens, you should immediately contact support and they will try to resolve the issue.




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BaseMap: Hunting Maps, Offline Nav/GPS & Weather

Here is one more app that you can fund useful for placing the traps for wild animals – once again, it includes a decent amount of different maps along with 3D modes and weather forecasts.

One virtue of BaseMap is that it can determine your location without GPS or cell signal. All the property boundaries are always shown, as well the most crucial trails and animals’ trails.

You can put your own markets on the map so you won’t forget about any spot or the spot where you put on the trap. What is more, there is such a function as “Smart Markers” – each time you add something, the weather condition is perpetuated automatically. There are various subscription plans to choose from and most of them you can view via the website.

The app integrates with the Google Earth service. Its in-depth hunting researching tools will assist you on your path to successful hunting. And what is also important, despite the abundance of features BaseMap doesn’t have ads. The interface design also causes no discussions, it will be easy to handle for any type of the user, since all the positions are clearly marked in the main menu as you open the app.




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