9 Best Online Medicine Shopping Apps for Android & iOS

When we get sick, we can’t go out. What should we do? How do we buy medicines? The answer is simple. Download online apps for buying drugs. Everyone has smartphones in our time. You can buy any medicine lying in bed. Pay for your purchase online. Courier will deliver the goods to you. It will simplify your life.

Buying a product online you can learn more about it. Google their properties. We advise you to buy medications only on the recommendation of a doctor. You can buy a headache or pressure medication online.

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Just enter the name of the medicine and pay for the purchase. You don’t need to go to the drugstore and stand in line. There is a list of best online medicine shopping apps for Android & iOS, Try them all or choose only one.


Are you sick and have no strength to buy medicine? Use this app. This is an online store where you can buy all kinds of medicine. Delivery is very fast.

Your products will be delivered within two hours. This is one of the fastest medicine delivery services. You can select the delivery point. Do your friends live near the points of the issue of the goods? They can pick up your medicines themselves.

It will save you time. When we get sick, the most important thing is time. You need to take medicine as quickly as possible. You will recover quickly. You don’t need to pay for shipping for the first three purchases.

It’s profitable! You can also consult a doctor. It’s free. The doctor will advise the best medicines. Doctors give good health advice. Be healthy!

You can return the products if you don’t like it. The refund period is 30 days. This is a great app that helps you stay healthy. All products are divided into different categories. Choose what you need. You will no longer lose time going for medications. This app is your health assistant. The app is very popular. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

Myra - Fastest Medicine Delivery & Healthcare App Myra - Fastest Medicine Delivery & Healthcare App


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Netmeds App

You can order any medicine using this app. First, you need to register or create an account. This trading network has been working for a very long time. Every day you will find new sales and discounts. It is profitable to buy here. Take a look at the special offers. Maybe something will interest you. You can pay for medicine with any banking system.

Pay online with money or credit card. The most interesting feature is the cashback. You will be able to return money from each purchase. This is a very big saving. You will receive personalized offers and discounts.

All products are sorted into categories. Choose what you need. Read a huge number of articles about health. You will become smarter and healthier.

More than 300 product categories are waiting for you. Even if you are sick, you can buy medicine. Courier delivery works well. It is fast. You can consult a doctor online. Ask for advice and find out about your disease. There are only professionals in the app. BE healthy with Netmeds App – India’s Trusted Online Pharmacy!

Netmeds App – India’s Trusted Online Pharmacy App Netmeds App – India’s Trusted Online Pharmacy App



This app has a great personal assistant. An assistant will help you with delivery and discounts. Navigation in the app is intuitive. You won’t be confused. Ask any questions to the assistant. You will get an answer immediately.

It is easy to buy medicine online. Just one click and the medicine has been added to the cart. Find painkillers and antipyretic tablets. The choice is limitless.

First, you need to register. Registration is fast. Enter your details and you can buy medicines. Don’t forget to enter data about your house to make a quick delivery. You will receive a 15% discount on any medication. You can read the full information about the selected product. Method of use, composition, side effects. This is a secure drug store.

If you are sick, don’t rush to go to the pharmacy. You can buy any medicine online. Just enter the name of the medicine or select the desired category. The app will help you find the best option.

You will enjoy a large number of discounts and special offers. The app has been installed more than 50 thousand times. Be healthy and ready for any disease!

Medsonway - Medicine Delivery App Medsonway - Medicine Delivery App



Always take care of your health. Even if you aren’t sick. Don’t forget to take vitamins and eat right. What if you have a fever? You can order medicines online. Select all the necessary items lying on the bed. The search system works well. All products are sorted by category. You can search for medicine by name or by the effect.

The most important feature is free shipping. Order a product for a certain amount and you will receive free shipping. There are thousands of medical and health products in this store.

You can find anything. You can read detailed information about the product. You can find very cheap products. You will get up to 90% discount. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The delivery of the order is very fast. This is what you need when you are ill. The faster you buy the medicine, the faster you will recover. The design of the app is modern. Intuitive navigation will help you order the best product. See special offers. You can send a photo of the recommended medication. The app itself will pick them up.

MedNear - Online Medicines APP MedNear - Online Medicines APP



Online medicine can be literally a lifesaver. You don’t need to leave your house anymore to buy all those pills, especially when you are sick. Moreover, inline medicine shopping excludes the situation of not finding any medicine, as it often happens in physical pharmacies when they simply don’t have the required pills in stock – and then you have to run between them hoping to find that pill.

PharmEasy is a classical shopping app, but just in this case, it is all about medicine. On the main page, you can see the latest releases and promos and which pills are the most demanded ones. After you make your order, the delivery is affected in 24-48 hours.

Besides, there is not only traditional medicine that can be found in PharmEasy – but there are also lots of supplements, dietary products, and healthcare devices.

You can also order some healthcare services, like blood tests right from your home. And keep in mind that there are often seasonal sales and you can get the discount up to 70 percent.




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You can order any medicine online. Just download this app. This is a quick and convenient medical service. You can make an appointment with the doctor. Choose a convenient date. You can also consult online. Tell the doctor everything. Doctors give the best health tips. You will become healthy and happy.

Read health articles. You will get the latest health news. Ordered products will be delivered to your home. You don’t need to go anywhere. You will be able to pay for goods upon receipt. You can read detailed information about all products. An online doctor can advise your medication. It is perfect advice.

The design of the app is modern. You will enjoy using it. An intuitive interface will help you with navigation. You will quickly find any product. If you are sick, this app is indispensable for you. Order medicine and the courier will quickly deliver it. Delivery is very fast. The app has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times.

GoMedii - Medicines Delivery, Doctor's Appointment GoMedii - Medicines Delivery, Doctor's Appointment



Eventually, online medicine apps aren’t supposed to be medicine shopping only. No, there are specific apps where you can get a consultation with a specialist about your issues or book the meeting with a doctor online.

And don’t worry that if you consult a doctor online it will be impossible to get the official prescriptions, then it will be a pleasant discovery for you that in Practo a doctor can give you a digital prescription and make all the medical records digital. You will also find tons of health advice on the app.

You can order both chat consultations (texting) and video consultations. In Practo you have all the specialists to give you the right advice – General Physicians, Dermatologists, Gynaecologists, Pediatricians, and many others. Moreover, if you are a regular client of Practo, you might get a good discount on their services.





This is an app with a huge selection of products. You can find any medication. All products at your fingertips. Download the app, register, and start ordering. Did the doctor write you a list of medications?

You can order everything in one app. Delivery is very fast. You will easily find the right product. Just enter a name or select a category.

The app remembers the ordered products. You will be shown special offers and discounts. You will be able to profitably buy medicine. You can read detailed information about the product. You can view product images. If you need help, you can write to the doctor. An online doctor will help with any questions. Just ask and get a quick answer.

Take a photo of your prescription in the app. It will help you to find all the medicine. You can track your products. Find out where the medicine is. You will be able to track the medicine from the pharmacy to the house. The app is popular. It has a modern design. It has been installed more than 100 thousand times. Try it and you will be healthy.

Yodawy - Pharmacy Delivery App Yodawy - Pharmacy Delivery App


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This app is extremely popular on Google Play and it is no surprise since its versatility is its greatest advantage. Here you can both shop for medicine and order the services for healthcare needs.

What is more, 1mg provides detailed information about each medicine that can be found in the app, including the treatment uses, side effects, usage recommendations, safety warnings, expert advice, and answers to patient FAQs.

Apart from medical services and medicine users can contact the medical specialists in the app in order to get the consultation about their concerns or maybe instructions to some pills. These consultations are very convenient since you don’t have to go to the hospital – you can stay home in comfort and talk to the doctor about your problems.

Another big part of 1mg is its lab tests. You can order basically any test that you might need via the app – blood tests, thyroid tests, diabetes tests, etc. One more advantage of 1mg is its beautiful interface design. All the information is presented graphically which reduces the stress and delivers the idea in a simple manner.



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