The Radiant Math Game App Review

The Radiant Math Game This is a one-of-a-kind math game without boring and banal calculations and getting answers! Playing it is a pleasure both for brain activity and for improving gaming and counting skills!

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The Radiant Math Game1

You are a pretty creature in the form of a fireball flying in space. All you need is to collect positive numbers (numbers with a + sign) to increase the number of points.

Of course, there are some dangers: along with positive numbers that give points, negative numbers (those with signs -) will also come across on your way. They need to be avoided because they will reduce the number of points you have scored exactly as much as the negative number you have touched.

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The Radiant Math Game2

The game involves a certain number of levels. If you scored exactly 21 points, consider your game session perfect! If your points drop below zero, you lose!

The Radiant Math Game3

Playing Radiant Math Game is not so easy, because you will need to perform mathematical calculations in your head at an unprecedented speed in order not to make a mistake and go to the next level!

You need to be careful in your movements, because all the numbers do not stand still, but move with completely different trajectories!

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