10 Best vine editing apps for Android

Are you a viner or a spectator ? Viner or a spectator? Viner! If somebody noticed, I tried to interpret words from “The Nerve”. But let’s talk about vines. It is a 6-seconds short videos which of a director is you. You can record videos about everything you want to. Popular viners like Lele Pons, Amanda Cerny, Adin Kolansky or Curtis Lepore make videos about humorous everyday situations like ” how to break up with boyfriend” or ” girls in school bathrooms vs boys” and that kind of thing. It always makes me laugh because every time I find myself and my fails in these videos.
You also can become a V for Viner ( Yes, I am still trying to joke) with up to thousands of followers. Your dream will become as long as you have creative ideas for your vines and edit vines properly.
Unfortunately, we can’t put creativity in your mind, but we can help you with searching best vine editing apps for Android.
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1.Videoshop – Video Editor

This app is been being on my favorite list for 2 years as well. At first, it is nice for its simplicity. There is an interface, offering all useful options for editing all kinds of video, whether it is for Vine or Instagram or another social network.
Speaking about its features, there you will find everything : trim – cut out wherever you want to, music- adding from your iPod library or inbuilt Videoshop’ s library, different sounds effects, slow motion or fast motion mode. So, you can combine multiple clips into one, adjust a display, record your own voice, select different filters and etc. And Videoshop every time will give you tips, where you should stop your video to share it with Vine for example.
And one more exclusive function is that you can rescale your video within the video frame and playback videos in reverse.
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 2.VideoShow: Movie maker &Editor

Humorous videos help people to take away the ordinariness of everyday life, feel happy and don’t think about routine.
VideoShow makes editing video process pleasant and fast. Add video clips to the clip list, cut out unwanted moments, add music from your library and cut it wherever you want, add different texts, quotes of famous classics and classic literature . Now it is available to add up to 30 different, exciting stickers and more than 20 various filters to make a video more colorful and exciting.
Due to ToolBox option, you will cut your video faster and more efficient, after converting your video clip won’t lose its quality and will be saved in MP3.
videoshow-video-editorvideoshow-video-editor videoshow-video-editor videoshow-video-editor
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3.VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

Another good app for editing vines and other kinds of videos. A lot of friendly- to -use and useful options such as trimming to cut out moments you do not want to see in your future project. Add your clips, music from library, different texts and change their’s font. Another interesting feature is that you can playback videos in reverse.
On the other hand, you can record your voice and use it as a background.
There you will get a lot of colorful pictures, romantic, humorous, sad stickers and up to 50 various filters.
All these things will help you to make a video incredible and memorable.
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4.FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

If you have never met this amazing app, download it immediately! Where else you can create an amazing vine video, using professional options but absolutely for free.
This app works, using three main steps. First of all, download your favorite clips or pieces of videos from library or facebook, trim them and  combine multiple clips into one. Secondly, choose a colorful theme, find the best music track, text, choosing its font and color. Last but not least, save it in necessary size, for example, size for Instagram is 1:1.
Also, you will get an accept to in-app store, where you can buy lovely filters and other cool things.
filmora-free-video-editor filmora-free-video-editor filmora-free-video-editor
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If we talk about an app with the most graceful, minimalistic , but at the same time attractive design, this app would win in a competition. Moreover, its functions work well and do all their best to help you edit your vine video.
For example, add your personal music or browse free 30-seconds pieces from iTunes. Seize the moment, choosing the best clips to combine them into one short vine. To complete the editing, add one of the various filters, stickers to your vine and titles.
At the end, watch your film, correct some moments and share it directly to social networks or to your library.

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6.KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

Just imagine, that you are a real movie editor, you edit a great movie that will bring millions of dollars. Have you already imagine? Now try to do it, begin with editing vine video. They are short, imaginative and sophisticated somewhere. KineMaster will get you all necessary tools. It is famous for its effects and availability to add layers. It makes videos curious and interesting to watch. There are a lot of inbuilt options like in previous apps we have already described. But let’s talk about its feature. KineMaster supports videos in various of formats like MP4, 3GP, MOV; pictures in  JPEG, PNG, WebP, BMP, GIF(still image only) and audio in MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV.
For your comfort, you can make videos in real-time mode.
kineMaster kineMaster kineMaster
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7.Video Editor

“Nice app with an attractive app icon”,- I thought. But then I tried to edit my vine and it did it perfectly! It is a cutter, using range seekbar, play/pause button, and timing. A Great helper in a question of music, rotation and cropping.
I very like slow motion , but not every app can give me what I want in a high quality, but this app works efficiently and turns my video into something magical. Last but not least, there are two cool options “Mute your video”- Remove audio from video and mute your video and taking screenshots, so you can take pictures at a time of video playing, just click on the button with the camera.
vine editor
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8.Video Tools

If other apps seem to you too difficult to use, this one is the simplest I have ever tried. Apart from , it has strong features. For example, Sound effects: Choose from animals noises, farts, Vine quotes, explosions, laughter, etc.
Rotate video as you want. Add up to 30 video effects and stickers.
Also, you can change brightness, contrast, and other parameters. Extract image best quality from a video. For your comfort, you can convert video to gif image
video tools

9.Video Star Editor

I think that it is the most powerful vine editing app. There are hundreds of built-in effects, just choose one of them, showing your current mood, or vine mood.Create reversed “backward” clips, act along with “clones” of yourself, move in slow-mo & fast forward, and make awesome stop motion and green screen effects. Add as many scenes as fit at 6-seconds vine. To create a new masterpiece just select your favorite videos, which should be combined , select a song and start editing! At the end, you will get a high-quality vine video with a lot of effects and music supporting.
video star video star


It is the most convenient and fast way to create imaginative vine videos. All options are friendly- to-use and located logically. It is also a social network for sharing videos, but you can share it with others like Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. Customize the confidence of your profile.
To create a vine, just choose clips from your library, add especial music,sound effects, some titles in different fonts and stylish effects. Then, save it to your Album not to lost.


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