9 Trusted Cash Advance Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Looking for a way to access your earned wages before payday? This article has you covered!

There are loads of trusted cash advance apps in 2024 for Android & iOS that will help you reach financial health. The concept is simple — you’ll be able to get some money out of your upcoming paycheck earlier.

In other words, these apps will have your back in any emergency situation, so they won’t ruin your spending plans. In case you wanna save more, make sure o get yourself a solid cashback app as well.

We’ve gathered together the 9 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!



The slogan of this app says — banking for humans, and it’s exactly what you’ll get from it.

Dave is not just a regular cahs-in-advance kind of an app — it also helps to improve your financial health and shows you how to spend your cash wisely. As for the cash advances, the tool forks simple — you just need to sign up and the app will be ready to give you up to $250 to cover your daily costs.

That’s right, the app won’t even ask about your credit history, and there’s no interest as well. Herewith, if you’ll set up direct deposit with this app, you’ll be able to get your payment up to two days before the original day. Plus, you may also build up your credit with time which is great.

Another cool thing about this app is it completely free from all kinds of overdraft fees, so no concerns about that. The app comes with a simple communication system, so you get to contact the technical support team in secs. In case you’re looking for a side hustle, this app has you back as well — there are plenty of side-job offers you can apply to.

Dave 1 Dave 2


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Next, we have an easy-to-use cash advance app that cares about your financial health.

In case a simple thought about dealing with finances drives you mad and levels up the anxiety — don’t get past this app. This app does everything to teach you how to manage your money wisely without any extra effort, and it helps you to achieve sustainable financial health.

Along with the previous app, this one has a simple sign-up system and the app won’t check your credit history as well. Besides, all loans come with 0% APR and there are no heeding fees whatsoever. At first, you may get up to $600 in advance with a 12 months payback. Thus, you’ll need to pay $50 each month within a year and nothing more.

As the time comes, you’ll be able to build your credit and get access to bigger loans with a 1 or 2 years term. Herewith, you can always pay back early, and it will give more building points to your account. The app runs on a smart credit monitoring system, so you can always check how much money is left to pay, and set notification alerts to not miss the payment date.

Earnin 2




It’s an app that lets you get advance money before getting your paycheck.

The concept is pretty simple — the app lets you borrow some cash out of your paycheck earlier. In other words, it’s not a standard loan because you’re basically borrowing money from yourself. Then, when the salary day will come, you’ll need to pay back the exact amount of may you’ve borrowed. Plus, you can set the app to pay back automatically if needed.

It needs to be said, this app has quite a generous advance system — you may get up to $100 per day, and $500 per paycheck. Herewith, there are no hidden fees, no interest, and even no credit check. In other words — there’s no catch, just simple and fair cash in advance. However, you may tip the app for its service, but it’s totally optional.

Another thing you need to consider about this app is that you will need to connect it with your employment bank account and an extra credit debit as well. Besides, you’ll need to add an employer — you can’t go without it. You’ll also need to confirm you’re working somewhere — the easiest way is to verify your work email, but there are other options as well.



EmpowerHere’s an instant cash advance app that lets you get some of your paychecks a couple of days earlier.

In the first place, let’s figure out how this app works and how you can get the most use out of it. Once you’ll go through the registration process, the app can instantly give you $250 in advance. Herewith, the app is interest-free, there are no hidden fees or an APR. Plus, the app won’t check your credit history and won’t even charge you extra if you’ll pay back later than needed.

Additionally, the app covers plenty of cashback deals that let you get up to 10% back. There are cashback offers for plenty of cafés, cinemas, online stores, and more. There’s also a coupon page that you can use to save money on daily expenses. Besides, the app runs as a financial advisor that can help you limit your expenses and save more.

The only thing you need to consider is the ways to get these $250. On But if you’ll need to get the cash to another bank account — it will cost you $3. Plus, the first two weeks will be entirely free for you, but after that, you’ll need to pay $8 for membership. You’ll also need to make regular direct deposits to your in-app account to not lose access to cash advances.



This is a cash-in-advance app that is commonly used by employees across the US.

That’s right, the employees usually use this app to offer employees early access to their salaries. However, this app is not for employers only, and even if your employee doesn’t use it — doesn’t mean you can’t either. The only thing you need t consider is there is that you’ll need to get an app’s card first, but the application is simple, and it doesn’t take long.

Once you’ll get a card, you’ll be able to get some out of your paycheck two days before the original date. Then, when you’ll get your entire salary, you’ll need t pay back the money you’ve taken before. The good news is — there are no extra fees, no late charges, no interest, and no credit check.

In case your employer uses the app, you’ll also be able o see the hours you’ve already worked this month, and the money you’ve earned as well. The app also provides you with financial consulting services, saving tools, and plenty of cashback and discount offers. The app comes with no membership fees, so no concerns about that.

Payactiv 1


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Next, we have a modern banking app that lets you get cash in advance.

The concept is quite a classic for the genre of this app -it connects to a Visa debit card and lets you get some money out of your upcoming salary two days earlier than usual. You may get up to a $100 overdraft is no extra fees, hidden charges, or interest. Then, as you’ll spend your money you’ll be able to earn points that can be exchanged on generous cashback.

Plus, the app gives you access to over 4 K fee-free ATMs across the US and all of them work 24/7, even on holidays. The registration takes a couple of mins, and there is no minimum balance you should have to keep the account active. Once you’ve signed up, the card will be sent to you in a short period.

The app comes with plenty of financial tools that can help you save more, and spend wisely. Besides, there’s a track spending tool that lets you point out the categories of goods you’ve to spend more money on. You may also set up spending notifications, and special alerts to remind you to pay back in time.

Current 1




This is another app that lets you get up to 50% of your next salary earlier.

This app is also commonly used among employers to offer benefits to their employees. This app provides you with instant cash advances with no extra fees or interest. Herewith, this app only works for partner employers and their employees so if your boss is not on the list — you won’t be able to sue it.

It needs to be said, the app comes with an $8 membership fee for all its users. However, some employers tend to subsidize the cost of the member’s fee, but it’s totally optional. Along with its central tools, the app can also help you plan your budget a month ahead. Fair to say, the planning tool is pretty detailed, and you get to consider all the spending categories.

The good thing is the app won’t charge you for receiving the money on external bank accounts like some of the apps do. There are over 18K partnering banks that support fee-free payments so no concerns about that. Beyond that, the app will notify you when it’s time to pay back, so you won’t miss the date.




This is one of the most used cash advance apps on the market.

The app runs on classic cash advance terms — it let you get some of your paycheck money before the pay date. To be more specific, the app lets you cash advance up to $150 in a day and $500 in total within each paycheck period. The app doesn’t check your credit history and there are no hidden fees whatsoever.

Plus, the app comes with its own credit card that will be delivered to your door soon after you’ll sign in. The card gives you access to over 40K ATMs across the US so no worries about that. In case you’ll try to get money on another debit card the app will charge you up to $5 depending on the amount.

However, there are some rules you need to follow to use this app. First of all, you need to be working for the same employer for over 2 months. Herewith, the app doesn’t cover remote workers yet so if you don’t have a physical place of work — the app won’t work for you. The good thing is the app covers other countries across the US such as India, Kenya, and so on.


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And lastly, we have an app that gives you cash in advance on demand.

If you need the simplest tool to access earned money before payday — you can’t go working with this one. The idea of this app is to help you get instant money when you need to pay bills or whatever else. This is how the app works — it builds up your pay balance as you work.

Then, when you’ll get enough money, you’ll get to withdraw it from the balance at any time. Herewith, the money will come immediately, regardless of the time of the day, the weekend, or the holiday season. In some situations you may have to wait until the next business day, but not always. And then, when your salary day will come, you’ll need to return the same amount of money you’ve borrowed.

More to that, you get to choose where to transfer the money — to a bank acc, to a debit card, pay card, and so on. There are no hidden fees for that or any other service, and no interest as well. You can also set balance-changing notifications if needed.

DailyPay 1 DailyPay 2


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