13 Best video merger apps for Android & iOS

Programs for merging several videos into one may be different in a functional set. Special utilities are created for video merging. They, as a rule, allow you to add several files, set preferences and get the final merged file.

Other programs are full-fledged video editors. Thus, combining two or more video files are made into them through the timeline.

To create a great video, you need high-quality digital tools. You have to choose the one app that best suits your preferences. In this article, you will find the rating of the most popular video editors for mobile devices.

The key to choosing the right application is the availability of many functions.

Need to put together a couple of video fragments? Not sure which application to choose? Then this article will help you. These programs will help you to merge an arbitrary number of files into one project.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip deserves a special place on this list. The main advantage of this application is its versatility. It includes tools for editing, editing video, recording and exporting the result.

If you wish, you can edit the whole movie, not to mention the simple clips and commercials.

This is a complete solution for working with video and other media files. It provides access to a huge database of useful tools. Adobe Premiere Clip deserves a special place on this list.

The main advantage of this application is its versatility. It includes tools for editing, editing video, recording and exporting the result.

If you wish, you can edit the whole movie, not to mention the simple clips and commercials. This is a complete solution for working with video and other media files. It provides access to a huge database of useful tools.

The video merging is not the only function of the application. Thus, here you can find detail information about the capabilities.

Key features of the app Adobe Premiere Clip:

  • Clear interface
  • A large database of visual effects for video processing
  • Image change – white balance, contrast and more.
  • Carry out the installation of objects in different formats without conversion
  • Built-in video, audio, image converter
  • Availability of audio tools (recording and editing)
  • Ability to save the result in the optimal format and immediately download to your phone
  • High-quality video
  • Captioning tool
  • The program is updated regularly, new features are added.
  • Cutting the file into fragments, resizing
  • Record from the phone screen
  • Overlay filters, transition effects, titles
  • Combine many videos into one
  • Frame by frame processing
  • Uploading video to any online storage
  • Huge list of features, no useless features
  • High-quality content produced
  • The intuitive video creation wizard
  • Quick transition from one video to another
  • Ability to apply files of different formats during installation
  • The good audio processing tool
  • Export video and audio directly from the program
  • Simple management of all tools, available even to a beginner
  • Free and convenient reference materials on the work of the program in a special menu

Besides, the application Adobe Premiere Clip has a high speed.

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VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie

VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie is a very simple and functional program. It has a unique feature of combining various video formats into one.

Forget about a blurred image and problems with sound recordings. A remarkable feature of the video editor is the ability to create clips in high quality.

A lot of effective templates with screensavers will make your video unique. This will make your viewers admire the quality of the material being viewed.

The program will help you edit any format with the highest possible quality. The list of supported formats includes avi, mov, mp4, and others.

You can apply a huge amount of ready-made effects and transitions. The program stores a lot of templates with screensavers. They make the video not only spectacular and exciting but also extremely interesting.

Advantages of the program VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie:

  • High-quality videos
  • Work with music to video clips
  • A large number of available templates with screensavers and other special effects.
  • Convenient design comfortable menu
  • Ability to add text to the video as subtitles
  • The option of automatic correction of brightness, saturation, contrast and color tone
  • Editing video in any format
  • Speed up, slow down video playback
  • Allows you to replace the sound or add background music while mounting
  • Supports popular video formats
  • Quick cropping of any video fragments
  • Lack of noise and blur when receiving the final video
  • A huge number of screensavers and titles
  • The nice video editing system
  • The application is implemented in several languages.
  • Built-in tools and filters that are responsible for one hundred percent video enhancement
  • There is an impressive catalog with animated transitions
  • The developer constantly updates the application to connect the video

The application VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie is free for both Android and iOS platforms. Though it has in-app purchases.

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Splice Video

Application Splice Video is easy to use and has great functionality. The program includes the possibility of processing, cutting and editing video. Here you will find a variety of transition effects and filters.

The application is available to everyone. You can use the program for free. It has an unlimited number of formats and permissions to save your videos.

Features Splice Video:

  • Easy to use
  • Full video editing and processing tools
  • Export facilities from different sources
  • Adjust image, overlay effects, and filters
  • Create titles and insert images
  • Videos can be saved in all popular formats.
  • Create high-quality video
  • High-quality video content processing
  • Overlay filters and animation of transitions between fragments
  • Useful option to preview the result before saving
  • Stable work
  • Frame rate change
  • Work with a high-quality video
  • Save the finished video in the memory of your device with a few simple clicks
  • Audio overlay feature on videos
  • Add text and captions to video
  • Support for most popular video formats
  • Convenient user interface
  • Optimization
  • Image and sound synchronization option
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Editing at any frame rate
  • Advanced video editing features
  • Adding layered special effects
  • Training materials that you can find in a special tab of the application
  • Only the most useful features.
  • Free access
  • No ads

The Splice Video application is one of the most convenient tools for editing and merging video.

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Video Editor

Choosing a program for video editing, you should pay attention to the utility Video Editor. The application contains a huge opportunity. They will help you quickly and efficiently combine various videos in high quality.

First of all, the utility works with any video file formats. This will make the application an advantage against the competition. Videos can be formed using photos.

Besides, each clip can be endowed with its own musical accompaniment. The program has a range of impressive editing capabilities a conversion function.

Key features of the application Video Editor:

  • High-quality video editing with the ability to convert to any format
  • Built-in database of ready-made expansion options
  • Availability of user-friendly interface
  • Ability to quickly edit video
  • Quick video trimming with the high-quality video
  • A useful feature of connecting a large number of videos into one
  • Special effects, filters, graphic animations and text support in the form of titles
  • Ability to add audio tracks
  • Ability to download videos from popular Internet resources
  • Placing the finished video in a variety of social networks (YouTube, Vimeo, and many others)
  • Video formation from a set of your images and photos
  • The extensive set of 3D effects
  • More than 30 formats for saving videos
  • The program supports multilayer installation
  • Fast video conversion
  • Easy control
  • Low system requirements
  • Clear video editing tools
  • Adaptation for all devices
  • It has a beautiful interactive menu

This is a program for creating professional-quality videos. Video Editor has the most simple interface.

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VEdit Video Cutter and Merger

Unlike previous tools, VEdit Video Cutter and Merger is much easier to use. At the same time, it has most of the features that will provide you with a convenient video consolidation.

Here you can also edit video using ready-made effects. It is adapted to all types of devices.

The main features of the editor VEdit Video Cutter and Merger :

  • Nice interface
  • Low system requirements
  • Work with 3D (editing, editing, and output to the finished file)
  • Upload videos from your gallery
  • Allows you to view the result of the installation in real-time
  • Opening media files and saving them in any popular formats;
  • Audio overlay on content
  • Ability to add text and captions
  • Many built-in filters and effects that allow you to quickly edit video
  • Add graphic images
  • Combine many videos into one
  • Improve the video quality, adjust its brightness contrast and change the format
  • Integrated Internet downloads
  • Availability of training system
  • Customizable speed characteristics for playing video and audio
  • Advanced video creation algorithm
  • Ready-made templates for adding animation.
  • Has a variety of menu languages;
  • Unwanted parts can be quickly removed with an appropriate tool.
  • Does not take up much space in your phone’s memory

The developers provided the application with complete reference information for users. The application VEdit Video Cutter and Merger is absolutely free. It has a nice interface and diverse functionality.

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Video Merger – Side By Side

Video Merger – Side By Side is one of the most popular and convenient applications for video consolidation. That is what you can use for editing video. It has an incredible amount of built-in video processing capabilities (effects and transitions).

Advantages of the application Video Merger – Side By Side:

  • Ability to edit video, sound, add animation, titles, and other text
  • A large number of settings for each function
  • Ability to work in one video with different quality videos
  • Supports many video formats
  • Processes video in real-time
  • Professional program
  • Official support and regular updates.
  • It contains an extensive amount of effects and filters.
  • High-quality video
  • You can import high-quality videos from any sources
  • Processing each video fragment separately. Scaling, cropping, rotation, applying effects and transitions, setting transparency, adjusting volume, and others.
  • If you want to add effects, you can choose from 150 available.
  • The ability to establish relationships for effects
  • Saving video in high quality
  • Only the most useful features and tools.
  • Videos are automatically saved in your device’s memory.
  • Free access to all built-in features
  • No annoying ads

This is a simple video editor with rich functionality and a large variety of effects. The program includes the ability to use images and audio when editing video files. The program Video Merger – Side By Side is absolutely free and does not need extra costs from the user.

This program takes up little space on your phone. It does not need high parameters of your mobile device. This is a utility that allows you to edit video. Today it is considered one of the most polar in the world.

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VidTrim – Video Editor

VidTrim – Video Editor is another great video merging application. It has great functionality and many features. With it, you can also edit videos. Create masterpieces and share them with your friends. You can do this via email or social networks.

Important features of the program VidTrim – Video Editor:

  • There is a convenient mode for comfortable video editing.
  • Ability to add audio and images to editable video
  • High quality exported video
  • Information section that will help you understand the functionality of this application.
  • Availability of video color correction settings option
  • High speed
  • A large number of useful features
  • The program takes up little space in the memory of your mobile device.
  • All popular video formats are supported
  • Intuitive control
  • More than 2000 effects and transitions for video and audio
  • Ability to check the effect used in the preview window
  • Built-in caption video editing software
  • Wide video recording capabilities
  • Processing and installation of high-definition video files, audio, and photo
  • Add various effects
  • Editing any media files
  • Create smooth transitions between connected parts of video or audio
  • Clear and easy to use interface, well-organized help, and tips service.
  • All the work of mixing video and audio material is done in one program.
  • Ability to work with the 3D format
  • Support for unique technologies
  • A set of “smart” tools to ease the work with video and audio files
  • You can download the application on a completely free basis.
  • No ads

This is one of the most popular video editing software with a big number of extra functions. Almost all the main features and more materials are updated monthly.

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Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop – Video Editor is a powerful merge and video editing program. The video editing tool has a clear interface. Each button and function are in the right place.

Each new version of the application has the most innovative video processing tools. This is quite a popular video editing software.

Key features of the program Videoshop – Video Editor:

  • A huge number of unique video effects, a lot of powerful sound settings
  • Ability to process high-resolution video
  • Allows you to work not only in avi, mov, mp4 formats but also in most other
  • Provides simultaneous work with many videos
  • The video montage of content in real-time
  • Qualitative result
  • You can create and edit colorful three-dimensional animation in 3D;
  • Ability to record in high-quality HD
  • When processing audio streams, high-performance audio processing
  • Supports video editing optimized for specific device parameters
  • Is free
  • Without advertising
  • Ability to work in the complete absence of surround sound
  • Full integration with audio files, subtitles
  • Different sources of source content are supported.
  • Ease of processing video, audio, and other material
  • High-quality sound recording is possible.
  • Reasonable product system requirements, the ability to use the multilingual menu
  • Picture in Picture function, indispensable when creating video tutorials using visual effects
  • Ability to use hotkeys to call various commands
  • Easy change of the color gamut of the image in the frame, fragment color correction function
  • The built-in audio track processing functionality
  • The presence of light effects, special video effects, transitions, and filters
  • The program has custom templates and settings for editing video, audio content
  • The option of synchronization
  • Convenient deletion of several videos at once through a special dialog box
  • It supports a wide variety of video and audio formats.
  • Fast video saving process

This is a completely free application that has a large set of useful tools. Combine several videos in one to get the desired result.

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Quik – GoPro Video Editor

Quik – GoPro Video Editor is a free video editor, great for novice users. With it, you can connect many videos. It is suitable for creating videos from fragments, photos, music. It contains smooth transitions, effects library, supports a large number of formats.

Thanks to the excellent functionality, the application has gained great fame.

It supports all common formats, allows you to cut video and add various effects. Besides, you can optimize quality. The application will help you learn to mount interesting videos and standard videos.

Advantages of the application Quik – GoPro Video Editor:

  • Friendly interface, step by step wizard to create video
  • Included all the necessary video editing tools without losing quality
  • A large database of special effects, transitions, shapes and more
  • Integration with social networks and video services for exporting finished videos
  • Support all popular media content formats
  • Editing video files in high resolution
  • Publish ready-made videos on social networks
  • Add any music tracks and images
  • Highlight selected video area
  • Automatic app updates
  • Ability to make titles, overlay text comments and logos
  • Support for the most popular formats (mpeg, mov, avi, mp4, and many others)
  • Allows you to change video speed
  • Low system requirements
  • Compact size
  • Customize the workspace and toolbar
  • Adapted to all devices.
  • Is free
  • No ads and unnecessary features.

This is a simple and convenient video editor. Quik – GoPro Video Editor contains a large set of tools with which you can create your own videos. Connect several videos into one and enjoy the result.

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Cine-pic: Photo & Video Montage

The Cine-pic: Photo & Video Montage application will allow you to combine videos for free. It will provide you with all sorts of video and audio effects to create complex and beautiful videos.

Features of the program Cine-pic: Photo & Video Montage:

  • The convenience of work and saving video, intuitive interface
  • 5 categories of effects: color correction, transformation, filter overlay, transitions, etc.
  • processing of volumetric animation
  • Support for files in any video formats, work with images and audio multimedia
  • Grouping objects to ease their processing.
  • Create video for a huge number of multimedia devices
  • Built-in video recording
  • Convert video from one format to another
  • Applying masks (special effects on a specific area)
  • Gluing Fragments – Videos can be created from many videos.
  • Built-in conversion tool
  • The ability to play audio when previewing the finished video
  • Create attractive slides with lots of images
  • Direct export from a program to social networks (for example, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and many others)
  • Fast and high-quality video editing.
  • A functional video recording tool, voice recording from a microphone
  • High application performance
  • Ability to create audio, video with effects
  • Advanced color correction tools
  • Ability to record music tracks in real-time;
  • High-speed conversion due to hardware acceleration
  • Excellent optimization
  • Extra utilities to improve the quality of work are supplied with the application.
  • Profiles for all popular social networks are presented.

This is a great free video editor. When processing media apply advanced effects and filters. The result is saved in any required format and easily exported to social networks.

Cine-pic: Photo & Video Montage has an integrated manager for downloading videos from online services.

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Video Cut – Video Editor & Trim Video

Application Video Cut – Video Editor & Trim Video helps you to maximize the merging of several videos into one. This program is popular due to its availability and simplicity.

Important differences and features of the application Video Cut – Video Editor & Trim Video:

  • Allows you to add fragments of video, music, and pictures
  • Transform them into full-fledged videos
  • The simplest interface, for understanding which does not need instructions
  • Comfortable work area
  • Small specification of working tools, which will not allow getting lost in them
  • The software can edit video at entry level
  • The framing functionality allows you to trim the video for further mounting
  • A screen capture option is available.
  • In addition to creating movies, there is a function to create a slideshow of photos with music
  • The application can work not only with common but also relatively rare formats: m4v, 3gp, m1v, asf, m2ts, tiff
  • It does not need specific skills – you move elements along the timeline and save the result
  • Work with the main popular video formats (avi, wmv, mpg, mpeg, and many others)
  • Presence of built-in video effects
  • Record video and photo from camera
  • Opening and exporting finished video
  • Ability to cut separate video fragments

Functions would be enough to create a unique video with many effects.

This is a video editor that allows you to create videos and insert various effects into them. It contains visual effects, supports all popular formats.

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PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor

PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor is a very popular program for editing and merging videos. It meets the high demands of users and has earned excellent ratings from critics.

This comprehensive program has a clear interface, suitable even for unprepared users. This is a powerful video editing tool that supports all popular formats. It has many tools for professional video processing.

Important features of the app PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor:

  • Availability of all video and audio processing capabilities required for modern programs.
  • Designed to work with HD video
  • Provides quality resolution enhancement feature
  • Ability to frame animation
  • A huge number of templates available for use.
  • Excellent processing speed and material conversion
  • Convert video to the desired format
  • Convert 2D video to 3D format
  • Publication of edited films on online video resources
  • Video Editing
  • Creating screenshots
  • There is a time-lapse feature
  • Creating rich transition effects
  • The process of video editing delays the richness of built-in functionality.
  • Availability of a simple and comfortable interface.
  • Availability of convenient program menu management
  • It contains a large amount of useful built-in functionality.
  • Several stages of video editing
  • High Definition Video Editor
  • Support hardware acceleration
  • Lots of powerful video editing tools
  • Low system requirements
  • Free version
  • No advertising and useless features

This is a high-quality program that creates and produces professional-grade video editing. The application PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor is able to record finished video projects in the memory of your phone. It is also possible to publish them on the Internet.

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Magisto *Smart* Video Editor

Magisto *Smart* Video Editor is a professional video editor that allows you to edit, record and merge video. You can also cut and convert the captured video and replace audio tracks.

The interface is clear and the possibilities are vast. Edit video with pleasure. This program will help you.

Key characteristics of the application Magisto *Smart* Video Editor:

  • Easy to learn, beautiful menu
  • A clear video processing program is understandable;
  • The free editor is optimized for all devices.
  • It allows you to edit a movie using a variety of effects.
  • Overlaying objects, filters, etc. is done by dragging on timelines
  • Excellent video recording tool.
  • Presence of all necessary functions.
  • Low system requirements
  • Slideshow option
  • There is a preview window
  • Slow, speed up, trim and merge video
  • Add soundtracks, photos, and text
  • Support picture-in-picture function
  • High material processing speed
  • Manual configuration of several interactive menus
  • Ability to upload finished videos to social networks
  • A large number of transitions, effects, and templates with filters
  • Video conversion
  • Opening of various multimedia formats (mp3, mp4, avi, mpeg, mov, and many others)
  • Convenient timeline
  • Add captions
  • Easy to use interface
  • It allows you to apply complex visual effects.
  • The ability to quickly work with the three-dimensional image
  • Automatic installation of updates
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Different interface languages
  • It is free
  • Lack of advertising

The program Magisto *Smart* Video Editor contains a powerful set of tools for editing high-quality video. An impressive collection of effects and filters is available. Create awesome videos and share the result with your friends.

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