12 Best Apps for Swimmers 2024 (Android & iOS)

Swimming without a coach is a meaningless pastime, more like swimming in the water. If you don’t want to have a personal instructor, you can use special applications for swimmers.

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There are a lot of sports applications for professional swimmers. However, it is not so easy to find the most suitable application.

It is a common truth that swimming is a popular sport all over the world. But it’s hard to find good tools for professional swimmers in mobile app stores. If you are tired of looking for an ideal application, then pay your attention to this list of the best apps for swimmers.

MySwimPro: Swim Workouts

MySwimPro: Swim Workouts is the perfect app for novice swimmers and professionals. With the help of this application, you can quickly calculate all the necessary indicators for training. It includes distance, time pace, speed, etc.

The application allows you not only to plan the next training session but to create a plan for a week or a month. This plan will be based on your current form. A great advantage of the application is a magazine in which you can record the success of each workout.

This tool will help you to improve the technique, looking at the heats of professionals from around the world. You can review your mistakes and compare them with the movements of world champions.

Some advantages of the application:
• Editing existing tables and creating your own
• History of completed workouts with statistics and charts
• Increase and save your result in the “Best Time” section.
• Calculate tables based on the best time.
• Support for multi-language voice alerts.
• Authorize and save cloud information

The application saves statistics of heats and clearly classifies it. You can view all your progress over the entire class, see some of your successes and failures. For each lesson, you can add notes. Besides, the application will help you find a pool in your city.


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The application GoSwim is universal. On the one hand, it allows you to track training statistics. You can easily add your indicators to the database.

So, the application can be your personal trainer. Choose programs placed in the application, and strengthen the various muscle groups.

This application offers effective swimming training for both beginners and professionals.

Each of the exercises presented in the application has its own purpose and a set of exercises. All workouts are grouped by difficulty.

Also here you can find more detailed information about swimming. For example, basic information about the classic swimming techniques.

With this application, you can test your results and check personal progress. The application saves full information about time, distance and completed exercises.

During each lesson, the GoSwim automatically tracks the following indicators:
• Number of laps, distance in yards or meters
• Pace and speed of swimming
• Total duration and time of one lap
• Pulse
• Burned calories
• Style and swing

Among other things, the application allows you to communicate with like-minded people. You can compete with friends and other users. Publish your results in the application GoSwim or any other application for fitness. Share and be proud of your achievements.



SwimIn is representative of a new generation of fitness applications. Here you will find an easy-to-use interface and great social opportunities. The feature set of this application is also impressive.

With the help of SwimIn, you can keep records of your workouts, check progress and get extra motivation. You can arrange the most real competitions with friends in the pool if you add them to the application.

The application has a built-in trainer. It receives all the necessary information and offers real recommendations for improving progress.

Information about the effectiveness of the training will be available after the end of the swim.

You can add information about the average speed of movement and distance. Thus, the application will give you extensive information about the results of the training.

Also in the application, there is a function to listen to your favorite music. Before activating the program, you need to register on the developer’s site. It opens access to your statistics, goal setting and the results of other participants.

Besides, there is an opportunity to divide into parts the distance that you sailed. It helps you to understand at what stage you began to speed up or slow down.

Subsequently, you can compare each workout with weekly or monthly lap times. Calories burned are also counted.

arena SWIM1
arena SWIM2


SwimUp is a great app that was specially made to elevate the swimming experience for swimmers of all levels.

With the help of this training platform, you can create customized workouts. Swimmers can tailor their routines to match their fitness goals, whether it’s building endurance, refining stroke technique, or increasing speed.

In addition, SwimUp meticulously records your swimming sessions. From the distance covered to lap times and stroke counts, it provides comprehensive insights into your performance. Analyzing this data can help you identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time.

The app also connects you with a community of fellow swimmers, allowing you to join challenges, set goals, and share achievements. This social aspect adds a fun and competitive element to your swim routine.

For those who love gadgets, SwimUp can sync seamlessly with wearable devices and smartwatches. This integration provides real-time data during your swim, such as heart rate, stroke rate, and more.

Advantages of SwimUp:

  • SwimUp helps you improve your swimming skills, making every lap count towards better performance
  • With the ability to set and track your goals, you’ll stay focused and motivated to achieve your swimming objectives
  • Joining a community of swimmers can boost your enthusiasm and keep you committed to your swim routine
  • The app acts as a virtual swim coach, offering insights and tips to enhance your technique

In conclusion, I think this app empowers you to create tailored workouts, refines your technique, and keeps you motivated through challenges and a supportive community.



Swimsync is a great tool that can track any type of training. This is the perfect tool for professional swimmers. Everything looks incredibly beautiful. The stability of this application is confirmed by time.

The application includes different swimming exercises with detailed explanations and videos. The app will help you make a training plan, follow the technique of the exercises and keep a record of the results.

The application interface is user-friendly. All exercises and their descriptions are automatically downloaded from the server.

Initially, you need to choose the direction of training and identify your goals. The program selects a training option for the task. Virtual coaches show the technique of any exercise on the video.

With this application, you will be able to track and analyze your results in swimming. Track the distance (in circles, yards or meters), swim pace, total duration, time of one lap, and much more!

This wonderful application is very easy to use. Here you can set goals for swimming. Also, you will have the opportunity to compare available results with past achievements.

You can analyze in detail your results for the day, week or month. So you can easily understand when everything is great and when you should increase the load.

Among other things, Swimsync allows you to communicate with like-minded people. You can compete with friends and other users. Publish your results in the app and be proud of your achievements!



For anyone looking to conquer their fear of water or become a more proficient swimmer, SwimtoFly is the perfect app. Catering to beginners and experienced swimmers alike, SwimtoFly offers a range of features that make it an indispensable tool for those seeking to enhance their swimming skills.

SwimtoFly specializes in teaching people how to swim safely and confidently. This app is particularly beneficial for adults and children who may have anxiety or limited experience in the water.

It also provides a series of well-structured lessons that cover everything from basic water safety to advanced swimming techniques. With its structured lessons, interactive videos, and customizable workouts, it caters to learners of all levels, helping them become confident swimmers.

Advantages of SwimtoFly:

  • SwimtoFly is an excellent resource for overcoming the fear of water or swimming, providing a safe and supportive learning environment
  • The app offers a well-organized curriculum that gradually builds swimming skills from the ground up
  • SwimtoFly accommodates users of different skill levels, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the app’s resources
  • Users can track their swimming journey, celebrating milestones along the way

SwimtoFly offers a variety of workouts tailored to different skill levels and goals. Whether you want to build endurance, improve strokes, or conquer specific swimming challenges, there’s a workout plan for you. It allows users to monitor their progress as they advance through lessons and workouts.

In conclusion, I find SwimtoFly a valuable companion for anyone looking to conquer their fear of water or become a proficient swimmer.


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Just Swim

This app will be suitable for those who have only started to make the first steps in swimming. Just Swim will become your guide on where to start, how to start and will help you to make stable progress as you learn new styles and techniques.

When you first open the app you need to create your account so Just Swim can provide you with personalized recommendations. And even though this app is curved for various purposes, it is mostly oriented to those who want to lose weight by swimming and get a better shape.

What is more, Just Swim can create a detailed swimming workout for you if you type in the length of the pool that you are swimming in. In case you don’t know the length of it, you can try to find it on the map of the app – and it will determine it automatically.

In general, Just Swim can work as your fitness coach where you can not only create swimming workouts, but also meal and day plannings. There is also a blog section where you will discover tons of useful information about health, water exercises, and many more.

We didn’t find any significant flaws while exploring the app, except that you have to keep in mind that this is more of a health coach app.

Just Swim
Just Swim

NSD Swimmer

Fix, analyze and improve your swimming technique. The right technique is the key to effective training. The application NSD Swimmer allows you to analyze in detail the technique of swimming.

Also, it helps you to make out mistakes and get better with each workout.

The main advantage of this application is the detailed set of goals and objectives. Thus, you will be accurately motivated to constantly train.

The application has a convenient warm-up function. It will help you warm up your body and adjust your breathing.

It also provides extensive information on the following types of swimming:

  • butterfly
  • breaststroke
  • freestyle
  • reverse
  • lateral course

Also in the application, you will find coaching tips to improve your technique and form. You can create your own workouts and share your progress with friends.

Besides, you can subscribe to personalized online training and get extra features.

Calculate the time, pace, speed or time to swim on one screen. This app is perfect for you if:

  • you swim in the pool
  • you take part in competitions and want to know the pace that you must maintain to fit in at a certain time
  • you need speed, pace or time calculations

This is one of the few applications that is trying to help swimmers improve their technique. The new approach will help you to diversify your training.

NSD Swimmer


This app offers a holistic approach to swimming, providing a range of features and benefits for swimmers of all levels.

FORM Swim boasts a diverse selection of workouts designed to meet different goals. Whether you want to build endurance, refine your technique, or compete at a higher level, there’s a workout tailored for you.

Also, the app caters to various types of swimming, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Furthermore, swimmers receive immediate feedback on metrics such as stroke rate, distance, and pace, allowing for on-the-spot adjustments. Users can create personalized workouts that align with their objectives and skill levels. This flexibility ensures that every swim session is optimized.


  • The app’s real-time feedback and analytics empower swimmers to refine their technique and optimize their training, resulting in enhanced performance
  • Setting and achieving goals becomes easier with the app’s tracking and analytics, motivating swimmers to reach new levels of excellence
  • FORM Swim adapts to each swimmer’s unique needs, making it suitable for beginners and elite athletes alike

The app provides in-depth analytics to track progress over time. Swimmers can review their performance history and identify areas for improvement. Beyond the pool, FORM Swim offers an open water mode, enabling swimmers to monitor their performance in natural bodies of water.

Overall, I can say that this app is one of the best on this list – it provides a convenient way to upgrade your swimming skills.


Meet Mobile: Swim

If you are a professional swimmer, then you will definitely like the Meet Mobile: Swim application.

Here you will find the latest tips from the most famous swimmers and coaches. It will help you to improve your technique. Also, you will get the latest news from the world of sports swimming.

The application has an interesting news section. This includes a selection of the most relevant articles. For example, you can read an inspiring story or explore new trends.

To use the function of the application, you must enter the distance and number of workouts. The application will automatically select an individual training plan for you.

Here you can track your progress with the built-in workout log. Also, this application provides the ability to create workouts tailored to your capabilities.

The main advantages of the application:

  • ability to create individual workouts
  • huge selection of exercises
  • four directions of training (speed, endurance, technique, and breathing)
  • educational videos
  • opportunity to share your results and workouts
  • tracking your training schedule and progress
  • reminders for the next workout
  • the ability to choose your training equipment from the list provided
  • save results

It’s free to download for iOS and Android users.

Meet Mobile1
Meet Mobile2

Swimming Lessons

The Swimming Lessons app is a valuable resource for swimmers of all levels, offering a comprehensive platform to enhance swimming skills and water confidence. It will be useful for beginners and for those who swim like masters.

This app provides a supportive and safe environment to build water confidence gradually. It offers a range of structured workouts that cater to different skill levels and goals. These workouts help swimmers build endurance, improve strokes, and track their progress over time.

Swimming is not just about staying afloat. Swimming Lessons introduces users to various swimming styles, including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly, allowing individuals to choose and focus on their preferred style.

Features of the app:

  • Step-by-step lessons
  • Video demonstrations
  • Customizable workouts

So, whether you’re interested in mastering specific swimming styles or simply becoming a better swimmer, this app can help you achieve your aquatic goals – I’m sure Swimming Lessons will be helpful for you.


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Swim.com is a special application for swimmers. Here is a huge variety of training sessions. Also in the application, there is a function to save your workouts and progress. You will be able to track your progress and improve your training performance.

After downloading the app you will get access to all the workouts. These workouts will help develop your skills.

Swimming is a sport that requires a lot of practice, proper technique, and training. This application will help improve your form to achieve incredible results. Besides, you can edit them according to your wishes.

Also, there is the possibility of creating your own workouts. You can share them with friends or users of the application.

The application interface is easy to use. Registration takes only a few minutes. You can also make a convenient training plan. The app will remind you that it’s time to go to the pool.

In this application, you can compete with thousands of professional swimmers. This will help you with the motivation and analysis of your sports form.

The application is free for both Android and iOS platforms though it has in-app purchases.

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