How to set up voice chat in Among Us on Android & iOS

Among Us was the sensation of 2020! The game suddenly became popular 2 years after its release, and now you can play it regularly with your friends. The essence of the game is quite simple and clear.

You and your team find yourself in a spaceship or other location, and among you, there are mysterious traitors and impostors. Your goal is to fix all the communications of your ship and find the traitor before he kills all the crew members.

Whether you are an ordinary crew member or the same traitor, you must blame the proper people. You usually play online, so you will not have a chance to talk to all the players in real life.

In the game itself, voice chat is not represented, and the developers offer to communicate with the players with the usual chat, but it is not quite convenient during the game and arguments. That’s why we decided to tell you how you can talk to other participants in the game.

The 1st way – a conversation in real life.

Among Us is a game for any device, both computers, and smartphones, you can gather with your friends in real life and talk in the same room. Of course, you should follow the rules and start discussions only in the strictly allotted time.

But it is this simple and trivial way can help you play with convenience and at the same time to contact all participants at the same time. Especially since it can give you a small advantage to figure out the impostor among you!


The 2nd way – a voice chat in Discord.

Discord is a special service for communication between players. Originally it was designed specifically for gamers who want to communicate with their friends or colleagues during the games. In the application, you can cut, talk, prompt each other, and much more.

In order to communicate in the game with Discord, you need to create a special channel and a room on the service. You need to add all the players who will participate in Among Us to this channel.

So you will be able to talk even when you are all in different cities and even countries! It should be noted that you will have to silence or turn off the microphone manually in order not to violate the rules of the game during rounds.


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The 3rd way – a special bot in Discord.

The principles of communication with this option remain the same – all players will need to be in one voice chat in the Discord application. However, now the process of your communication will be more automated and fully comply with the rules.

Thus, the bot will turn off microphones and headphones of all game participants during the rounds and turn them on only for the time of discussion and voting.

At the same time, all dead players will be able to communicate with each other, and the survivors will not hear them! This way you can complain about an unfair death or discuss the actions of other players after your departure.

amons us bot

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The 4th way – a conference in a third-party voice chat.

We do not limit you in the means by which you can talk. So you will be able to use Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and any other convenient means of communication.

It should be noted that these applications are not designed for communication during gaming, so you may have rare difficulties – for example, accidental disconnection or switching on the microphone, or heavy load on RAM (especially if you play on a smartphone).


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It is simply impossible to identify an impostor without passionate discussions and arguments. You will also need to justify yourself if suspicions fall on you or another participant you are confident about.

For the game to be enjoyable and interesting, voice chat is essential – in this way you will interact with the whole team and not distracted from the main process.

Moreover, there are very convenient tools in the form of bots, which control the process of conversations instead of you. We hope that we were able to help you find the best solution to this problem and now you can play Among Us with great pleasure.

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