15 best weight loss apps for iPhone & Android

If you set a goal to lose a little weight and burn a couple of calories, but there is a problem with the lack of time for additional training, please do not be discouraged! And this is because “someone” else will take care about your weight! Today we introduce to your attention a selection of 15 best weight loss apps for iPhone & android, which are aimed at weight reduction. Now you can easily achieve your goals in fitness, you just need to download and install the applications presented here.

Everyone knows that to gain weight is much easier than to lose it, and the challenges are even more difficult. We hope that in this set everyone will find something interesting. We hope that you will enjoy our applications. Let’s begin to get acquainted with the apps!



Application has a bright and colorful form, with excellent photos which allow you to learn how to look 200 calories in different foods. Moreover, the app allows you to compare and choose the alternative of a harmful food. Why 200 calories? This is a good size for a single portion of food and you haven’t to look at the product label.

The application consists of five categories: “Product Names”, “type”, “weight”, “Festive foods (unhealthy food)” and “Comparison”. On the pictures you can see a photo of the product you’re interested in, and just below, its quantity, which contains exactly 200 calories. In the category of “types” there are vegetables, fruits, vegetarian food, sweets, meat and fish products, bread and cereals, sauces and drinks.

A variety is large and most of the pictures are available free. But those who want to expand the number of offered pictures with products, please download the paid version for only $ 1.99. The most interesting appears in the last category named “Comparison”. You can see the comparison of the amounts of two types of product which have the same number of calories. It is very convenient because it makes us think, whether it is necessary once to eat a spoonful of «Nutella» or replace it with a big cup of strawberries. The amount of consumed calories are the same.


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Loose It!

lThis application will help you to set your daily calories and stick to it. Lose It! is for those who have decided to organize all of their food intake and exercises in order to really achieve the goals. The app allows you to keep track of food and workout, according to the number of calories which are eaten and expended.

Stick to certain rules and watch your progress! Now it is useless to blame the “genetics”, “poor metabolism”, “solar eclipse”, and others. Now nothing will prevent you to achieve success in losing weight.


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contador-de-calorias-07-535x535This is one of the most versatile assistants in monitoring your diet and physical activity. The best feature is that you can calculate the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates not only for weight loss. With it, you can choose whether you want to lose 1 kg per week or per month, but also to maintain your weight at the moment or, on the contrary, to gain weight.

All indicators are calculated according to the values of your sex, height, weight, age. This is an easy-to-use application which help to add products easily, to take into account the amount of water you drink and so on. Just a couple of clicks, and you’re holding your own personal nutritionist!


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diaryCalories Counter by MyNetDiary is a complete application counter with some decent features. First of all, the application performs the standard functions, such as tracking what you eat, based on the base, which includes at least 600,000 products (and possibly more).

The application also accompanies fitness tracker that supports a variety of connected devices, including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin and others. Using this app, you can also keep track of things like your blood glucose, heart rate, level of hemoglobin, cholesterol and many others. MyNetDiary provides a very positive experience with this application, and provides cross-platform support through the web-site.

mynetdiary diary-2

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Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss

fooducateFooducate looks at things a little differently. At first glance, it is a dietary supplement for losing weight, which performs basic functions, including counting calories, weight loss tracker, and exercise tracker. What makes Fooducate to be stand out is the fact that this app is not only trying to calculate your calories but also helps to assess the value of calories which are consumed.

The idea is  the app helps you to consume more calories, which effectively impact on weight loss and overall health. The application has a basis of more than 250,000 products and it  also has its own chat to get additional assistance.


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Lose Weight Without Dieting

loose-weightThis app gains popularity in its category rapidly, offering simple and streamlined solutions. There is a database of food, which you can complete with your own taste, and it is the most difficult. You can use the calorie counter, fitness tracker, weight loss plan, weight tracker and other indicators that help to strengthen the already positive experience.

The unique part of this application becomes the fact that you earn “pearls”, using the app on a regular basis. If you get enough pearls, you can get the application’ version without any advertising for free. It isn’t a bad motivation, is it?


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My Diet Coach

my-diet-coachMy Diet Coach takes a different approach by helping people to destroy the mental obstacle when it comes to weight loss. The application offers tons of things, for example, tips, photos and awards in order to maintain motivation. Our favorite part is that the app encourages the user like a child to make new steps when it comes to lifestyle’ changes.

My Diet Coach offers no abrupt changes that will make you feel bad. Among other things, the application also offers basic functions, including calorie counter, tracking progress, reminders for things such as food or drinking water. There is even a visual tracker of losing weight, so you can see the changes. It makes a lot of fun!


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Diet Point – Weight Loss

diet-point-iconDiet Point offers another application, the ability of which is to focus the power of diet programs in your hands. You’ll find about 130 dietary programs bundled with special shopping lists, tips for improving your plan of losing weight, calculator, and the application also will resemble that you need to eat again.

Many applications in this list are trying to do as much as possible, but this app knows and performs its task. There is also a free version that you can use until you decide to buy the PRO version.

diet-point diet-point

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platejoy-coupon-codeThis app will turn your idea about cooking of healthy food! Now, this process will take you no more than a minute. You will achieve your dream body together with a personal nutritionist! For each user PlateJoy’ team will select for you a special breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will be based only on healthy and useful products according to your lifestyle. So these dishes will not harm your figure! Do you have no time to think about and to cook diet recipes by yourself? PleteJoy is glad to help!


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Noom Coach: Health & Weight

noom-coach-weight-loss-planThe application helps not only to monitor your progress in the diet, but it also assists to do it in a right way! Coach takes you through this difficult path with the help of a specially developed plan for longterm weight loss, informative articles, interesting tasks, daily scoring, fun challenges and constant reminders training.

The application consists of: personal interactive plan of losing weight with the help of which you can accomplish real results (about 86% of users have successfully coped with being overweight), specially selected food and a plan of exercises, reminder of scheduled tasks, information about healthy lifestyles and so on. You also have got an opportunity to connect to Facebook and Twitter.

noom noom-2

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Low Fat Recipes


The main idea of this app is to decrease intake of unhealthy fats (especially this applies to saturated and trans fat) and you will never know what heart disease and excess weight are! The application includes a large variety of recipes which are low in fat. Enjoy delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Appetizers, soups, salads, desserts – all these can be in your daily diet, and bring only benefit!


low-fat-3 low-fat-2

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fit-bitFitbit is a program, which will ensure that you always are in shape. Inside, the user of this app will find a step counter. But we continue to delight the more interesting features that are rarely found in similar applications. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can specify how much you need to lose and how quickly you need to do it.

Accordingly, there are three levels of difficulty. Of course, the choice of the most complex will have a little sweat. To control the weight loss, all the results are recorded in the program. You also need to specify what you ate today, how many kilometers you ran and how many liters of water you drunk. All these affect on losing weight.

To make it be interesting to lose weight, the developers added three game-competitions. For example, who of your friends ran faster this week. There is an opportunity to challenge your best friend! Fitbit is a good program for physically active people.


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7 Minute Workout

7-minutsDo you have seven minutes per day for yourself? What seven minutes are? Seven minutes are the minimum which is necessary for you. Together with the application 7 Minute Workout you will be able to bring your body in order easily and having fun. For it you will arrange a competition with yourself. It is interesting, is not it?

The app is your new personal trainer, who without any sports equipment is ready to make an athletic man of you in just seven minutes a day during the period of seven months. Good luck!


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101 Weight Loss Tips

101Don’t you know how to get in shape or to start losing weight? Here is the app 101 Weight Loss Tips, which will answer all your questions. The app will help you to master all the good habits in order to lose weight. You will find topics such as food, cooking tips, exercises, etc. The most interesting thing is that you can share these healthy tips with friends via Facebook, twitter and so on.

101-best-weight-loss-tips-screenshot-2 101-best-weight-loss-tips-screenshot-1

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Diet Watchers Diary

dietThis application is probably the most difficult in this list, but it also provides you with a huge amount of personal settings. With this application the user has to create its own database, and then use it to create your own diet plan. The premise is that each meal will force you to adjust the plan and application.

The app also has an integrated Dropbox for backup and synchronization of your labors, barcode scanner, as well as the initial base of product to begin with. This app has everything you need for those who are looking for precision and usability. Be careful, however, there is no free version!

diet-3 diet-2

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