Voosh Performance Software Review

Voosh Performance is a commercial program with a Free 3 Day Trial that doesn’t require a credit card to install and run. It is currently designed to optimize and tune the Windows operating system. The clear and easy-to-use interface of Voosh Performance allows you to quickly start optimizing and monitoring the system performance when you first start the program.
Novice and Professional PC users can both benefit from using the program in a few mouse clicks. It is totally automated, measuring and evaluating how the user is using their PC and then implementing the performance changes computed by the internal Artificial Intelligence feature and testing again. The results of those tests are delivered in an easy to understand, a visual display that identifies how each area; Network, Disk, and CPU have improved.

Voosh Performance1

Voosh Performance uses what is patented and known as Active Continuous Optimization. It doesn’t require any user interaction to continue testing the PC approximately every 5 hours (as long as the PC is connected and active). A full set of Voosh Performance tests requires less than 1 minute to complete.
Voosh Performance is analogous to a race car mechanic who is an expert at tuning his machine to perform at its best. There are many other applications that claim to “optimize” your PC but their approach is to give your machine a wash, wax and a good vacuuming that gives little if any speed improvements. And they require that you keep clicking on the program to start the “optimization” process over again.
Voosh Performance focuses on modifying the Windows settings that Microsoft created so the OS could be optimized. It doesn’t concern itself with housekeeping duties like cleaning files of various garbage, such as incorrect system registry entries and temporary Internet files, defragging disk space, and finding duplicate files.

Voosh Performance2

Voosh Performance Key Features: optimizing the network to speed up downloading and uploading files, optimizing the disk IO settings for faster read, write and read/write access to the files on the physical disks.
Voosh Performance contains various functions necessary to diagnosis computer performance: Windows Information, driver information, installed programs, and providing the ability to upgrade the software without uninstalling it first.


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