19 Best Ever Travel Apps For iPhone & iPad

Hey, what’s up, adventurers! This post will be as intriguing for you as skydiving for the first time. Let me explain.

I don’t know a man who has never traveled or hasn’t wanted to travel. It doesn’t matter, whether traveling abroad or around your own country. There are thousands of unexplored distant corners of the world, where no man has never trod.

Also, it doesn’t matter, whether you are an intrepid traveler, searching for adventures and considering his life as a challenge, or just a tourist, relaxing in resorts and watching popular places inside a city.

Today not anyone has an eye for ground, can search for different attractions, racy places, and avoids tourists traps. For those who appreciate traveling in various forms, we have prepared a collection of best travel apps for iPhone and iPad, which allows you traveling with pleasure.

And take care about how you will talk with foreign people in a country you are going to visit. You can check our previous post about 15 free dictionary apps for iPhone and iPad or 12 free interactive whiteboards for iPad to draw something you want to say, but forget a word.

I decided to select travel apps by different categories for comfortable reading.

Hotels, Flights, Places


This app is my biggest love! The first time I used it was my trip to the Euro tour. And it has never let me down. Hotels are one of the most important parts of a trip. Everything should be okay: clean rooms, a high room service level, what is included in a price and what is not, is wifi in every room free or there is no wifi in a hotel in general.

In this case, traveling reviews from other tourists will help you with making the right choice. I am not kidding you, it is a worldwide popular app, which is used by famous travelers all around the world. There are thousands of reviews, including Travelers’ Choice award winners, so you can watch photos of hotels, rooms, and their atmosphere and decide without any prejudice.

About Flights :

You dictate your flying planned date and it shows you all variants, including low costers ( an ability to fly on a plane for less money in some air companies than ordinary), and you just need to choose the best one. You did it many times, I think there will be no problem with booking.

About restaurants and places :

The app uses your location to find intriguing and curious places around you. There are also a lot of photographs and reviews from real users. Discover cool things to do in any destination or explore restaurants and reserve tables online.

Interesting! You can book a hotel, reserve tables, and buy air tickets online and without adding a fee.

TripAdvisor TripAdvisor


Viator Tours & Activities

Your pocket traveler, helper, and friend. You think you know your native town like the palm. You mistake. Viator tours & activities give you pieces of advice where you can see something you haven’t see yet, where you can find some cool activities and have fun.

Not only in your city but all around the world! From Eifel Tower to Inka’s ancient town on Machu- Picchu. Browse over 48,000 top-rated tours, activities, and attractions.

Due to full- screen local videos you can check the atmosphere of a place you are going to travel before you do it, and then you can decide distantly, whether you should go there or not.

Viator tours and activities- is a follower of a TripAdvisor, i.e is created by the same developer’s team. So it guarantees the quality of its service and activities.

Viator Viator


Hopper – Airfare Predictions

Do you prefer to travel by car ( old school 🙂 ), exploring new locations, meeting new people or by plane with comfort, free drinks, and friendly stewardess. If you have chosen the last, this app will be your great companion. The Bunny ( the name of a searcher) analyses and monitors billion of flights and their prices daily.

It is necessary to find the best deals, date and time you can book, advising you to buy now or wait for a better price. sends you personalized tips + deals, and makes booking your flight a breeze. That’s why you can save up to 40 % on your next flight.

It is cool, isn’t it? Moreover, you will never leave a chance to buy a ticket at the moment that a price drop. Hopper will notify you every time they drop and before they are about to rise. The Hopper sends you personalized tips + deals and makes booking your flight a breeze.

hopper travel app hopper travel app


Expedia Hotel, Flights, Car Rental & Activities

I want to say that all travel apps look the same, but it is not true. Yes, they have the same options: hotel booking, searching activities and attractions, buying tickets, etc. But they are unique.

For example Expedia  Hotel, Flights, Car Rental & Activities offers you to book a hotel, participating in a discount program, so you can save up to 40% with mobile-exclusive hotel deals for tonight, view unprejudiced reviews from real guests.

About flights: It sorts them by price, duration or departure and arrival time, choosing the best option for you. About car rental: you can reserve a car rental for up to 30 minutes and it arrives at your airport with no cancellation fee. You can choose a car according to your status and needs: from standard car rental to luxury autos.

About activities: Exactly here I found what I was searching for. It is an ability to get tickets for a tour, shows and theme parks and museums wherever I travel to. The app will always notify you about all events, upcoming trip details, hotel address information, etc.
expedia trAVEl app expedia trAVEl app



I think, there are no people who have not heard about Airbnb at least one time. If we are talking about travel apps, let’s look at the Airbnb from the side of travelers.

At first, it is a start-up, created for AppStore, which opens doors to the world’s most interesting places to stay for some money. It is convenient, fast and pleasant because you can rent an apartment, looking at its photos, reading a description and reviews.

Often apartments on Airbnb are always clean, well-designed, and cozy. And if you want to turn your trip into something magic and unusual, there are some apartments of celebrities such as Angela Merkel, Michael Jackson, Vincenzo Peruggia, Curt Cobain and others.

Find long-term sublets in thousands of cities. Access your itinerary, message your host, and get directions to your listing

Airbnb travel app Airbnb travel app


Booking.com Hotel Reservations Worldwide & Hotel Deals

I consider this hotel booking app as one of the most efficient, beautiful and convenient apps ever. Booking.com apps never let me down. Often I arrived at a city for a very short period and hostels were the best option for me to stay for a night.

Booking.com immediately showed me all available hostels around me on the hotel’s map, their prices per night and photographs of rooms. Also, I could read reviews from other clients to make sure that I can stay safe.

Also, I use it when my parents come to my university town and they have nowhere to stay.

I fast write all requirements which a future accommodation has to have, such as a normal price, a good district, several people who are going to stay and location, so that to make sure that a hotel is where my parents want to stay and Booking. com shows me all results and I choose the best hotel and pay for it in the app!

Booking.com travel app Booking.com travel app


Travelocity Deals on Hotel, Airfare, Car & More

If we are talking about the all-in-one app – here it is. Everything you need to have a great weekend somewhere abroad or in your own country you can find here. Avoid tourist traps, booking hotels on the street, do it, using Travelocity! It guarantees to find the best hotel for a night or a long period for you.

It is possible due to the easy-to-use map view and sorting results by deals, prices, location or reviews. Also, chose, looking at the description, photos, and amenities from real guests. Pay for your apartments when you book or when you arrive at the hotel. It doesn’t matter.

Last-minute bookings welcome – Our Mobile-Exclusive deals offer up to 40% savings on Hotels for tonight, or anytime.

Speaking about air ticket booking, it is also a simple-to-use process. For your comfort, they are classified by a price, date, arrival time and departure, So you can compare attractive offers and chose the most convenient and fast.

Rental cars: Search thousands of cars to find cheap, quality rentals. Save big when you book in-app! Plan round trip rentals from any airport in the world to make your vacation, holiday or getaway a total breeze.

As for activities, book tickets to museums, theme parks, tours all around the world. And you can visit them without a turn. And if you have not a shuttle to the airport, just book it and it arrives at the right time to your hotel or hostel or another destination.

travelocity travel app travelocity travel app


HotelTonight – Hotel Deals

There is a part of the people on the planet that love traveling spontaneously. And that’s not bad at all – there is something magical about spontaneous trips.

However, it might be tricky if you like both spontaneous trips and living in comfort. Why? You guessed it – it can be almost impossible to find a nice hotel at the last minute, especially in a tourist season. Luckily, the developers of this app must have faced a similar problem – and created software to solve it.

It helps you to monitor the coolest last-minute hotel deals all over the world. It is beneficial both for hotels and tourists – which hotel wants their room would stay empty? That’s why you can find the best hotel brands here, including rare authentic ones, like private hotels in the French province.

The customer service is available 24/7. Moreover, using this app is a great way to get luxury travel for cheap. The app allows you to filter for location, dates, the number of guests, whether the hotel is “pet friendly” or not, as well as other amenities.

By the way, if you want you can also plan not only spontaneous trips with this app but also do that in advance. The service allows you to book everything up to 100 days before the trip.



Momondo – Cheap flights, hotels & travel

Momondo looks like a birthday cake! And if you are interested in cheap flights and perfect hotels, this app absolutely will make your trip unforgettable.

At first, about flights. This app is developed to compare cheap flights so you can choose a flight, fitted to your graphic, necessary date and time.

Momondo searches major airlines, low coasters, and travel agencies to give you a variety of flights. Then you can book it directly from this app, it’s very convenient, especially if there is no terminal or computer with internet access around you.

But you can no hurry and wait for a few days for showing the estimated prices on different dates in an interactive Price Calendar. When you find your dream, buy it at the moment or save your results for later or share them to email, Facebook, so that not to forget or lose.

It is the same situation as a hotel booking. While searching, it sorts results by different categories like the cheapest, closest, best review from real guests or by popularity.

Hardworking robots find all hotels in your destination town and show them to you by prices. Also, you can play with developers who said: ” Get the peace of mind with our Best Price Guarantee – find it cheaper within 24 hours and we’ll refund the difference”. Will you play?

Customize your Momondo profile where you will be saved your preferences, history, favorite flights, and hotels. A tip! More By Mamondo you can find a lot of popular city guides with maps, places, restaurants, many photographs, and reviews.
Momondo travel app screen696x696-26


Roadtrippers – Road Trip Planner Map & Travel Guides

Every working day we are dreaming about a long holiday somewhere far away, whether in mountains near a crystally clear lake or on a sunny beach. Roadtrippers is a traveling map that contains all necessary information to spend a memorable holiday.

You wait for thousands of exciting places, local dinners, colorful roadside attractions, scenic points, parks, and hotels, of course. We take care of your dream.

Plan your future desirable trip whatever you want. Add walking path or a road route, attractions and sights you want to see, hotels to stay and so on. Share your plan with your friends, maybe they will want to join you. Friends can add suggestions to the itinerary.

Note: Content currently the USA focused only. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

roadtrippers roadtrippers


Where To? Search nearby places

Where to? Search nearby places – this app is created for those who want to know about the best entertainment places, as well as choose the right places to visit in any company. Also, Where to? allows you to find out the routes from your location to the point you are interested in on the map

This app is convenient because here you can not only view the location of any points you are interested in on the map in the form of a navigator but also use the satellite function: this means that your entire route will be presented as a city from a height, that is, you will see all buildings, houses and urban objects from satellite photos.

Also, in Where to? you can rate and leave a review about any institution or attraction you have visited to help other users. Of course, you will be able to view reviews and ratings from other users from all sorts of places.

Moreover, one of the best hallmarks of Where to? is the augmented reality feature, that will highlight the information right on your screen while you’re pointing the camera to a certain spot.

Thus, you can point your camera to a certain object and the app will tell you what that is (of course if it recognizes the object). Also keep in mind that this feature requires the usage of more powerful smartphones.




If you want a perfect holiday, organize all of your trip details and travel plans into one streamlined itinerary. Be responsible for your followers. TripCase lets you manage flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations in one app

You will get all necessary information about your flight, hotel and car rental booking directly from the app because it will receive notifications if something goes wrong or changes. When you need to make adjustments, it will search for alternative flights as well as your previous flight.

Plan your activities and actions. Perfect for business and family trips.

tripcase  tripcase


TrabeePocket – Travel Budget

Let’s face that – not all the people can afford the super luxurious holidays at the 5-star resorts. That is the majority of people. Well, there is also a group that has a very limited budget for traveling – and there is a significant number of them.

Moreover, it is interesting that low-budget trips can most of the time be much more exciting than regular packed trips by tour operators. This cool app is meant just for those who travel with a limited amount of assets – and suggest all the best bargains in foreign countries.

The most unusual feature, except for the regular function of searching the cheapest hotels/hostels, restaurants and tickets is the expense tracker.

Yes, there is the tracker in this app that allows you to control your expenses and see how much money you have spent on what. Thus, you will never get in the situation that you accidentally ran out of money.



Take care of your transport


The world popular taxi app is famous for its comfortable cars, polite drivers and saving trips. You can choose the level from low-cost to premium and feel like a prince or princess.

Uber uses your credit card or PayPal to pay for a trip, your fare will be charged automatically at the end of your ride. I think this way has a lot of advantages, for example, if you forget your wallet at home. If you don’t have enough money on your card, split the fare with your friends if you ride together.

Unfortunately, Uber available not in every country, so check the necessary country in question of Uber taxi at the site https://www.uber.com/cities

Uber Uber


BlaBlaCar – Trusted Ridesharing

” To see a Paris and die” -said, one famous person. STOP, it’s too early to die. At first, you need to go to Paris. And how to do it cheap and comfortable. Of course, use BlaBlaCar. Have you ever heard about it? It is an app, searching for people who are going your way.

You can be a traveler with a car, offering a trip, or you can be a traveler, searching for a car to the go-to destination. Check profiles of the members you are going to ride with, their age, car, trip cost, and other details.

I use it every time I go home to my university town. In the beginning, I was so afraid of maniacs and people who can heart me, but now I enjoy such trips because of comfort, meeting different people with their life stories and making new friends.

Blablacar Blablacar


Useful Maps

MAPS. ME – Offline Map with Navigation and Directions

Where can I see the picture” Mona Lisa”? What the name of the street where the White House is located? How can I go to Venice Beach? Stop asking questions! Use Maps.me and find all you want to in this app. There are  345 countries and islands.

Everywhere is covered. Now it is more detailed. Millions of points-of-interest (POIs) to discover restaurants, tourist destinations, gas/petrol stations, ATMs and more.

Find the shortest and most accurate way to your destination. Discover the world on foot! And the main feature – it doesn’t require any internet access because it works offline!

Mapsme Mapsme



Couchsurfing Travel App

The new way of finding a home for a night or some days. As developers said:” You have friends all over the world, you just haven’t met them yet. Couchsurfing is a global community of over 9 million travel lovers in 120,000 cities who broaden new horizons and build meaningful connections across different cultures.

How it works. You set a request that you need a bed for a night, using the app, and someone very kind invites you to his home to sleep for free or for a small petition. Using this app, you meet new people, learn more about traditions and cultures.

I think, it is a great heart app, isn’t it?

couchsurfing couchsurfing


KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

A friendly- to -use app which akin to two apps above. There is a simple interface without annoying advertisements where you can choose the necessary date and time. After all, you are shown a variety of flights and its airfares, so you can compare them and choose the best one.

I think it is very convenient when you can book a hotel, looking at its reviews, a ticket on a plane and see some interesting places online and free! It is worth it. Moreover, now you can rent a car for faster traveling on a road.

kayak flights hotels kayak flights hotels


Skyscanner – Flights, Hotels & Cars

As for me, I use Skyscanner often than other apps, searching for flights. For example, exactly where are the majority of international air companies, so I can travel to the most distant corners of the world.

Of course, flights for 1000 dollars are out of my budget, so Skyscanner finds all good options for me and compares them by cost, time, date and so on. Moreover, it is available in over 30 languages.

Book the best hotels as simple as buying a loaf of bread in a shop. Set some parameters, look at the hotel’s map and choose a high-rated and closest to you directly from the app or in a hotel. Notice, that Skyscanner just searches for the best offers and doesn’t sell anything. You will be navigated to the site of a hotel or a travel agency.

Search the world’s car rental companies in seconds. Choose from 30,000 airport or city locations, then filter by vehicle type, fuel type, and features to find just the car you want at just the right price. What’s more, our Fair Fuel Policy flag makes sure you don’t get ripped off on fuel.

skyscanner skyscanner


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I hope, your future adventure will be amazing!


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